WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Smackdown Is About to Get Fabulous with a Hint of Bliss And All Red Action (July, 19th 2016)

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The Era of Smackdowns Spoiled by Spoilers (which was kinda good as it made us decide whether to watch the show on some weeks) is over, as WWE presented us its first Live Smackdown of the Year with its transition to Tuesday Nights, and to make this event more special, the Blue Brand Show, headed by the duo of Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon, didn’t just bring a new time slot but brought back the WWE draft for the first time in years, and with this came some promoted WOMEN’S superstars.

But before we focus on who will make a future impact on the brand, the current women of the WWE have their storylines laid out on the show as Charlotte and Dana Brooke challenge Sasha Banks to a handicap match which would bring along the expectations of the summoning of Banks Mystery Tag Partner. The Two Women with a Mass Numbers Advantage enter first for the match, Dana Brooke and Women’s Champion Charlotte, followed by the entrance of the lone Sasha Banks. As Reminded, Sasha will bring along a Mystery Partner to tackle the duo this coming Sunday at Battleground, looking to much reverse the momentum the Champion and her Protege had gained via the vicious attack this past Monday on RAW that was brought on following an equally as vicious attack from Natalya on Banks Partner that night, Becky Lynch.

Charlotte gives Sasha some cold daggers before expectedly heading to the apron as Dana appears selected to open the handicap match instead. Despite an attempted distraction from Charlotte on the opening bell, Sasha is still able to avoid oncoming offense from Dana Brooke, and she kicks the protege before lobbing her into her own partner Charlotte, who ends up collapsing right onto the floor. Sasha then tries to roll up Dana to score an early victory but Dana escapes it at a count of two. Sasha doesn’t let up on trying to throw off Dana as she lunges at her with one forearm after the other, attempting to splash her in an opposite corner after to only be sent over the top rope onto the apron. Sasha forearms Dana in the face after blocking her attempted offense, even throwing off the assist from Charlotte and driving her to the floor with well timed double knees off the apron. As Sasha tries to boast over the move, she is flattened within moments by a huge comeback clothesline on the outside floor from Dana.

Dana rolls Sasha back to the ring, beginning her momentous onslaught with a number of forearms to the “Bo$$” against the mat. Dana applies a stretch hold to further her momentum as such but has it countered by Sasha, leading to Dana planting her face against the near corner turnbuckle. Dana gets back to her feet to try knock back down Sasha, but is met with some furious forearms from the opponent. Banks dodges a clothesline by Dana, taking her down to the mat multiple times with clotheslines. Sasha blocks a boot from Dana and knees her in the jaw, sending Dana tumbling to a corner. Meanwhile Sasha charges near to the opposite, fearlessly attacking Charlotte and sending her tumbling back to the ground again. Sasha turns the attention back to Dana, but before she can do much, she is knocked half down by a kick, and she sends her onto her shoulders for the finishing move. Sasha slips out, trying to connect with the Backstabber but Dana holds the ropes, not falling into the painful finisher. Sasha tries to go after Charlotte again, this time missing, but she dodges an attack from Dana, sending the partner of the Champion into the corner face first. Charlotte takes advantage of the distance to sneak in a tag, and she kicks Sasha as she applies the Bank Statement to Dana. Charlotte nails the Natural Selection to Sasha to get a very surprising pinfall victory. Charlotte and Dana win the match.

In Addition to this shock ending, we get additional build up much needed in the Natalya and Becky Lynch angle. Natalya is originally scheduled to go head to head with Alicia in the Squared Circle, but doesn’t even seem to make it there as when we come right from the commercial break, she is involved in a heated scuffle with Lynch, with several officials trying to get involved to break up the enemies. Per this development, Fox and Natalya’s Match never gets underway.

By the End of the Night we learn that the official rosters for RAW and Smackdown Will Be..

RAW – Paige, Nia Jax, Lana (w/ Rusev), Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Dana Brooke, Summer Rae and Alicia Fox.
Smackdown – Becky Lynch, Natalya, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Eva Marie, Maryse (w/ the Miz) and Naomi.

(Charlotte is Confident Her Reign Will Continue on Her Brand; Smackdown Exclusive)

(Charlotte Reacts to Being Drafted to RAW)

(Nia Jax is Drafted to RAW)

(Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke and Charlotte; 2 on 1 Handicap Match)

(Natalya vs Alicia Fox feat Becky Lynch)

(Alexa Bliss Reacts to Being Drafted to Smackdown)

Thoughts On:
Handicap Match: Overall I Was a Fan of the Match because of the fast paced action and how well Dana and Sasha worked in their particular moments, plus that double knee strike to Charlotte off the apron from Sasha was Amazing. But in what could be a part of a massive plot line or a last minute un-thought creative decision, Sasha’s streak ended on the still B Side Show. Personally i thought she would be protected all the way to Battleground with the heels either being pinned or Sasha’s Mystery Partner so the idea of Sasha’s long term streak ending here was questionable. Sure Smackdown was all about surprises, but if this was classed as a surprise its an unwelcome one. Sure the Plus is that her matches wont be as predictable now and it allowed the heels to exploit an extra weakness in her for momentum, but it feels to me like a creative decision not thought out and left to last minute with no additional agenda, but in turn, it does add fuel to the fire for Sasha to use herself and her partner to gain revenge at Battleground, considering the heels have had the last lot of momentum heading into Sundays Show.

Becky/Natalya Brawl: I’m Glad WWE served up some extra build on RAW in their storyline but they pleasingly amped it up further with the brawl this week on Smackdown, which i thought was fantastically done, though the negative was that Alicia got the Summer Rae treatment in being in the ring for nothing other than to watch the other action unfold. Its hard to tell where the momentum is currently in the feud though due to who executed it, it would seem to lie on Becky at the moment just for simply downing Natalya. Because of this the momentum is likely to shift to Natalya, and even though shes usually expected to put over her fellow talent, in this case she may be awarded an actual Pay Per View victory.

– Catherine


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