WWE BATTLEGROUND RESULTS: A Few Surprises But Overall Domination (July, 24th 2016)

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So the Dust has officially settled after the battles in the Battleground last night, and as we take steps towards Summerslam, its best to review what went down in the TWO Women’s Matches set for last nights show. Becky Lynch looks to conclude her boiling rivalry with Natalya and Sasha Banks finally unveils her mystery partner to take on her current enemies of Dana Brooke and the WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte.

In Fact, the Women’s Tag that has many speculating in their minds as to whom who will be unveiled to side with Banks, opens the show in what can be considered a very important, crowd pleasing spot, plus with it comes the end of the long wait and speculating. Charlotte and Dana are out first, side by side, followed by the entrance of Banks. The future contender to the women’s title stares out her enemies before revealing a huge grin on her face as she awaits the music of her mystery partner, and earning a MASSIVE Pop, out comes Bayley. As the two accept their union upon rallying the crowd, they are attacked by Dana and Charlotte, to immense boos. Bayley and Sasha spill outside as Dana and Charlotte continue the attack. Charlotte throws Bayley into the barrier while Dana sends down Sasha, further stomping on her before rolling back in the ring to assist Charlotte with a double attack on Bayley.

Dana kicks Sasha back down to the floor before she can attempt to save the partner and the referee soon finds himself trying to split things up as he tries to ensure the legal women open, and in good condition considering how things have started. Regardless Bayley has taken worser damage and insists on opening the match, against the woman who turned on her in favor of aligning with Banks and Summer Rae back at NXT some years ago, Charlotte. Charlotte has the control currently, with kicks and chops unloading on Bayley in the corner. She doesn’t deliver a final slap without taunting Sasha first. Charlotte reverts back to chops before a kick allows Bayley to temporarily separate from Charlotte. Bayley easily takes herself up the turnbuckles and nails a spinning elbow to Charlotte, then making the tag to Sasha.

Sasha elbows away at Charlotte against a corner, and even the champs attempt to shove her off does little to simmer her fire as she continues the onslaught further. Sasha tries to go for running double knees in the same corner but Charlotte catches her mid flight and elevates her to the turnbuckles. Sasha kicks Charlotte away then delivers a hurricanrana right off the second rope. Sasha delivers a forearm to Dana Brooke to send her to the floor, before being driven to the corner by Charlotte. Sasha evades her corner assault but takes a kick following the escape, and Charlotte sends Sasha head first into the second turnbuckle. Sasha tumbles outside, and the hurt competitor stays down on the ground for sometime while Charlotte gloats also on the outside. With the taunting out of the way, Charlotte switches focus to getting Banks back in the ring, and does so, attempting the first pin attempt of the match right after. Charlotte gets a near fall on Sasha.

Charlotte holds up Sasha against the heels corner while allowing Dana to tag. Charlotte weakens Sasha a little with kicks before leaving Dana to deliver the rest. Dana additionally attempts to pin Sasha following a back body drop, also getting a near fall. Sasha sends Dana chin first into the middle rope to counter her chin-lock, then tries to reach out to Bayley, only for Dana to turn around and grasp the left foot of Sasha, trying hard to separate her from Bayley. Sasha delivers a wicked slap to Dana then makes her needed tag to Bayley. Bayley charges in, momentum flowing as she drops Dana with axe handles, also knocking the champion Charlotte off the apron amidst her assault. Bayley scores a low clothesline then executes a running shoulder tackle to Dana in an opposite corner, which comes with a back elbow. Bayley heads up the turnbuckles but before the next move can be made, Charlotte leaps up to the apron and yells at her as part of a distraction that Dana can capitalize on. Dana yanks Bayley off the turnbuckles, and the back of Bayleys neck seems to take a nasty hit in the process. Dana takes Bayley near to the middle of the ring for another pin attempt, and again, resulting in a near fall.

