WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Fox Slinks Back into the Field Versus the Lasskicker (July, 15th 2016)

alicia returns 1

alicia returns 2

alicia returns 3

Welcome Everybody to this past weeks Main Event report. This past weeks episode presents to us the return of Alicia Fox, who has had somewhat of a rest over the past few months, and the first opponent on her sure to be lengthy list of put overs for the rest of the year is Becky Lynch, who like the watching Natalya, has had any momentum for her feud shoved aside to the side shows sadly. Anyway…

Becky enters first for the match, followed by the entrance of Foxy in what is the second match of the episode, following up a tag match that opened the show. On Commentary just like on Superstars is Natalya, viewing her competition over a week before her Battleground match. Natalya is reminded that Battleground could be her one and only chance to one up Becky, considering that the draft could send one of them to a separate brand. While that is left fresh in the mind, the bell rings and we get into the in ring action as Fox and Becky lock up. Alicia looks for an early takeover as she takes down Becky, who is quickly back on her feet, as is Alicia. Becky applies a side headlock to Alicia and gets shoved to the ropes but Becky comes back with a running elbow. Alicia reminds all of her athleticism that hasn’t been seen since her break from Television, using it to evade Becky’s offense, nailing the Lasskicker eventually with a dropkick. A Standoff ensues between the two ladies while Natalya tries to get the attention of Becky, to no avail.

Alicia takes down Becky as she charges towards her, attempting to pin right after but Becky raises both her shoulders off the mat to cancel early. Becky whips Alicia into some arm drags, working on her left arm right after the third. Alicia tries to regain control sometime later with a Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Alicia follows up that move with a big boot for another pin attempt of which Becky escapes. Becky breaks out of the follow up hold from Alicia, hitting her with an elbow as she looks to retaliate. Becky kicks Alicia in the jaw, taking herself out of the corner as she begins to execute clotheslines to Alicia. Becky’s momentum further returns following a dropkick and running elbow into the corner to Fox, and she counters Alicia’s whip attempt and nails a low kick. Becky hits the exploder suplex lastly but it only gets her a near fall.

Becky attempts an attack in another corner to Fox, but Fox floats, Sunset Flipping Becky into a pin attempt for another near fall. Becky smartly counters into the Disarmer, to the dismay of Fox, and the returning veteran eventually taps out to the finishing Submission. Becky wins the match, having a short engagement with Natalya from inside the ring that leads to no physicality, much like on Superstars.

(Alicia Fox vs Becky Lynch feat Natalya)

Thoughts On This Match:
Alicia has not missed a beat since taking time off and is still performing to the veteran level that we’ve become familiar with over the years and she did the job of putting Becky over. This did feel early on like a face vs face match considering the interactions but Alicia has been known in some past matches to switch up her persona sometimes in matches. I Liked the finishing counter into the Disarmer from Becky, but i can only stress again how Becky and Natalya’s engagements have just been repetitive history this past week, here on Main Event and on Superstars, and though the feud is still getting its time, there’s a lack of build and lack of promo time outside of commentary for Natalya in terms of putting her point across as to why shes reverted back to her heel ways, thus why WWE seems to have offered her the commentary spot to try clarify. I Can Only Hope this role of nothing happening after a match that has happened time and time again on the main shows also during feuds doesn’t happen again this week as it offers up nothing additional excitement wise for the feud other than the thought of the match itself. Maybe they are having Natalya act out the heel character that acts like shes wiser at the moment by not trying to go for Becky following matches to establish her dominance (ruling out the Smackdown altercation) so i guess we wont see much from Natalya in terms of overturning momentum till Battleground unless RAW and Smackdown serves us what Natalya has lacked since the start of the feud, again, that being momentum.

– Catherine


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