Dana Brooke and Charlotte To Take On Sasha Banks And a Mystery Partner at Battleground (July, 15th 2016)

sasha 759

Tonight on Smackdown, The Self Proclaimed “Bo$$” Sasha Banks followed up on her promise to keep her thoughts on the Womens Championship by answering to Current Womens Champion Charlottes Challenge from this Past Monday on RAW, to challenge the Genetically Superior Champions Protege Dana Brooke in a RAW Rematch where Victory could give her the Keys to Possible Contention. However the Champ expectedly overturned this decision, and after leading a post match beatdown, she told the fellow horsewoman that instead a Tag Match would be Made for WWE Battleground Later This July, where Banks Must Find a Partner to face off against herself and Dana.

The Former NXT Women’s Champion Has Been Known to Work Best Alone, Splitting off Partnerships with the Likes of Summer Rae, Naomi and Tamina on the Main Roster and NXT to further her Status as one of the most gifted women on the roster, but after suffering a savage beat-down courtesy of her long time rival turned Villainous Queen of the Division, Charlotte earlier tonight on Smackdown, Sasha, who may be one upped in the numbers game currently despite overcoming exactly that over the past few weeks, has a short amount of time to summon up a strong partner on her side, but the question is WHO? With the Draft rumored to be involving some NXT Women’s Superstars, Sasha could form a cohesive unit with the Likes of Bayley. The Arguably Most Popular Female Superstar currently racking up wins in NXT, Could Easily Be Coming Up Even with a Big Match at Brooklyn Soon Coming (as Sami managed to perform for both brands). If the “Huggable One” is to fall again to Asuka in the coming weeks at Takeover, then she could make the Horsewomen Triad on the Main Roster complete in no time. Another Woman Looking to Perfect Her Craft in the ring or coming up for a one off battle before returning to aid the “Sweet Boys” Carmella could provide a nice choice for the “Bo$$” or even someone mysteriously absent from the recent NXT tapings, Nia Jax, someone who could easily snap some dominant superstars backs. With Her On and Off Partner Becky Lynch fending off Natalya on the same night, the bets are off for another partnership between the Boss and the Lasskicker, but Sasha has also recently teamed with Paige, who had been seemingly chasing the championship before oddly disappearing from TV. Heck, if Eva’s Match with Asuka recently has been scrapped from NXT TV, Just Maybe Miss All Red Everything may be willing to provide some backup as she did for her fellow Total Divas prior to WrestleMania, if she isn’t duping her to also find a “Coach” in Charlotte, extending the heel unit to further the control and domination over the women’s division.

Unless the Historic WWE Draft or the Pre Draft Episode of Monday Night RAW Provides Some Answers, then Tune into WWE Battleground on Sunday, July 24th, airing live on the WWE Network and Sky Sports Box Office at 1am UK Time to see who will provide the equal numbers game for the hopeful contender to the Women’s Championship. Other Matches include the Renewal of the Rivalry as Sami Zayn Battles Kevin Owens Once Again and Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs A Returning Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

– Catherine


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