WWE RAW RESULTS: Rolling In The New Era with Comedy, Certified G’s and Clearly Fighting (August, 1st 2016)

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Wrestling Fans! How You Doin’. So Mondays RAW is the aftermath of the emotional moment of the week before as Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte in front of a WOW’ed crowd to win her first Women’s Championship. To Usher in the new era, the Babyface Champ opened the show, sure to be interrupted by a surely angry but still professing to be “Genetically Superior” Charlotte, with additional surprises in store…

JoJo stands by in the ring and introduces Sasha, and the appearance of “The Bo$$” doesn’t come without a reflective of last weeks victory, on top of the announcement made over the weekend that Banks is set to defend her title against the former champ Charlotte at Summerslam. Before Sasha can even voice her happiness at holding the brass, she is surrounded by some kind “You Deserve It” chants from the audience. Banks thanks them, before putting herself over as the new Champion of the Women’s Division. She reflects on near to the time last year when the crowd were sent home at Takeover Brooklyn speaking on the immense match between her and Bayley, and it isn’t any different for her on the main roster. Sasha adds that her reign has only just begun, and she plans on kick-starting it with a W (Win) when she defends the title at Summerslam. Before she can speak further down comes Charlotte, not in street clothes looking for a fight, but still her regal robes, but the look of evident disappointment doesn’t leave her face.

Once the former champ enters the ring, the Current title holder cant help but tease her over her expression. The Chants aimed towards Charlotte that she tapped out doesn’t help her case whatsoever but she insists there was “a fly”. Sasha notices Charlotte looks mad, as well as different, and wonders why, hilariously pointing to her own title as she says this. The Answer for Sasha is simple. Charlotte looks different because she has no championship, since Sasha made her tap out. Sasha questions as to why Dana isn’t at the side of Charlotte at this time but Charlotte rather tells Sasha to get over herself, before proclaiming that she doesn’t need Dana, nor even her Hall of Fame Father, to beat her at Summerslam. Charlotte is adamant that she can beat Sasha by herself, and reminds the booing crowd that she was “the best” for over 300 days (unless you count one reign over two put together..). Shes additionally adamant that Sasha’s win was only because she capitalized on a mistake, and all she is really is a “One Night Stand”. Sasha digs deep in retaliation as she tells the mouthy future opposition that if it wasn’t for a actual One Night Stand, Charlotte probably wouldn’t be in the ring. Charlotte is visibly agitated by Sasha’s statement and before she can retaliate, they are suddenly interrupted by the presence of one of WWE’s most hilarious heels today, Chris Jericho.

Jericho tells the Crowd (and Sasha) to be Quiet. He Turns his attention then wholly to Sasha, telling the title holder to be Quiet, while also labeling her as a Disrespectful Little Punk. He states he was in the back minding his own business when he heard Sasha’s comments in the ring, bashing her over her treatment towards Charlotte, who he believes is someone of Royalty. Jericho further comes to the defense of Charlotte by proclaiming that Charlotte has outdone every accolade that her father has, and in comparison to Charlotte, he wonders who Ric has ever beaten, but hes adamant like Charlotte, that she’ll take the title from Sasha at Summerslam. He lays into Sasha’s character of the Boss, pondering as to whether it means she is his boss, the one who gives his paychecks, but he has an answer to this, because the only Boss Sasha is to anyone is the Boss of “Purple Haired Teeny Bopper Stupid Idiots”. He digs into Sasha’s relations to Snoop Dogg before telling the currently quiet champion that shes not a Boss, but rather a brat.

Before Jericho can further this two on one bullying, out comes Enzo by himself to the defense of Banks. He Approaches Sasha flirtatiously and kisses her hand, which doesn’t impress the heels nearby. In Fact Charlotte sees the little exchange and tells Sasha to go for the hinted relationship, and not without mimicking Enzo’s usual promo work, which Jericho also takes a turn in mocking. Sasha retaliates with her own use of Enzo’s promo work, as the two label Jericho and Charlotte as a Couple of Haters. Enzo takes multiple shots at Jericho, which doesn’t please the former title holder. The Exchange leads to Mick summoning himself out and booking the first mixed tag of the new era, and its NEXT. Charlotte and Jericho vs Sasha and Enzo Amore.

When we return, the match is underway with the males starting off, and Kevin Owens has also added a spice of freshness by being on commentary, no matter how random. After some time, Charlotte is tagged in, as is Sasha. Sasha is quick in dodging a clothesline by Charlotte, attempting to get the early victory with a roll up, but Charlotte escapes it. Sasha executes a drop toe hold to follow through, then rolling Charlotte over again, with Charlotte kicking out. Sasha turns a front face-lock into a backslide cover, enough for a near fall. Charlotte tries to get some momentum by firing chops at Sasha, but one soon misses, and Sasha takes advantage, moving from the corner she was chopped into to deliver a hard enough chop to Charlotte in retaliation. Sasha heads to the top turnbuckle and nails her arm drag off of it, then flying over the shoulders of Charlotte and rolling her through, then taking advantage of Charlotte’s position to hit low double knees. This gets Sasha a near fall again on Charlotte. Charlotte tags back in Jericho, and in comes Amore for the babyface side.

