LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: As Ultima Lucha Nears Its Climax, History Is Made (July, 13th 2016)

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This Weeks Lucha Underground presented us the second of three parts in the Ultima Lucha Series, as The Promotions Biggest event presents its exclusive two hour finale next week. While some matches remain to be seen, this week the Luchadoras return to the big screen as Sexy Star and Mariposa are featured in the Multi Luchador Elimination Match to crown the New Gift of the Gods Champion. Plus Everyone’s Favorite Mistress of the Underworld Catrina is sure to bring a Taste of Death Back to the Temple as Mil Muertes looks to regain much momentum in a splendid but brutal battle against his recent nemesis, King Cuerno.

All Combatants featured in the Elimination Match, including Mariposa and Sexy Star, are already in the ring, minus Nightclaw, who appears and makes his way down the flight of stairs to make his way to the ring for his Lucha Underground debut. Also Featured in the Match are Killshot, Marty the Moth and El Siniestro De La Muerte. When the bell rings, the featured women brawl in the ring while Killshot takes his recent enemy aka Moth to the outside. With the Camera back on the in ring action, Star ducks a clothesline by Mariposa and levels the former rival with a big boot. Just as quick, the momentum is knocked down for Sexy Star, as the Luchadora finds herself tumbling to the outside right after a swift inziguiri from Daga. As Daga looks to take down his remaining men inside the ring with the others dealing with themselves outside, Kobra Moon is looking on in much anticipation, most apparently taking interest in Daga again.

While De La Muerte escapes a pinning predicament, back on the outside Mariposa has seemingly taken control, pinning Star against the ground at ringside and choking her throat with her boot. Star looks to reverse momentum as she throws punches at Mariposa on the outside while Daga is trying also to reverse momentum upon getting back in the ring. Daga’s massive neckbreaker gets the attention of Kobra Moon. While Star and Mariposa continue to trade outside blows, Nightclaw makes De La Muerte the first Luchador to be Eliminated from the Match.

We Return to see Star charge over to the corner post, climbing on the turnbuckles to knock off an ascended Mariposa, pushing her down to the floor. Star then dives onto Marty, Daga and Mariposa, leaving all the said Luchadors in a heap at ringside. Nightclaw later makes Daga the second to be Eliminated, which is sure to leave a Certain Kobra hissing from ringside. While Kobra gives off a reaction, Star tries to escape the clutches of the vicious Mariposa as the two continue their ringside fight, with Star hitting Mariposa in the face with a trashcan lid. The Exchanges between the Luchadoras as well as Killshot and Marty again leave them bundled up, and the foursome are driven to the ground by a diving Nightclaw. Later Killshot delivers a fireman’s carry slam to Mariposa on the apron. Its left to the men to make most of the action exchanges for the next few minutes, with Killshot surprisingly sending Nightclaw on his way and making him the third to be Eliminated.

Star crawls back to the ring with eyes on the pairing of Mariposa and Moth at one side and Killshot at her side. This provides the two a unique opportunity to team up against Mariposa and Moth and they do so, with Killshot getting to work on Moth in one corner while Star delivers a bronco buster and stinkface to Mariposa in the opposite corner. Killshot aids Star, whipping her into her former nemesis Moth, and she hits him with a running hip attack in the particular corner. Killshot additionally whips Star over to Mariposa, who she hits with a running elbow. But she isn’t done there, as she has Killshot assist in elevation, allowing Star to head upward and deliver a headscissor to Marty. While it looks like Killshot and Star may go head to head, he instead gentleman-ly helps Star to the top turnbuckle to deliver an outside dive onto Moth, who doesn’t even get any mercy from Melissa Santos as he tried to use her to help himself to his feet following crashing to the floor earlier. Back in the ring, Mariposas reversals lead to her delivering a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to Killshot, but to her dismay, it only delivers her a near fall result.

