WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Brutal Attack Leads to Champ Twisting the Road to the Fallens Contention (July, 14th 2016)

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Welcome All to the Final Smackdown Report before the Sure to be Historic and Groundbreaking Return of the WWE Draft. The Draft that will see wrestlers allocated to one of two particular brands also comes in cohesion with Smackdowns Move to Tuesday Nights, as a Live Show, so this weeks episode, featuring a match set up from RAW between previously battling Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke, will be the last womens match to be spoiled via live reports before we are all forced to watch Smackdown in anticipation of what WWE can provide.

The Women to first be shown on the final pre taped Smackdown are Charlotte and Dana Brooke, emerging from a limousine in the unique opening segment and in turn addressing the scheduled match between Brooke and Charlotte’s Hopeful Challenger Sasha Banks. Both the Champ and Dana promise that lightening wont strike twice in regards to Sasha’s past win on RAW over Dana, and Dana looks to solidify her status as victor by beating Sasha later tonight.

And to add to that pretty nice segment, the Women are opening the show as the first match of the night, with Banks stepping out first, then Dana second with Women’s Champ Charlotte at her side. When the bell rings Dana runs rapid, trying to clothesline Sasha to the mat but Sasha easily evades, in turn attempting a quick victory by rolling Dana up. Unfortunately for Banks, Dana escapes at the count of one. Dana tries repetitiveness by trying to swing her arm at Sasha again for another clothesline attempt, but ends up on the end of another pin as Sasha backslides Dana for another one count. Sasha whips Dana but early in, Dana reverses and Sasha flies over her back and rolls her to the mat, only this time not for a pin attempt.

Sasha gets back on her feet and executes running double knees to Dana, hooking the leg instantly after for another pin attempt of which Dana escapes from. Dana rolls to the outside and regroups with the Champ at her side, and Sasha only waits a few moments for Dana to regain balance on the outside before sending her back to the ground with a baseball slide dropkick. Distracted by the presence of Charlotte, Sasha soon meets the ground when Dana clubs her from behind. Dana poses alongside Charlotte following an outside hip attack, then returns her focus back to Sasha as she rolls the fellow competitor back into the ring, throwing a load of fast forearms at her once done. Dana furthers the momentum as she chokes a helpless Sasha against the third turnbuckle in a nearby corner, following up with a snapmare into a chokehold. Sasha tries to punch out, thrown to the ropes as fast by Dana, who floors her with a clothesline. A Little posing follows this with a cocky pin attempt as Dana places her foot on a fallen Sasha, but a pin is not counted per Sasha having her shoulder off the mat. Dana tries to make up for this by launching Sasha onto her shoulders to ready her finishing move, but Sasha slips free, reversing into another roll up that gets her a near fall on Dana.

Avoiding a swift clothesline from Dana, Sasha begins to regain momentum as she swings at Dana with a few forearms. Sasha performs her double clothesline sequence, blocking a boot from Dana and hitting with her knee, but she soon has the corner double knees attempt averted as Dana forces her to float to the apron. Sasha lunges at Dana quickly with a forearm to the side of her face, creating separation and using the time wisely to take herself up the turnbuckles. Sasha lands a diving crossbody on Dana from the top turnbuckle which gets her one more near fall on the once professed Killa’ Barbie. Sasha runs toward Dana in an opposite corner after with a running double knee attempt but Dana avoids, running Sasha head first into the same corners second turnbuckle. Dana tries using the ropes to roll up Sasha, but Sasha counters into her own, bounding away half way to send the arch nemesis Charlotte off the apron. Dana tries to capitalize on the Champs attempted distraction to roll up Sasha but Sasha performs a deadly counter that forces Poor Dana into the Bank Statement. Dana taps, awarding Sasha her second victory of the week.

But the “Legit Bo$$” has barely time to celebrate, as returning after being lunged at is Charlotte, flooring her momentous future challenger with a big boot. But Charlotte isnt done dealing damage to Sasha there and she takes her outside, throwing her over the announce table. Charlotte stands atop the announce table to gloat over her brutal looking attack with Dana also aside her.

