TNA IMPACT RESULTS: State of the Knockouts Is In Disarray (July, 21st 2016)

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If TNA’s promotion on social media didn’t make you learn, then you heard it right here. TNA moved officially to Thursday nights this week to avoid combat with WWE Smackdowns Move to Tuesday Nights in a rather smart gesture. With this Move comes Maria Kanellis-Bennett being forced to make her move out of the back and into the center of the attention as a Certain Dixie Carter forces her to hear out the “Grievances” of some rather disgruntled Knockouts in a “State of the Knockouts Address”. However, like some addresses have shown in the past, there’s always some not to be in the picture for reasons. Rosemary is busy planting seeds of manipulation into Bram, Raquel is being cohesive with the BroMans elsewhere, Chelsea has yet to debut and Rebel wasn’t in attendance. Anyway less chatting, more explaining what went down..

Surrounded by Marti, Jade, Madison, Sienna and Gail, Allie introduces The Still Leader of the Knockouts Maria. As Learned in a prior backstage segment, Maria is visibly annoyed that Dixie Carter has apparently forced her to step out and speak with her fellow Knockouts, with Allie’s relaxation methods not very effective (Pokemon GO Pun) but regardless Maria is out to do as asked, or so thought as when she brings up the matter of hearing out any problems the Knockouts may have, she ignores the actual disgruntled Knockouts and turns her attention right to the squeaky voiced apprentice, who continues on with her praises for Maria’s work as a Leader. Allie questions Maria on what one must do to be like her, in which Maria boasts that to be as successful as her they must follow their heart and believe in her vision. Of course the babyface Knockouts disagree much through their facial reactions and Jade fearlessly stands up to the Knockouts Leader, demanding an answer from her as to why she hasn’t yet received the rematch against Sienna for the Knockouts Championship, having not faced her since having her title taken from her at Slammiversary per the return of Marti Belle.

Marti yells at Jade that she screwed herself, and the fellow former Dollhouse member is ushered away from the screeching former comrade by Gail and Madison. Gail takes the mic and insists that there wont be title shots for Jade as long as Maria has control, just like their may be no rematch for her against Maria because of her apparent injury, assuming she may try and claim broken bones elsewhere over the coming weeks just as a plot to avoid in ring combat. Maria assures the longtime revival that her hurt hand is a legitimate injury still, and Sienna, getting on the mic in the ring for the first time, stands up for the Professed First Lady, bashing Gail over her accusations. The Other Knockouts try to get involved but Maria is in the center and forces herself in to break up any oncoming altercations. She tells Sienna to maintain calmness, being the divisions champion, before turning her attention back to the Knockouts Veteran, assuming that she only wants attention for herself, and that because of her past losses to Sienna, she needs to head to the back of the line and allow any other Knockout to have a chance at glory, rather than act so selfish. Gail defends herself by telling Maria that there is no selfishness because she has respect for the ladies in the locker room, taking Maria and Allie out of the equation of course.

Gail assumes that Maria’s current ways means she wont get her match with her, so instead she wants her shot at the Championship again, even if she has to run through every woman in the ring right now. Maria takes that as a great suggestion, throwing in a stipulation where losing to any Knockout in her path towards contention means no more shots for her at the Knockouts Title, and in addition, whoever takes Gail out of the title picture will be handsomely rewarded. Jade doesn’t wish to be a part of the plot line however in running Gail out of the title picture, squaring up to Maria again and telling her so. She declares herself out of Maria’s plans, getting into a brawl outside the ring with Marti. While Maria demands for this to be sorted, Madison suddenly attacks Gail from behind, taking a mic and declaring that this sudden decision was nothing personal, but its time that the Knockouts start looking out for each other.

In Addition to these tense developments, The Broken Matt Hardy and his supportive valet and wife Reby continued to taunt and torment Jeff Hardy this week, embarrassing him and throwing him out before Matt’s match with Former TNA Tag Team Champion James Storm. Plus Bram continued to fall for Rosemary as the two locked lips in a backstage segment sometime before Bram was set to do battle against former TNA Champion Drew Galloway.

(Jeff Hardy vs Mike Bennett feat Reby Sky and Matt Hardy)

(Allie and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Backstage Segment; “State of the Knockouts Address” Segment; Madison Rayne Turns Heel)

(Bram and Rosemary Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Segment:
Overall Maria did an amazing job carrying herself on the Mic again and continuing her role as Knockouts Leader that has been seemingly overshadowed by her frustrations with Dixie over the past few weeks, and Allie is also doing amazingly with her pitchy annoying character. Though shes known to be one of the best wrestlers currently rather than be mellowed to a comedy character, shes doing a top job with it that it almost reminds of Summer Rae because of the effort she puts into every character shes given, and in due time Allie is sure to progress into a more common in ring character than just a forced sidekick for Sienna or Allie. Speaking of Sienna, its about time she was given the mic but i only wish it could have been a bit longer, especially to give an idea of how good she is for those unfamiliar with her potential. I Wish Raquel could have been in the segment as a reluctant babyface just so Gail could give her an interesting in ring showcase rather than plowing through Madison, Allie and Sienna because even though the roster is thin at the moment heel wise, all the Knockouts should be all the Knockouts, which is why i wish Rebel would have been called in and why Raquel should have been utilized on this particular moment. Overall it looks like Gail is not only getting her induction segment at Bound for Glory, but a possible match with Sienna despite her previous losses, but since its unknown at the moment when the PPV is, and because it could be a lengthy time-frame, it gives Maria time to heal up and time to put renewed focus on the feud that needs its big payoff. The Teases of Jade vs Maria was tense and i love how Jade is continually portrayed as the divisions badass, and im glad that her feud with Marti isn’t entirely forgotten and hasn’t ended, but i want it to lead to Jade getting her rematch since she has yet to re-earn that shot and is entitled to that rematch, and many fans know Jade and Sienna in a singles match should be left to a PPV because of their past clashes outside of the company. Heck it could even be Jade vs Marti vs Sienna vs Gail at Bound for Glory but ive lost mass hope since that match has already been done. As for Madison’s Heel Turn, as good as she is as a heel, having her best work under the villainous persona, im not entirely sure where this will take her but dividing the ratio of Knockouts heel to face from just looking in the ring, the babyfaces are now heavily outnumbered. This could lead to Gail and Madison having a singles PPV match which i wouldn’t mind so fresh Knockouts are inserted in the Championship Match, or Jade who needs some sort of rejuvenation considering how underwhelming the creative team had made her reign on most points. But whether Madison is suddenly siding with Maria or not remains to be seen, but they need to book her better than be the heel enhancement, and give this run a Payoff considering her last heel turn on Taryn went nowhere minus a singles match. Personally i thought TNA would have put Madison and Havok together back in the day but they slipped up on that too. But long story short, im intrigued to see if the coming tapings throw Chelsea onto the babyface side to support Gail against Madison if their angle continues since they may be distancing Jade from Gail because of her angle with Marti, and to see whether Maria is the reason Gail doesn’t get a title shot like the spoilers may presume.

– Catherine


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