Dana knocks off Bayleys attempt to regain momentum, whipping her into the same corner utilized for the nasty bump. Dana hits shoulder tackles to Bayley against the corner, then mouthing to the referee in a near costly way as she gets caught in Bayleys sudden roll up. Bayley gets a near fall on Dana. Dana plants Bayleys face against the mat before taking her back to the earlier corner. Dana performs her usual handstand choke before being clobbered by a sudden running clothesline from Bayley. Bayley makes the tag to Sasha, as Dana does to Charlotte, and Sasha comes running in with fluid dropkicks to Charlotte, also blocking a retaliating big boot attempt from the champion. Sasha hits a knee and prepares to attack Charlotte in the corner, shoving off both her feet midway, and following an elbow, Sasha successfully executes her double knees in the corner to Charlotte. Unfortunately for Sasha, it doesn’t fully knock out Charlotte as she kicks out of her following pin attempt at two.

Sasha heads to the turnbuckles, kicking Dana away as she does so. Sasha hits the flying cross-body off the top rope to Charlotte, but its a near fall result again in the follow up pin attempt. Sasha takes a big boot from Charlotte, followed afterwards by the Natural Selection. Charlotte may have Banks there as she goes for the pin but Bayley comes to the rescue to break up her pin. Dana lobs Bayley to the outside, but it doesn’t come without vengeance as Bayley takes Dana by her legs and sends her downward. Charlotte teases readying for the finish meanwhile in the ring only for Sasha to seemingly attempt a small package reversed into the Bank Statement. Dana pulls Charlotte’s feet under the ropes and saves her before she could possibly tap. Dana is then sent down by a dropkick by the ring post from Bayley before she is driven to the floor by Charlotte. After inflicting the damage, Charlotte returns to the ring to only become the target of Sasha’s Backstabber Maneuver followed with a second Bank Statement Submission lock in. This time Dana is completely out and unable to stop Sasha’s path to victory. Charlotte taps and Sasha and Bayley win the match.

Lana is the next woman to appear on the show as she appears in a princess-type outfit to proudly introduce her fiance Rusev, who defends the United States Title against a fearless Zack Ryder. Unfortunately Ryder was duped again, a victory and possible ascension on the main roster taken away, but he wasn’t taken away from Television per a Rusev type onslaught as Hype Bros Buddy Mojo Rawley came to the rescue. If anything Mojo will probably serve a motivational coach for Ryder in the near future as its to be remembered that both Ryder and Mojo are on a separate brand to Rusev.

Following up from the momentous match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens is the second women’s match of the night as Becky Lynch and Natalya battle in singles action. Entering first is a confident Natalya, and this entrance cant come without a reminder of what caused the transformation in Nattie’s persona per her attack to Lynch following the twos defeat to Dana and Charlotte at Money in the Bank. Nattie remains confident and ready as Lynch makes her entrance, an equally as serious game face on. In Fact, Lynch nearly doesn’t make it into the ring as Nattie tries to knee her on the apron but Becky springs back, composes herself and eventually enters the ring, staring Nattie out as the bell is rung.

The Match begins with an aggressive lock up between the two with various reversals, and an eventual referee intervention as the official restrains Lynch at the command of Natalya. Natalya comes back to the ring fully and tries to swing a clothesline at Becky, but misses, and Becky provides some waist-lock take-downs. Again Natalya utilizes the ropes to force the restraint of Becky. Natalya heads outside to regroup, demanding Becky back again as she eventually clambers back into the ring. Natalya sends Becky to the mat and attempts her first pin of the match, but she hasn’t done much to put Becky out as yet, as the Irish Lasskicker kicks out at one. Natalya debates this result with the ref, which Becks takes advantage of, rolling up Natalya to get the first near fall of the match.

Becky arm drags and dropkicks Natalya, who rolls to the outside again. Natalya appears to be mouthing at the audience, and Becky takes advantage of this to kick Natalya from behind and send her jaw first to the floor. Becky hits a diving elbow off the apron to further gather the momentum, if her antics didnt hint that after. Becky rolls Natalya back to the ring but again the newly vicious and villainous Queen of Harts is on the escape, rolling outside the ring. Becky goes after Natalya, who takes her leg and gets it caught on the apron. Natalya batters this same leg, then sending the side of the same leg into the steel steps. Natalya heads back to the ring to further damage Becky, stretching her leg against the ring ropes. She continues to even further the damage as she takes Becky to the middle of the ring to execute a hold targeting the same leg. Becky reverses with the safe leg and tries to lock in the disarmer but Natalya escapes. Natalya sweeps Becky then taunts before driving the left knee of Becky into the mat. Natalya poses on the ropes while stood on the back of the same knee, and doesn’t break off without stomping on it.

