WWE NXT RESULTS: A New Era Soon Dawning for the NXT Women’s Division? (July, 27th 2016)

billie returns to nxt ep 1

billie returns to nxt ep 1 1

billie returns to nxt ep 1 2

Welcome to this weeks NXT Report. Despite it being short and sweet, the booking presented for the women on this weeks show may present to us a subtle hint of the future to come for the NXT Women’s Division. While Bayley is desperate to get her rematch against a currently undefeated Gold wielding Asuka, Billie Kay looks to make her mark in her NXT Return, versus a very athletic and well known competitor in Santana Garrett.

Kay comes out for the only women’s match of the night, making her first Television appearance since filling the void for the women of the main roster weeks ago at Smackdown in a quick enhancement match with Dana Brooke, and the moment doesn’t go unmentioned. Santana Garrett, a notable former SHINE Champion and former TNA Knockout, enters next, and coming with her is that familiar seemingly unused remix of Emma’s theme. When the bell rings, a battle of reversals kicks things off, with Billie taking control by taking Santana down to the mat. Santana regroups quickly, locking up again with Billie, who gets caught in her waist-lock reversal. Santana attempts to take Billie to the ropes, but Billie reverses into her own whip. Santana dodges Billie’s oncoming kick, sending her down slightly with a dropkick. Santana hits a forearm to the face of Billie before being whipped to a corner. Santana floats over in the corner, and over Billie, but a huge slap from the professed Femme Fatale takes Santana down. Billie goes right into covering Santana, getting her first near fall of the match as a result.

Billie has fully reversed momentum as she sends her elbow into the back of Santana a few times, followed by sending Santana to an opposite corner to choke her with her foot. Billie lands her own suplex variation after for another near fall. Some forearms by Santana do little as Billie comes back with her own, adding an additional kick to that before applying a rear choke-hold. Santana runs Billie into a corner, hitting with her shoulder a few times before getting shoved off by the Aussie, who misses her clothesline. Santana elbows Billie away from the corner, hitting back with forearms and even a headbutt. Santana nails her running moonsault into the corner but misses a kick in the rings center, which Billie takes advantage of, knocking Santana down a peg before hitting a huge big boot out of nowhere. This is enough to floor Santana and Billie gets the pinfall victory. Billie wins the match.

A Video Package also airs a short time before TM61 are scheduled for a tag team match. Though it has yet to be verified, its believed to be for Ember Moon, the woman formerly known as Athena. Maybe we’ll get more revelations in due time….

Bayley also pays a quick visit to the office of NXTs Own General Manager William Regal. After having so much momentum on her side after winning some big matches, Bayley wants to know if she can make a match with Asuka at Brooklyn Official. Regal declares that he will speak to Asuka in terms of plotting a contract signing (despite being the Authority).

(Santana Garrett vs Billie Kay)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall it was a good match, even though i could question commentary’s decision on the line of Santana “improving” upon her return to NXT when there’s nowhere wrestling wise for her to improve on. Also Love Billies finishing big boot, which could be effective in KO’ing Asuka in the future, but with Asukas agility being a factor in her matches, its evident Billie will have more in her arsenal when she gets to showcase herself in future, just like Nia. Seeing Billie Kay not only pick up this win, but the ones coming up has me hoping that WWE are beginning to breathe new life into NXTs women’s division, rather than putting the focus wholly on Asuka and Bayley, though right now Asuka is getting little to no focus at all in comparison to when she first arrived, and everything recently has been about Bayleys road to redemption. Part of me hopes Billie and Ember Moon are the next stars being built in the division, and Liv Morgan and Peyton may also be a part of the process soon, but it all depends on Brooklyn right now as to where the direction goes. A Face Champion will be needed for Billie to pursue the title (more on that in the coming weeks because of Asuka…) and a Heel Champion is needed if Ember Moon debuts as a face, and Ive heard so much about how much chemistry Asuka and Athena have in the ring. I Would LOVE if Billie won the title with Peyton Royce’s help, to build a feud for them for later to transition Billie into a babyface, and Peyton as a psychotic, title obsessed heel. I’m excited to see what Asuka does in the next few weeks, as i mentioned before, but i hope she remains champion after Brooklyn since there wont be much to remember from her reign other than her matches if dethroned, but with Carmella gone and Bayley not passing down the title to her, i wouldn’t be surprised if Billie is the next champion if Bayley wins the title back, because as much as i respect Bayleys talents, we don’t need her running through ladies with much momentum again.

– Catherine


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