TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Multi Match Opens Opportunity for A Championship to Return to a Doll (July, 12th 2016)

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X Marks the Spot on this weeks Destination X Edition of IMPACT Wrestling, with a Big X marked on Recently Crowned Knockouts Champion Sienna’s Knockouts Championship. On an Episode that follows up with Aftermath following the Final Deletion, the “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” Knockout defends her Gold against the Soon to Be Inducted Gail Kim, Former Champion Jade and Former Champions Best Friend Turned Nemesis Marti Belle in a Fatal Four Way Match, Plus The Bennett’s (Mike and Maria’s) plan to “destroy” the packed show comes to fruition…

When we come to the match, Marti Belle has already made her entrance while her former partner turned enemy Jade is halfway through her entrance. However she seemingly stays put on the ramp to greet the entering entrant Gail Kim, who goes right after Sienna during the defending Champions entrance, with Allie at the dominant ones side. Sienna and Gail come to blows as they trade fast forearms on the ramp to kick off the match, and Gail tries to overwhelm Sienna as she fires elbows and knees at her. Gail tries to ward Sienna off to the ring with the Title Belt in hand, but the defending champion grabs her, continuing their altercation at ringside.

As Sienna chokes Gail against the apron, Marti fires forearms in the ring at Jade, having a pedigree countered by Jade, who kicks her in the midsection. Jade hooks both arms of Marti, but Marti escapes her grip, attempting to clothesline her but missing. A Spin Kick knocks Marti down to her knees, and as Jade looks to utilize the ropes for her next attack, Sienna pulls down the middle rope and Jade slips through, crashing right to the floor. Sienna has little care for further damaging Jade, rather heading to the ring to assault Marti. Sienna overwhelms Marti in the corner but Marti eventually recovers to avoid further damage, moving out of the corner before Sienna’s next corner splash. Marti stomps down on Sienna in the same corner and nails a running hip attack into the corner to the down Knockouts Champion, attempting to pin after pulling her away from the corner post but its broken after a count of two by the returning Gail Kim.

Gail works alone to try fend off both Marti and Sienna, and manages to send both down with a double clothesline, avoiding their own teamwork in turn. Gail furiously forearms at Sienna against the mat but Marti pulls Gail away then tosses her to the outside. Marti and Sienna trade chops in the ring, both not noticing Jade and Gail clambering up opposite turnbuckles, soon leveling both Knockouts with dropkicks in unison. Sienna and Marti roll out but Jade and Gail aren’t done with them there and look to keep them out longer as they send both fully to the floor with baseball slide dropkicks under the bottom rope on opposite sides of the ring. With Marti and Sienna down, its now all about the Knockouts Championship, or more so every woman for themselves as Gail begins to attack Jade in the ring. Jade gets the upper hand with forearms, chops and knees, but Gail avoids one last kick from Jade, and Gail takes advantage to execute a senton, but Jade kicks out quick out of the follow up pin attempt.

Jade counters a Tilt-a-whirl head-scissor from Gail into a German Suplex, enough to get a near fall on the veteran. Jade takes Gail closer to the ropes and scales the turnbuckles, but Gail doesn’t stay down for too long and looks to join Jade up on the turnbuckles. Sienna runs in and clobbers Gail from behind, raising her after onto her shoulders, before both Gail and Sienna are driven to the mat by a flying clothesline off the top rope from Jade. While Allie tries to motivate Sienna, Marti looks to finish Jade once and for all and takes her to the mat with a massive Pedigree. Jade rolls away, avoiding a possible pin attempt, and Marti then turns her attention to Sienna running towards her, hitting a big boot to block Sienna’s possible attempt to hit the Silencer. But this Momentum doesn’t run for too long as Gail lays her out with Eat Defeat. Gail looks to pin Marti and win a 6th Knockouts Championship but Allie is quick to save the comrade (Sienna’s) title and she places Marti’s foot on the ropes, instantly notifying the referee and cancelling the pin on Marti. Gail hints going after Allie, but before she can make her way out of the ring to level Allie, she becomes the target of the Silencer from Sienna in the middle of the ring. Sienna pins Gail to retain the Knockouts Championship.

In Addition, DJ Z, who had won the opening match to become the Number One Contender to the X Division Championship, confronted Mike Bennett (w/ Maria) after the self professed “Miracle” attacked him following a proud speech to commemorate the win, challenging him to a match. Though Bennett’s chances to derail the show may have been derailed as to surprisingly be defeated by DJ Z, he instead summoned Ring of Honors formerly contracted Moose to unleash some chaos in the later main event.

In Addition, a pretty speechless Jeff Hardy emerged for the first time in front of the TNA audience since his defeat to Matt Hardy, mocked by the Crazy former World Champion and an equally as maniacal Reby Sky.

(Jade vs Gail Kim vs Sienna w/ Allie vs Marti Belle; Knockouts Championship Match)

(Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and DJ Z Backstage Segment)

(DJ Z vs Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett)

(Matt Hardy, Reby Sky and Jeff Hardy Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though the Length of Matches for the Knockouts don’t seem to be hitting a higher note, that was a rather fun encounter with some pretty good spots. I Never expected for Marti to utilize the Pedigree in her arsenal and i cant say enough about how great Jade and Gail are when working as a unit. Once Again, Allie was a factor in providing a victory for Sienna, whose ending Silencer looked pretty lethal, and as Much as I Like and Have Been a Fan of Gail’s for years, its refreshing to see her be pinned by/put over other talent, and additionally allowing for Jade to be kept safe rather than a pin ruining her chances at being thrust back into contention.

– Catherine


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