Sasha is analyzed not too long later backstage by medics who worry for her condition after the post match assault. Sasha, however, despite feeling damage, is quick to leap to the floor and try and charge at her enemies in Dana and Charlotte who appear before her. Assuring no troublemaking is afoot, Charlotte instead approaches Sasha with the idea of announcing her match for Battleground, but its not the title match she so wanted, but instead she has decided to pit her in a tag match at Battleground against the two of them, wondering which fellow wrestler would be willing to be at her side.

In Addition to all that drama, Lana is left sour as her dominant Champion of a fiance is defeated by former rival Dolph Ziggler on this weeks show, per a distraction from the appearing Number One Contender, Zack Ryder. Plus Maryse and Miz engage in verbal warfare with Darren Young and Manager Bob Backlund for another exclusive MizTV, which doesn’t really end in much of a scuffle, but rather the soon to defend Intercontinental Champion leaving, in turn, leaving the opponent to spar in the Battleground.

(Dana Brooke and Charlotte Opening Smackdown Segment)

(Dana Brooke w/ Charlotte vs Sasha Banks; RAW Rematch)

(Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Dana Brooke Backstage Segment)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Dolph Ziggler feat Zack Ryder)

(Maryse, The Miz, Bob Backlund and Darren Young MizTV Segment)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Dana: Though the length paled in comparison to the RAW encounter, it was more fast paced and Dana shone with her offense more in this particular match. I Thought the post match attack would have been a little longer, incorporated with some assistance from Dana, but its understandable to make Charlotte look like a dominant champion through a form of brutality. There was nothing overall negative about the match, no mistimes and every sequence appeared spot on so its all positive from me this week. Smackdown is known to slack on ring time for the women a lot of the time, so lets hope the transition to Live doesn’t leave the writers with the same excuse to produce three to four minute content for the women’s wrestling fans to sigh at but rather extra ring time and additional development.

Backstage Segment: I Would initially be sounding off on why we shouldn’t have a tag team match again, even if it makes WWE look like they cant find any other way to protect Sasha’s streak, but im actually really excited for the tag match because of the inserted stipulation of a mystery partner to join the side of Banks. With the Draft coming up, this spot could easily be handed to the likes of Carmella, Nia Jax and the most sensible choice in somes sense, Bayley, but we cant throw out the possibility of Paige tagging considering they could throw in a storyline idea of Paige “making up to Sasha for saving her” per her return during the women’s championship match before, even though ideally Sasha would be out there just to clear the ring of Charlotte, and because it made little sense for Paige to just raise the hand of Banks considering she was posing with a title she was fighting for on that night, unless she was to turn and provide a small few week feud before Sasha’s transition to contender near to Summerslam. I Also cant throw out the possibility of Eva Marie pretending to be “A-Ok” by trying to assist Sasha like she did with the Total Divas prior to Mania, but only this time to actually turn after being pinned per a miscue or spot where either Charlotte or Dana pull Sasha off the apron, leading to Eva being pinned. The Two could argue after the match with Sasha having a go at her because though she thought she was trying to help, it wasn’t good enough or maybe Sasha calling her conceited should Eva barely participate, leading to Eva either shoving her, leading to a brawl that doesn’t happen as instead Dana and Charlotte feed at her like a pack of wolves, or Eva and/or Dana and Charlotte attacking her and establishing an expanded faction. Either way whoever is Sasha’s partner should have an angle following the night or later on, and if its Bayley we should be expected for Bayley to give Sasha the hint as to “You Get that Championship, it will soon be mine” as it seems clear Sasha becoming Champion will lead to Bayley being the successor due to their past groundbreaking showstealers, though this does make me worry about reigns possibly being nixed for other women’s superstars, including Naomi and a Returning Emma, who i don’t expect to return at Battleground due to injury though she would be the most interesting story-driven choice. With all that being said, the question is now….When will this said partner for Banks be Revealed?

– Catherine


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