WWE NXT RESULTS: Clearing the Gigantic Obstacle on The Way to Hopeful Victory (July, 20th 2016)

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Welcome All! To Those Living in the UK or in any other country where its well passed or just hit midnight, its officially Battleground Sunday. Now you will have me later give my thoughts on whose coming out of THE Battleground victorious, but before then i have some other Wrasslin’ to write up, first discussing this weeks NXT as Nia Jax seems to get her swan song upon the news that she will officially be transferred to the main roster this coming week. Jax, weeks after making a fearless challenge to a woman she is no stranger to battling in the ring against, Bayley, faces her one on one on this weeks show.

But before we get to Nia vs Bayley, we see a Woman both are vying to challenge again, Asuka in the back, and the championship is in hand. She is interviewed by Andrea on any preference of who she would like to meet at NXT Takeover, but Asuka knows she has faced both before and indicates that she will take either again.

Jumping forwards to the match, Its Jax entering first for what could be her last ever NXT match (*sniffle*) with the dominant performer first entering, followed by the Full Sail Crowds favorite, Bayley. When the bell rings, Bayley smartly evades a charging Nia, who tries to isolate her in a particular corner. Bayley again evades Nia, who attempts a corner splash. Nia attempts a new strategy as she seems to attempt to lock a side headlock on the Huggable One, who counters, but it barely goes anywhere as the power of Nia comes into play, shoving Bayley to the nearby ropes with ease. Bayley tries to target the left leg of Nia and seemingly attempt a take-down, but again the strength of Nia is advantageous, and she sends the former women’s champion to a corner. Bayley locks a side headlock, ran into various corners by Nia in the beastly oppositions attempt to break her loose. Nia counters a follow up hammerlock by Bayley into her own, and she uses this to her advantage to apply additional pain to the targeted arm. With it still applied, Bayley takes herself to the apron, and she performs a counter back into the ring to snap Nia’s arm.

Bayley is back to wearing down Nia as she attacks and exploits the same arm. Nia whips her to a corner but Bayley floats, avoiding the corner splash. Bayley hammers down on her with forearms while positioned by the second turnbuckle after a shoulder tackle. Bayley leaps up again but Nia turns her over during a counter, but Bayley slips free from this position following a kick to Nia. Nia whips Bayley to a corner after Bayleys attempt to pull her towards another corner goes sour. Nia takes advantage of Bayleys attempt to float to raise her onto one of her shoulders and she drops the former NXT Women’s Champion face first on the corners top turnbuckle. Continuing her newly found momentum, Nia chucks Bayley into the ropes then sends her to the floor. Bayley manages to return to the ring regardless of her fall, but her attack to Nia goes nowhere as Nia gets the upper hand near instantly. Nia chokes Bayley against the top rope then clubs her with an elbow to the back. Seeing Bayley flat against the mat, Nia brings on some elbow drops but Bayley dodges the third.

Nia tries to prevent Bayley from regaining momentum, making it to her feet quicker than the former champ and striking with shoulder tackles against the corner to her. Nia brings a second load of shoulder tackles in the corner, but Bayley gets to her feet and begins to throw forearms at a startled Nia, then running her into the corner. The Relentless side of Bayley begins to unveil as she rams Nia’s head into the corner turnbuckle numerous times, and looks to do the same in another corner as signaled but Nia tries to overturn this. Bayley spins around Nia and delivers a forearm, then sends her head into the previous turnbuckle once more. Despite the pain, Nia recovers in quick time to throw off another attack from Bayley, chucking her towards the ropes. Nia kicks Bayley to the outside and a commercial break comes along as we see Bayley in some pain on the outside floor.

