WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Revenge Executed and Statements to Be Made (July, 26th 2016)



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Welcome All to the Post Draft Smackdown Report, Now that Busy Life has taken a halt. This weeks Live episode brought with it Becky’s first match on Smackdown post draft, suitably a Battleground Rematch with Natalya, plus with some additional and in many cases, welcoming, surprises…

Smackdowns Hopeful Top Babyface enters first, that being Becky, followed by the entrance of Natalya, and lets not all forget that Becky is in much need of a victory after Natalya’s submissions became too much for the Lass-kicker this past Sunday. Natalya immediately goes after Becky on the bell, taking her down, but Becky is the equalizer with a reversal. Natalya kips out, but its not long before Becky is taking control again with a take-down of her own. Natalya applies a headscissor that Becky escapes from as quickly. Natalya escapes a follow up waist-lock, applying her own only to quickly turn it into a side headlock. Becky moves Natalya over to the ropes, but Natalya comes back by driving Becky to the mat with an elbow. A Dropkick allows Becky to summon back some momentum, while also sending her opponent rolling. Becky mimics the earlier taunt from Natalya, teasing going after her as she paces to the apron, but the referee gets involved. Natalya returns to the ring and hits Becky with a knee before sending her to the mat. Natalya chokes Becky against the nearby ropes before slamming her to the mat, reverting to taunting again over the fallen opposition. Becky tries to fight out of Natalya’s follow up hold but the heel takes her by her hair and sends her back to the mat.

Becky performs her usual arm drag to escape the rear chin-lock from Natalya. Becky rolls up Natalya to get the first near fall of the match. Natalya applies a waist-lock but is hurtled to the mat when Becky utilizes the ropes. Natalya kips up but doesn’t even get a moment to show off or even strike at the opponent per a clothesline from the Lasskicker. Becky scores another clothesline followed with a side kick, but she takes too long readying for her corner splash, allowing Natalya time to recover and evade the oncoming onslaught. However Natalya also takes time to recover from escaping the corner and this allows Becky time to recover against the turnbuckles, knocking away the charging Queen of Harts with a back elbow. Becky strikes with another before attempting to head further up the turnbuckles, only to be swept off by Natalya.

Coming out of the commercial break, its evident Natalya has taken over, working on Becky in the ring center. Becky snapmares Natalya out of an abdominal stretch, then begins to rally the momentum as she continuously fires fast forearms at Natalya. Natalya takes an uppercut that takes her to another corner, followed with a running forearm from Becky. Becky whips Natalya into the same corner, going for a kick but Natalya blocks before driving Becky into the particular corner. Natalya blocks the attempted comeback kick by Becky, only to be sent down by the inziguiri counter. Seeing Natalya down, Becky takes the opportunity to head to the top rope, securing a leg drop off of it but to her dismay it just gets her a near fall.

Becky attempts to capture the nemesis in the disarmer, looking to end things, only for a reversal from Natalya to lead to a take-down. Becky kicks Natalya near to the ropes to avoid a sharpshooter lock in, but is caught in Nattie’s waist-lock followed up with a German Suplex. Natalya attempts a pin on Becky, but just as Becky did before, the Queen of Harts gets a near fall. Natalya calls for Becky to get to her feet, awaiting then attempting to flatten the Lass-kicker with a discus clothesline. Becky blocks this, rolling her up before changing her mind after a count of two to instead lock the Disarmer. Natalya counters before this can be fully locked in, but Becky escapes her grip once more. Natalya fires a discus clothesline in retaliation, but still cant force down Becky as she gets another near fall. Before Natalya can apply the next maneuver, Becky rolls the surprised Queen of Harts over, locking in her Disarmer successfully. Despite the amount of strong comebacks, Natalya now has given in and taps out. Becky wins the match.

Becky is about to celebrate the big victory in a post match interview, but the professed “Becky Balboa” is interrupted by one of the new arrivals to the main roster, Alexa Bliss. Bliss introduces herself, putting herself over as Smackdowns New Hottest Star. She adds that despite Becky being the first woman drafted to Smackdown, Bliss is truly the personification of what the new era looks like. Before she can further this boastful statement, Naomi emerges from the back, questioning Alexa over being so braggy despite having yet to step in the ring. She adds that its her time to shine thus Alexa can step to the back of the line. Naomi’s promo is also cut off by another arrival, this time the former Valet to Enzo and Cass, Carmella. Doing the usual introductory promo, Carmella also adds that Smackdown is about to become Fabulous, urging the audience to get the popcorn ready, but her and the rest of the ladies are muted by the arrival of Eva Marie, who has her own voice-over introduction. Eva simply stares down the fellow combatants after showing herself off to the audience, teasing what is yet to come.

Smackdowns other draft pick in Maryse was also at the side of her husband the Miz for this weeks show as a new episode of MizTV re-introduced a recently returned Randy Orton. Unfortunately the cockiness of Miz did no favors as Orton ended up challenging the current Intercontinental Champion, not to hint any sort of championship pursuit, but to send a message to his Summerslam Opponent, Brock Lesnar.

(Natalya vs Becky Lynch)

(Becky Lynch Segment; Alexa Bliss and Carmella Debut; Eva Marie and Naomi Return)

(Randy Orton, Maryse and The Miz MizTV Segment)

(Alexa Bliss on Smackdown Fallout)

(Carmella on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Becky/Natalya: I Would say this match towards its end had more physicality than the Battleground match, which told more of a story of exploiting an underdogs weakness. It was obvious who was going to go over unless a distraction was to further Becky’s road to a hopeful victory at a later date, but overall a pleasing match to watch.

Post Match Segment: Until you remember the additional call up, at first i thought Alexa’s intro was to open up Becky’s first feud post draft, but it could also be evident that Alexa, like Mella, Naomi and Eva, could play a part in a multi woman feud which i believe could lead to a match at Summerslam to crown a Women’s World Champion or Bantamweight or whatever title plans they may have in mind, if any at all. Smackdowns women’s roster is full of shining talent at the minute, so it would be foolish just to bring the girls down to Smackdown to compete over no title, even if it means giving feuds directions relating to animosity that are actually booked outside of the usual ideal of portraying bland cattiness between various competitors. The Placement of the girls was rather interesting, but i can only hope each have some sort of promising direction, including for Naomi to prove she wasn’t sent to the particular roster to avoid a title reign. But i do see Naomi progressing towards a face turn in the coming weeks and for a multi woman tag to take place, if not a tournament of some sort, but im also intrigued in a possible Becky/Eva feud. Lets hope Smackdown presents us more than just three minute directionless matches since creative have actually been surprising us this week.

– Catherine


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