Back on the Outside, Marty runs Star head first into the ringside barrier. He Slinks his way to the ring, minutely interacting with Mariposa before dealing damage to Killshot with a Curbstomp. The Finishing move by Mariposa that follows allows both of them to cover Killshot and eliminate him from the match, leaving Star to face off with her biggest rivals in the remainder of the match. Star climbs back into the ring slowly, only to see whats remaining…

Back from a commercial break, the numbers game favors Team Mariposa as herself and Marty work together to try to weaken and eventually annihilate Star. Marty assists Mariposa by whipping her into Star in the nearest corner, but Star blocks the oncoming charge with a big boot. Star sends Marty down with a headscissor, sending Mariposa down along with him. Star kicks Mariposa out of the ring while hanging on one of Moths shoulders, and having cleared her out, she attempts to apply an armbar against the mat to Moth. Stars attempt to hurt the right arm of Moth is derailed after a few moments per intervention from Mariposa. Clubbing Star from behind, Mariposa then runs her head first into the corners top turnbuckle, delivering a few swift punches to the midsection after. Star hits back with kicks before having a whip reversed. Star uses her foot to counter a landing in the corner, also additionally elevating herself to the corners top turnbuckle. Mariposa runs over to hit her with a forearm, but is sent to the mat by Star moments later and Star soon finds herself back to targeting Marty as she plants him with a crossbody. Star gets to her feet near instantly, dodging a clothesline by Marty to instead step into a boot from Mariposa. Marty tries to deliver a dirty fist to Star but the courageous one dodges and instead Mariposa feels it first hand. Mariposa hilariously collapses to the mat and as Marty is left with shock, Star sends him quickly away from the ring with a dropkick before pinning Mariposa. Mariposa is eliminated, leaving the final two as Star and Marty the Moth in what will now be an epic conclusion to their barely forgotten rivalry.

Star courageously summons Marty back to the ring with a gesture, and the two get into an intimidating stare-down in the ring center before Star delivers an echoing slap to the longtime rival. Avoiding his offense, Star delivers some almighty chops to Marty, and she follows with an arm wringer into an armbar variation. Marty reverses into a side slam, and Marty delivers a vicious fist before slowly pacing over to the fallen Luchadora to cover. Marty goes for it but she escapes at two, to his dismay. Star only gets fired up from some insulting smack talk from Marty, firing up and delivering fists before applying the cross armbreaker to the creepy nemesis. Marty finally taps, leaving Star as the last Luchador(a) standing, and the fan favorite is additionally crowned as Lucha Undergrounds newest (and first ever female) Gift of the Gods Champion.

While Star revels in this glory elsewhere, Darkness soon descends on the temple as the darkest acquisition on the roster, the powerful and recently revived Mil Muertes is accompanied by his equally menacing and intimidating Mistress Catrina for the Booked “Death Match” against King Cuerno. Just Like Last Years Ultima Lucha, Mil Muertes remains supreme, and the trademark of a victory for Muertes is given via the Lick of Death from the High Priestess of the Underworld Catrina to close.

Thoughts On This Match:
Initially if i hadnt looked at spoilers, i would have thought that the debut of Nightclaw would lead to him ascending to greatness by getting the Gift of the Gods Title, but like PJ Blacks debut proved, you don’t always win your debut match, but in Lucha Underground you always get a fair outing. I Also like how Daga and Kobra Moon seem to be having some sort of slow burn towards either a partnership or a feud due to current lack of explanation, so i do expect this to re-emerge on the scene in Season Three since Kobra Moon needs a layer of interest added to her character outside of her personality since she hasn’t really been served a feud during the season. The Elimination Match, to me, in its closing moments, did storytelling like no other, because the final entrants weren’t obvious, but well thought out to give Star vs Marty the proper culmination, because even though Star got her culmination in her feud with Mariposa via the critically acclaimed match they had, she never got that final blow to Marty until now, and the fact that the Mack also had zero involvement helped put over Star as a courageous character by willing to go over whichever force necessary to achieve the ending goal. The Crowd, the anticipation, the match, the storytelling overall just made this one of the most memorable matches probably in the promotions history in my opinion and in Star’s career and from the beginning of her interactions with Moth once Mariposa was disposed of, it almost felt like the storytelling there just completely blew out the Marty/Killshot feud because it has served more a side feud while Marty’s main feud with Star had been some part of Season One, getting its further exposure into Season Two with the Introduction of Mariposa so the revenge for Sexy Star, as well as the rise to Gift of the Gods Champion, was excellent timing. Pleased. Pleased. PLEASED. Oh….Did I Mention How Lethal Marty’s Buckle Bomb Looked or Maybe I Was Just Overreacting? Who Knows? Now onto next week, i have like one thousand paragraphs to write because next week i have two matches featuring Luchadoras to write up next week as i finally get to see Black Lotus vs El Dragon Azteca Jr and Taya vs Ivelisse. #LetsGoTaya #WeraLoca

– Catherine

– Catherine


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