Enzo and Jericho go at it for a length of time before Sasha and Charlotte are eventually tagged back in. Sasha fires in with the momentum, downing Charlotte with some clotheslines, as well as a dropkick followed with double knees off the ropes to the midsection of Charlotte. Again Sasha gets a near fall on Charlotte. Sasha blocks a boot by Charlotte, hitting back with a high knee before hitting the backstabber. Sasha additionally sees Dana Brooke coming, and knocks her down as she climbs up the apron. Charlotte rolls up Sasha upon taking advantage of her proteges small interference, but Sasha counters this into her own. Sasha gets a near fall. Sasha darts over to Jericho, slapping him in the face before he comes to Charlotte’s aid. Charlotte hits the back of Sasha’s knee with a big kick, taking advantage of another intervention, and this time it works wonders as Charlotte nails the Natural Selection to follow, and the former champion pins Sasha to win the match for herself and Jericho. Jericho targets Enzo after the match, but is soon indicated a target for Enzo’s appearing supporter, Big Cass, and the victorious heel flees with his fellow victorious heel Charlotte and Dana.

Lana also makes her first appearance since getting officially married to her title wielding fiancee Rusev, introducing him for his championship defense against Mark Henry. Like past opponents, Henry submits, furthering Rusev’s reign but before he can declare himself as the super dominant champion hes shown to be hes met with a challenge…..in Roman Reigns.

In Addition to this, its Nia’s second week on the RAW brand, and her second chance to make a statement. Nia has yet to be challenged by a main roster competitor, and this week, will have Ariel Munroe fed to her. Nia enters the ring, with local competitor Ariel awaiting in the ring. Ariel is shown rolling her eyes at the dominant performer, which is clearly going to come back to bite her. Nia counters a lock up early from Ariel to run her into a corner. Nia cockily shoves at Ariel who is sat at the top turnbuckle, and Ariel tries to fight back but is launched into a big clothesline by Nia. Nia yanks Ariel out of the corner, headbutting her before sending her to the ropes. Ariel strategically ducks her offense, going for a running crossbody as she bounces back but Nia uses both hands to force her down with much force to the mat on the way. Nia hits with a swift elbow drop, then helping Ariel to her feet. Nia is met with a forearm from Ariel, but Nia shoves her to the ropes before she can do much else. Nia takes Ariel onto her shoulders then slams her to the mat for the singular pinfall victory. Nia wins the match, interviewed after the match, but rather than speak on her dominance, she shortly attacks Ariel again before exiting.

(Sasha Banks, Enzo Amore, Chris Jericho, Charlotte and Mick Foley Opening Segment)

(Sasha Banks and Enzo Amore vs Charlotte and Chris Jericho feat Dana Brooke and Big Cass)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Mark Henry; United States Championship Match feat Roman Reigns)

(Nia Jax vs Ariel Munroe)

(Charlotte and Dana Brooke on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Enzo vs Charlotte/Jericho: First Of All I Have to Comment on how much Charlotte and Jericho compliment each other. Alongside Enzo and Sasha its an unexpected, fresh pairing and they work together. This was also my favorite promo work from Charlotte since she turned on Ric, and like with Charlotte and Jericho, the mic exchanges between Charlotte and Sasha always seem to deliver and they haven’t held off or slowed down building the feud in anyway. The Match was Good, and it was evident the heels were going to win since Charlotte needed some way to one up Sasha after last week, but with the fresh pairings, it could have gone either way and i still would have been happy. I Literally cant wait to see what happens between Charlotte and Dana, and though not indicated through interaction, Charlotte’s claim that she doesn’t need Dana to beat Sasha is only the start of their separation, and Dana, i believe, will go against Charlotte’s possible idea of trying to keep her out of the title match and it will cost her. Either way Dana will be the reason Charlotte loses at Summerslam, All Hell will Break Loose and you then have your second women’s feud already getting focal spotlight.

Nia/Ariel: I Haven’t got much to say about the squash other than how happy i am that they already switched up Nia’s finisher to something other than the leg drop. My Only worry is the squashes getting too drawn out as creative lose control or ideas if they haven’t already got a feud decided for her, and she needs one soon because she surely isn’t going to have a squash match at Summerslam, considering a indie worker working against her at the second biggest pay per view isn’t going to please any signed woman looking for a spot on such a show.

– Catherine


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