WWE RAW RESULTS: Will Brutal Oneupmanship Lead Banks To Present A Surprise with Retribution? (July, 18th 2016)



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Welcome All to the pre draft day RAW report, left with some surprising controversy in terms of its championship main event which nearly left Dean Ambrose title-less. Safe to say Ambrose could at least have his reign extended into Battleground….or maybe not with the developments of a rematch against Rollins being placed on the Live Smackdown card. Speaking of the Live Smackdown coming up, its also safe to say we may not get the reveal of who Sasha Banks has chosen to stand by her side for the Battleground tag match till then or on the night of the Pay Per View itself, but in the meantime Banks enlisted former Team B-A-E partner Becky Lynch to try weaken her rivals as the two took on Dana Brooke and Women’s Champion Charlotte.

But before we get to this rather unusual match, RAW kicks off in a big way with the reveal of which two particular popular stars will join the sides of Stephanie McMahon and Shane in running their respective shows. Stephanie has oddly selected a babyface on her side, the returning Mick Foley while Shane has selected someone very much loved by the WWE Universe, someone whose selection as GM had been spoiled a few days before but presented as a welcome choice to most nonetheless, Daniel Bryan. Despite the respect Bryan and Foley have for each other, they will have to remain competitive and try to one up each other in order to present their perfect show as the top rated show.

In Addition, Maryse got more involved on commentary as herself and her champion Husband the Miz witnessed the contender to the Intercontinental Championship Darren Young compete against Alberto Del Rio just days before Miz and Young are set to do battle at Battleground. Miz even tried to get involved and got sent off the apron by Young, who managed to get a unique pinfall victory over the Lucha Underground Alumni a short time after, to the chagrin of WWE’s “It” couple.

Much Later in the show is the Women’s Tag Match as Sasha and Becky reunite to take on two women they’ve both have equal troubles with over the months, the currently dominant pairing of Dana Brooke and the WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte. Sasha enters first, followed by her fellow babyface Becky, then out come the duo of Dana and Charlotte with their own queenly-esque attires. The Match begins with Charlotte teasing grappling with Sasha but is quick to evade the possibility as she immediately retreats to Dana before there’s any physicality. Charlotte tags Dana in, who tries to send down Sasha with a clothesline, but Sasha avoids it, additionally forearming Charlotte right off the apron before turning the attention back to Dana. Sasha knocks down Dana with a forearm, running her into the corner turnbuckle head first after. She then runs her head first into her own corners turnbuckle, and Becky tags into the match.

Becky and Sasha execute a double arm drag to Dana, before Becky performs her own singular arm drags while Sasha makes her way to the apron as the non legal competitor. Becky temporarily targets the left arm of Dana, before Dana attempts to counter with a knee. Dana whips Becky toward a corner, but Becky floats, avoiding a charging Dana. Becky dropkicks Dana to quickly reverse momentum, and she nails leg and elbow drops to Dana, with the offense only enough to get a near fall. Sasha is tagged in to further work on the arm of Dana, and she whips Dana toward a corner, having her corner splash averted when Dana lifts her over the ropes. Sasha lands on the apron, forearms Dana and blocks Charlotte’s attempted big boot, sending the champ down to the floor. While Sasha returns to the ring to further work on Dana, Natalya suddenly emerges and yanks Becky off the apron. She utilizes the ring post and the barrier to apply further pain to Becky, and the bell is then rung to call for the Disqualification victory. Sasha tries to run over to save her partner but Charlotte also attacks her from behind. Natalya gives Charlotte a cruel smile before heading off and Charlotte and Dana then lay waste to Sasha to close.

Lana also introduced Rusev as he and Sheamus teamed up against Rusev’s upcoming challenger Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler. Rusev managed to look dominant by forcing Dolph to tap out to the Accolade, then fleeing the ring before Ryder could give him a beat-down for hurting his comrade.

And lastly Stephanie, Mick, Shane and Bryan were present to watch the lengthy WWE Championship Showdown between Defending Champion Dean Ambrose and Former Champion Seth Rollins. A Double Pin initially had Stephanie believing Rollins was the crowned champion, but legally Ambrose remains champion. The Overturned Decision leaves Shane with the idea of booking a rematch for this weeks Live Smackdown.

(Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon Opening Segment; Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan Return to RAW)

(Darren Young w/ Bob Backlund vs Alberto Del Rio; The Miz and Maryse on Commentary)

(Dana Brooke and Charlotte vs Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch feat Natalya)

(Rusev and Sheamus w/ Lana vs Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder)

(Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose; WWE Championship Match feat Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon)

(Stephanie McMahon, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley Segment; WWE Network Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
GM Reveal: A Lot of people already called for Bryan to be GM after WWE accidentally teased it on social media, but Mick was a rather surprising selection despite not being a major selection as it was believed to be an outside name. I Loved the reaction for Bryan as it just showed the fans admiration of Bryan has by far not fizzled out or ever will for that matter, and its just so great to see him back on Television again. A Rather interesting predicament with the reveal is that neither can wrestle again but can provide outside roles, so if either Shane was going to turn or Mick was to be (kayfabe) fired, boths form of uprising against authority could be by managing or calling in a debuting star to stand against the Authority, those not being in the draft of course. With Mick also serving to a heel like Stephanie, i cant see the babyface stint going on long unless he was to be kayfabe removed from his position and fizzled out. But its safe to say we are in for some entertaining interactions for as long as both stints go.

Women’s Tag: I Was confused with the developments of the match at first as booking Sasha with a tag partner before a tag match with Battleground wouldn’t seem logical, but i was relieved to see that the match was wholly to develop both feuds in the division with Nattie attacking Becky and Dana and Charlotte one-upping Sasha. Im not mad that there was no partner reveal on RAW as i do believe they will leave the suspense to Battleground, unless a draft pick on Smackdown from NXT is revealed to be Sasha’s partner instead. As exciting as it is to wonder who takes the place of being Sasha’s partner, you have Naomi all set to return and debuting someone from NXT could take another opportunity from Naomi, who has been waiting for another opportunity since losing out on the chance to be Divas Champion last year.

– Catherine


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