WWE NXT RESULTS: A More Chilling than Thrilling Preview for One for Takeover Brooklyn (August, 3rd 2016)

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Welcome to this weeks NXT report and the road to NXT Takeover Back 2 Brooklyn is evidently narrowing and its time to set more matches for the event. One is set to be revealed for next week, but before we can get to that particular event, Women’s Champion Asuka looks to layout a full preview of domination as she battles Aliyah on this weeks episode, even being cunning enough to summon her future opposer Bayley to ringside.

Interviewing Bayley backstage is Andrea, reminding Bayley of just how she lost her championship to Asuka the last time they had battled in the ring. Bayley insists shes not the same person she was back then, and she ponders whether this is a bad thing, to which she feels it isn’t, and she knows shes being pushed and pushed and now its about adapting, and more mentally, for her upcoming challenge. Bayley makes it clear she has been watching Asukas in ring battles, and shes ready to take back the Women’s Title but before she can add to that statement, Asuka creeps into the segment, and with a short, simple statement. If Bayley thinks shes ready, then she can come watch. Asuka steps out, but not before clearly inviting Bayley to her upcoming match.

And Bayley does do as instructed, joining commentary for the said match, overseeing the entrances of Aliyah and the imposing Asuka. Before the match can happen, Asuka snatches a steel chair from ringside, placing it on the ramp and indicating with a gesture for Bayley to come down and get a closer aspect of her match. Bayley removes herself from commentary, but rather than obey Asukas order, she takes the chair and chucks it away. That doesn’t phase Asuka, and the bold NXT Women’s Champion turns her focus to the match as the bell rings.

Aliyah tries to keep up with Asukas pace, avoiding one kick from the hard hitting champion though eventually taking plenty. Asuka snapmares Aliyah, hitting her with a hard kick to the back while also temporarily staring out Bayley. Asuka stomps at Aliyah then trash talks, but this only fires up Aliyah who starts throwing fast forearms at her. Asuka comes back with forearms herself, having a whip reversed by Aliyah after, but regardless she turns this back into a running hip attack. Asuka continues the assault to Aliyah by the ropes with Bayley observing, and she applies a short choke to Aliyah on the ropes, eyes locked with Bayley at ringside. Asuka hits another running hip attack, this time to Aliyah who is still caught up on the ropes.

Asuka charges over to Aliyah in a nearby corner, but Aliyah blocks with both feet. Aliyah goes for a flying forearm but Asuka attacks midway and Aliyah crashes to the mat. Asuka goes for a cocky pin on Aliyah, but changes her mind by the count of two, hoisting Aliyah up slightly with eyes locked again on Bayley. A Series of Knees level Aliyah and Asuka eventually traps Aliyah in the Asuka Lock for the Submission Victory. She even tries to keep ahold after the bell is rung until Bayley darts to the ring. Asuka does not leave however, standing tall over both ladies with the championship in hand.

Moving away from this, the vignette that first aired last week finally reveals the identity of the superstar showcased as Ember Moon, formerly Athena, and the upcoming women’s wrestler makes her anticipated debut at NXT Takeover Back 2 Brooklyn.

(Bayley and Asuka Backstage Segment)

(Asuka vs Aliyah feat Bayley; Asuka Turns Heel)

(Ember Moon is Coming to NXT)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Was Ready for this weeks episode just to see what some in attendance were talking about, the transition of Asuka to a heel character. There is no doubt Asuka is a heel based on own mannerisms and how commentary put her over, and because they are building Bayley as the babyface underdog somewhat. Heel Asuka is a welcome surprise for the division at this rate since they haven’t built up any credible heel challengers with Nia and Alexa promoted and Billie Kay in the middle of being built it appears. Speaking of credible challengers, i sincerely hope Asuka retains at Takeover so her PPV matches aren’t all that her reign is remembered for, because Ember vs Asuka has Star Quality written all over it, and a backstory to add from the twos own past in the indies, and because if Bayley becomes Champion, Asuka losing in a rematch means losing momentum and possibly credibility unless they randomly went for a series of PPV matches to prove whose better, and though it does present Bayley vs Billie Kay as a future match up, WWE lose the chance of Athena/Ember vs Asuka for the Championship.

– Catherine


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