Natalya reverts back to the earlier hold to further dissect the leg of Becky. Becky hits back with elbows but it does little to knock back Natalya, who drives her leg into the mat. She does the same again then returns to targeting the same leg in another hold, Becky and Natalya go back and forth with fists and forearms with equal reversals, but it takes a later reversal for Becky to hopefully gain control, as she tries to capture the arm of Natalya for another disarmer attempt. Becky delivers an inziguiri to the side of the face of Nattie, and despite the damage being done to the particular leg, Becky manages to execute clotheslines to Nattie, also with a back elbow. Becky forearms Natalya against the corner, following with a exploder suplex. However she hasn’t knocked off Natalya, as she only manages to get a near fall.

Natalya elbows Becky but her oncoming onslaught is then blocked as Becky tries to turn this into another attempt to lock in the disarmer. She doesn’t ground Natalya however as Natalya rolls out and takes down Becky, and she uses the well thought counter to try lock in the Sharpshooter, only to be tripped to the mat. Becky is close to locking the disarmer but Natalya counters into a roll up for another near fall. Natalya covers the mouth of Becky, holding her down as she attempts to and successfully locks in the Sharpshooter. Becky finds the strength to make it to the ropes and force Natalya to break. Becky knees Natalya on the apron, then heading up to the top rope to hit a missile dropkick which floors Nattie. Becky gets another near fall. Becky unloads with forearms to her in the corner but as she scraps with the referee involved, Natalya’s sneaky kick to the knee goes unnoticed and Becky stumbles back completely. Further pain is exploited for Becky as Natalya locks the Sharpshooter once more. This time Becky cant muster the strength to get back to the ropes per Natalya’s own strength and eventually submits. Natalya gets the singles victory.

Maryse was also on hand to accompany the Miz for his title defense against a surprising opponent in Darren Young, joined by the well known WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund. No Result was given as Maryse tried to convince the referee that Backlund pushed her at ringside and a scuffle between Miz and Backlund at ringside lead to Young locking the chicken-wing on Miz outside.

(Dana Brooke and Charlotte vs Bayley and Sasha Banks)

(Natalya vs Becky Lynch)

(Darren Young w/ Bob Backlund vs The Miz w/ Maryse; Intercontinental Championship Match)

(Sasha Banks and Bayley; WWE.com Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Tag Match: If NXT Takeover London taught us anything, its that the women opening a Pay Per View is a big deal, and the fact that the crowd were hot from the get go, and were during this match did make me happy with the booking decision of Bayley being the tag partner for Banks, though it was also the most predictable decision and took momentum away from any woman currently on the main roster looking for a push or character rejuvenation. So Unless the plans for Naomi’s character are set in stone as something else, then i cant help but feel for her for not getting the spot here, but the match overall was fine with the exception of small miscues and the crowd were very into it. The Best Decision of this match was for Sasha to get the clean finish on Charlotte as it not only avenges the Smackdown loss, but sets in stone her status as contender considering thats what she would be fighting for in the first place. Since Bayley clarified that this moment was a one off, no spotlight will luckily be taken away from the feud with her insertion as it wont be happening so now i can only have hope they book the rest of Sasha and Charlotte’s feud properly.

Natalya/Becky: Overall i wasn’t shocked with Natalya winning per the match being about the story of dissecting Becky’s particular body part to expose her weakness, though this also could have ended in a KO, but either finish opens the chance for Becky to come back even stronger, and with both women on both brands its definite that this angle is continuing to allow Becky her big Pay Per View singles victory that WrestleMania never gave her. Whether anyone else gets thrown into the angle remains to be seen though i can see Bliss and Nattie vs Carmella and Becky happening down the line but while Natalya could be helping establish Becky as the next big singles star in the division, Becky is going to be isolated from the title for a VERY long time, especially if they don’t do a yearly draft which makes me gutted that the titles cant cross between brands. But with this match out of the way, and with Becky needing a revenge win, its time to heat this feud up even more and allow promo time that this feud has needed since Natalya’s heel turn needs explaining outside of commentary. Why has Natalya been making hints that Becky is a bad person in the back? An Acting Victim? Add it to the story and give actual reasons for Becky to (kayfabe) hate Natalya so feuds aren’t about the general gist of Women just being catty to each other for no reason.

– Catherine


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