WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Theres No Quashing Summer Time Anymore (July, 22nd 2016)

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Following along with this weeks site updates there’s also a short but sweet Women’s Match on this weeks WWE Superstars episode to get through. This week on the also B Side Show, Fox works her second match since coming back from hiatus, and this time her choice of woman to put over is an equally underrated once member of the NXT Women’s Division, Summer Rae.

Alicia dons a new and different gear for her first Superstars match back since her short time off, and is first to enter the ring for the opening bout of the show. Second to enter is Summer and one can wonder who could go over in this particular match. Summer, who seems to don a meaner or more serious demeanor on her way to the ring seems to taunt Alicia into a lock up before shoving her off early. Summer jokes at her own expense as Alicia rallies quicker back into position, locking up with Summer and getting to work on Summers left arm. Summer manages to counter the hammerlock of Alicia into her own, then grabbing a fistful of Alicia’s hair, driving the fellow competitor to the mat. Alicia and Summer both attempt evasion from each others moves, with Alicia eventually sending Summer whirling with both feet. Taken aback by the stealthy Fox, Summer retreats to the apron but Alicia is having none of it, attempting to grab the leggy blonde from behind the ropes. As the referee isn’t looking Summer grabs Alicia by her hair and sends her back to the mat again.

Summer hits the ring, charging towards Alicia and towards a nearby corner. Alicia blocks the attempted attack with an elbow, springing upwards on the turnbuckles, but this Summer can take advantage with as she nails a roundhouse kick, causing Alicia to tumble to the mat from her upright position. Summer stomps down on Fox consecutively before attempting to pin her, but she escapes at the count of two. Summer gets a near fall on Alicia. Summer doesn’t let up on the momentum there as she chokes Alicia against the ropes to follow up on the failed pin attempt. She tosses Alicia to another side of the ring, gloating to herself for a short time after, before resorting to the same maneuver from before. Summer attempts to pin Alicia again, scoring another near fall.

Summer reverts to a choke-hold that Alicia eventually counters. Alicia starts to make a swift comeback as she delivers knees, clotheslines and dropkicks to Summer. Alicia performs her usual Northern Lights Suplex, bridging into a pin attempt right after for another near fall. A Livid Alicia then charges over to Summer, but Summer trips her into the corner turnbuckle. Summer then covers Alicia, pinning her while also sneaking her foot on the ropes on occasions. Summer wins the match, having her celebratory moment up on the ramp as Alicia tries to go at her after over the stolen victory.

(Alicia Fox vs Summer Rae)

Thoughts On This Match:
Short but sweet featuring two women with much charisma, and though i didn’t expect the type of finish that Summer pulled off, it is a typical but well thought heel finish that is sure to lead up to a rematch next week or at some point, even on RAW considering both ladies now share a place on the brand. This match could easily be highlighted on RAW per its finish to begin a rivalry and the exchanges between the two, the post match one in particular, has me thinking it should be a rivalry not left to the B Side Shows but rather to be showcased on the main shows. As Becky Lynch kindly said in San Diego this week, allow multiple women’s feuds at once.

– Catherine


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