When we return, Bayley is back in the ring, back in the hands of Nia who seems to have resumed momentum as she stretches Bayley against the ropes. Nia nails a singular shoulder tackle to Bayley against the corner, taking her out of it to deliver a slam in the middle of the ring right after. Bayley battles out of Nia’s follow up hold in the middle of the ring but gets shoved towards a corner by Nia as she does so. Bayley uses her feet to block oncoming corner attacks from Nia, and she soon escapes the corner to avoid another, leaving Nia temporarily trapped. Momentum ushers in for Bayley as she brings a clothesline Nia’s way, but Nia escapes the corner quick to block Bayleys oncoming crossbody, catching the crowd favorite in her arms. Nia scores a backbreaker and goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Bayley. Nia seems to plot out a new strategy of a count-out victory as she tosses Bayley out of the ring.

To Nia’s dismay, a beaten up Bayley still makes it back to the ring much like before, but she has another beat-down prepped to the back. Nia takes time to smack talk the foe as she drags her around the ring but this soon becomes a costly mistake as Bayley tosses a surprised Nia out of the ring. Bayley isn’t waiting for Nia to get counted out either way and she scales the apron. Seeing Nia back on her feet, Bayley clobbers her with a big clothesline off the apron and now both ladies are on the ground. Bayley seems to plot to try get Nia back to the ring, but Nia places her foot against the apron, then attacking Bayley with her hip, giving enough force to send Bayley crashing to the floor. Nia attempts to splash Bayley against the steel steps but its a massive downfall when Bayley moves from harms way. Bayley rolls back to the ring, a count-out victory surely in her grasp, but it doesn’t appear so as Nia begins climbing the apron, but before she can fully get back in the ring, Bayley launches offense, eventually snapping Nia against the ropes. On top of that Bayley delivers a big boot, following this with running shoulder tackles once Nia returns to the ring. Nia blocks a running elbow from Bayley, sending her to the opposite corner and readying her corner splash which goes nowhere as Bayley manages to evade her attack again, causing Nia to be sandwiched between the turnbuckles. Bayley pulls a Paige esque stunt as she unloads with knees on the apron to Nia, finalized with a running knee. Bayley hits a diving crossbody off the top rope to a groggy Nia but it just gets her a near fall.

Nia tries to quickly reverse Bayleys momentum by setting up a power-bomb to the babyface, but Bayley nails short punches to the head while atop her shoulders before a counter leads to her rolling up Nia for another near fall. Despite missing two clotheslines, a follow up elbow from Nia allows her to take charge, knocking Bayley back down to the mat. Scooping her up a short time later, Nia turns a stalled suplex into a powerslam but the impressive maneuver only gets her a near fall. Nia seems to set up a knee drop but seemingly pulls a Kevin Owens evasion stunt before changing up her plans by pulling Bayley not too far from the turnbuckles, heading up there herself to ready for a big power move, but Bayley finds momentum out of nowhere to fly off the mat and attack Nia on the turnbuckles. Bayley nails the Belly to Belly Suplex off the turnbuckles to Nia for the momentous pinfall victory.

(Nia Jax vs Bayley 34.24 – 49.36)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though the Spoilers had me somewhat groaning at noticing Bayley going over everyone who has wanted and needed momentum to get towards a title fight, i am hugely impressed for this match. It told the story of Nia being the massive powerhouse with the agenda of derailing Bayleys path to glory whichever way possible, with her pulling out some moves never seen before in her arsenal before, and this match, on top of others, continues to show the evolution of Jax that seems to not be further exploited on the show anymore per her call up. It seems clear now that WWE are ready to book Bayleys redemption Match with Asuka, with more interactions than their last feud (watch this space) and without pulling any spoilers, Asuka will surely be one to watch over the coming weeks. Moving from the topic of that though, Nia did start off in the system with squash matches and people were vying to see more of her move-set with longer matches, which has been done by pulling the trigger of giving Nia longer matches as part of what seemed an experimental push prior to London to what has seemingly become a successful decision because of her improvements. This also worries me because the main roster sees even Becky degraded to minuscule few minute matches and to any members of the crowd unfamiliar with NXT, if they only see the same move-set time after time from Nia on the main roster, the fear is of them getting bored, so we can only hope that a plan is set for Nia from the get go to show her to her full potential.

– Catherine


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