WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Queen of Black Harts Watches the Rival Kick Some Lass (July, 15th 2016)

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Welcome All to what i would presume is the last WWE Superstars episode before next weeks WWE Draft had i not remembered that the show is taped prior to RAW on a Monday. Regardless will this weeks episode be Summer Raes last match before she is offered some sort of possible none enhancement role on a particular brand? Lets find out as the Blonde Red Carpet Walking (in reference to her appearance at the ESPYs) Women’s Superstar faces off against Becky Lynch, with the Babyface competitor’s current nemesis lurking nearby, Natalya.

Lynch enters first for the opening contest, followed by the entrance of Summer Rae. On Commentary already rather than getting a mid match entrance to insert mid distress into the enemy is Natalya, and the recently turned villainess has much to proclaim about being walked on by her fellow women as the bell rings for this particular match. Becky begins the match by avoiding the attempted offense from Summer to try and get the early victory with a roll up that the blonde escapes at one. Becky rolls Summer again following a quick waist-lock lock up, this time resulting in a near fall. Becky backslides Summer for one more pin attempt, only getting the same result. Its repeated history with another roll up from Becky and Summer soon screams for some restraint.

Summer slowly returns to the ring, and tries to reverse the earlier momentum of Becky with a kick aimed at the midsection of the “Lasskicker”. Becky takes Summer down and captures her in a side headlock. Becky elevates herself off her feet and is sent to the corner by Summer, but Becky floats over, avoiding the corner attack from Summer and arm dragging her. A Second arm drag follows this and Summer finds herself retreating again, this time to ringside. Becky does not wait for the fellow NXT Alumni to climb back to the ring at a slow pace, driving her down to the ground with a clothesline off the apron. As she does this, Natalya removes herself from her perch, teasing attacking Becky who has eyes on her, but Natalya’s short engagement with the enemy only works in the enemies favor as Becky fends off a behind attack from Summer with uppercuts. Becky rolls Summer back in the ring and Natalya is callously at it again, teasing Becky and Becky is quick to notice for the second time, but this time it aids Summer in sneaking in a behind kick from behind the ropes.

Natalya makes her way back to the commentary desk while Summer sends Becky down to the floor. Summer has a short interaction with Nattie as she takes Becky back to the ring, and the leggy Blonde gets back to work on Becky by choking her against the middle rope inside the ring. Before Summer can execute the next load of offense, Becky surprises with a sudden roll up that Summer breaks free from at a count of one. Summer comes back with a clothesline, followed with a singular leg drop for a near fall. Becky avoids the second leg drop from Summer, which aggravates the fellow competitor. Summer grabs Becky, who throws some punches toward the midsection, but its not long before Summer hits back. Becky counters Summers upcoming sequence with fiery clotheslines, followed with a side kick and running elbow to Summer in the corner. Becky runs Summer back into the corner to deliver a high kick, followed by an exploder suplex. This gets Becky another near fall on Summer.

Summer knees Becky to escape an attempted lock into the disarmer, driving Becky backwards to the mat with the follow up roundhouse kick. Summer attempts her next offense but gets dropped on her face, and the new counter from Becky provides the chance for the Horsewoman to lock in the Disarmer to the dismay of Summer and obviously Natalya. Summer submits, awarding the win to Becky, who has her eyes set on Natalya during the victory celebration as the road to their Battleground match nears the end of its course.

(Summer Rae vs Becky Lynch; Natalya on Commentary)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Massive Step Up from the RAW Match I Wish to forget because of its rushed sequence gone wrong, and i liked Summers personality shining during the match also as per always, and with every recent match of Summers comes some pretty interesting outside spots. I Cant remember if this weeks spoilers on the match mentioned Natalya’s presence on commentary like on Main Event, but i wasn’t expecting it but it furthers the story just a tinsy bit, though if people don’t tune into a B Side Show more known to feature “Jobbers” as a lot would say, then they miss out on the developments, hence why this storyline should have been on the main shows rather than miss out entirely this week. Sure Natalya is getting in depth with her reasoning behind her turn through commentary, but commentary doesn’t feel enough considering promos could have been thrown out on the main shows over the past few weeks, even to replace the match between Becky and Summer that never happened because Becky instead lunged at Natalya and left her opponent with nothing to fight with. Overall this feud is missing decent exposure, so WWE have a lot to remedy with this feud heading into the final week before Battleground, where this match between Natalya and Becky is set to take place. But one things for sure, you know Natalya is a heel when her character is complimenting Summer rather than dissing.

– Catherine


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