TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Queen Bee is Bound for Glory? (July, 28th 2016)

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Welcome Everybody to this weeks IMPACT Report, and this episode is the official aftermath from last weeks twist regarding the Knockouts Division as we saw Madison Rayne take out her long time friend (and sometimes foe) Gail Kim, right in front of the veterans nemesis and current leader to the Knockouts, Maria. Though no allegiance has been indicated between these two vicious ladies, there’s apparent rewards for Rayne if she can get the job done completely this week.

Madison sees Allie and Maria in the back in the first segment regarding the Knockouts this week. Maria appears before the former Knockouts Champion, voicing nothing other than pleasure for her “stepping up” to Kim last week. Madison turns it around a little, stating that her actions were only to propel her into the spotlight, additionally blaming Maria for her not being in that position before, as Maria has gone out of her way to favor the “Beast of a Champion” Sienna and her “Chipmunk” associate, aka Allie. She wants to know simply what it is she will get if she beats Gail later, but Maria assures that she will know only if she gets the job done.

We have a reminder of Rayne’s sneak attack on Gail from last week before the booked Knockouts Battle gets underway. Madison tries to put problems aside by ushering Gail in for a handshake on the opening bell, but Gail declines, expected considering Madison’s cruel actions just a week before. Madison gives her a little mouth before getting forearmed in the face by the also former Knockouts Champion. Gail avoids the further offense from Madison, hitting with one forearm after the other before taking a nasty kick to the midsection. Madison heads to the ropes, only to be slammed by Gail to the mat when the veteran counters the oncoming maneuver. Gail goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on the Professed Queen Bee.

Gail kicks Madison into a corner, following this up with a corner clothesline. Madison reverses a whip from the foe to attempt to pin her, but like with Gail’s last, its to no avail. Gail tries to match Madison with her own pin attempt in the form of a roll up, which only scores the same result. Gail forearms Madison multiple times once she gets to her feet, and she hits also with a knee before being clobbered by Madison’s midway from returning from hitting the ropes. Madison delivers a boot to the side of Gail’s head for a near fall. Madison suplexes Gail but cant take her out as she gets another near fall. Madison makes her way back to Gail, but before she can set up a next move, Gail is back with the offense. Madison reverses Gail’s follow up whip but gets elbowed away from the turnbuckles in return. Gail misses a diving cross-body off the turnbuckles when Madison evades, and Madison takes advantage, attempting to leave her furthermore groggy as she connects with the inziguiri. Madison darts over for the cover, but again it is Gail kicking out at a count of two.

Madison runs Gail into another corner, delivering a hard chop to her. The Heel mannerisms and taunts make a return right before Madison’s attempted corner splash, but it doesn’t connect as Gail runs out of the corner. Madison returns the favor by moving out of the way of Gail’s corner splash but Gail floats to the apron. Madison yanks at Gail, pulling her to the ropes and sending her crashing face first to the mat, but its not enough as Gail kicks out of her follow up pin attempt. Madison knees Gail amid a rear choke-hold, following this up with a running back elbow that knocks Gail against the ropes. Madison connects with her sliding clothesline but misses the big boot to Gail’s head on the outside when the veteran slips away. Gail knees Madison’s elbow and Madison paces around the outside for a little before returning back to the ring. Gail awaits for Madison, and seeing her standing over, she rolls her up suddenly, but as before, its another near fall for Gail on Madison.

Before Gail can try aim anymore moves at Madison, she is brought to the mat by a huge clothesline from her fellow former Knockouts Champion. Madison delivers elbows and chops to Gail against another corner, taking her up to the top rope to ready for something else, but being sent to the mat by Gail’s elbow before she can fully set that up. Gail goes for a diving elbow that Madison counters with her foot, inflicting some damage to Gail. Madison connects with the Voodoo Drop and seems to have the victory there, only to notice Gail’s arm on the ropes, disallowing her chance at victory. Madison is left venting at this but as she goes for the hammerlock into some sort of variation, Gail comes out of nowhere with the Eat Defeat. Gail pins Madison and wins the match, furthering her quest to move towards the Knockouts Title.

Though we don’t see Maria seethe somewhere over this development, we indeed see the storyline between Bram and Rosemary continue this week with a number of segments slowly explaining the backstory of Rosemary and her transition towards her meaner character. While Rosemary invites Bram to learn more of her somewhat terrifying backstory, she seems to have left Decay behind for a short time as they had to deal with Raquel and the BroMans, but that was no problem for the two male members as they retained over the BroMans once again, even despite a gutsy low blow from Raquel to the Monster Abyss.

(Allie, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Madison Rayne Backstage Segment)

(Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne)

(Rosemary and Bram Segment #1)

(Rosemary and Bram Segment #2)

(BroMans w/ Raquel vs Decay)

Thoughts On:
Gail/Madison: These Two Always Put On Good Matches, but this match to me, as much as it served its purpose in making Madison look dominant despite the sudden reverse of momentum that lead to her loss, should have got more time and have more “fire” to it to display Gail’s anger at Madison’s (seeming) betrayal. Even though Madison’s heel mannerisms have made an official comeback, i cant help but be divided as to whether shes a heel or a tweener at this point. If Madison turns face to launch some Anti-Maria campaign in the next few weeks then sure she has a story but it just seems Madison’s Heel Turns don’t have long term effectiveness or reasoning. Its evident with the Lack of Knockouts around that Gail is going over Allie and Sienna in the near future (you may or may not have read spoilers…) and as much as i am a fan of Gail, i really don’t think she needs a championship match at Bound for Glory that should indeed be offered to Jade, to show what fans who haven’t seen their matches don’t know, how good they are in the ring together, and to prove a Division can continue without Gail at center focus. Overall i feel TNA have lost control over developing a much more different character for Gail, as i was excited for the new character she attained upon returning for the feud with Taryn, and that this could have been a Gold Opportunity for Gail to showcase hurt at Madison’s betrayal to the point where a darker and uncaring character is exploited, just running through Madison remorselessly, and in turn, Maria could have used that to plead a case that she is “a danger to the Knockouts” to try sneak her out of a Bound for Glory spot, furthering their feud in turn and either leading to her vs Maria or Madison at Bound for Glory. Tapings are coming up so there should be some light shed on if Jade has the contendership at Bound for Glory but Gail’s character needs some revamping at this point.

Rosemary/Bram: When the pair were barely shown in the spoilers, i was thinking they had dropped the ball on what i thought could be an incredible feud/pairing, so its good to see it continuing. Rosemary, to me, has been one of the most fast evolving characters in the division and her promo work never falters, and the segments have me further intrigued in regards to where they go direction wise with the angle, but i hope its along the lines of Rosemary trying to make Bram feel sorry for her so he sympathizes and eventually (further) falls in love so she can use it advantageously to “decay” him to the level of her brethren, coming out as Decays New Leader/Lord of Darkness if WWE don’t try and claim rights to his old gimmick that he perfected so well before his incident lead to his release. I Dont know what anyone else thinks but considering he had the King of the Mountain Title taken away from him so suddenly, and because past angles have proved how good a heel he is, he needs a turn at some point, and if that angle was to happen, id be 100% behind it.

– Catherine


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