WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Becky Sees Red and Carmella Doesnt See An Invading Queen of Black Harts (August, 2nd 2016)

eva 776

eva 779


Welcome Wrestling Fans to this weeks Smackdown Report. Im aware this weeks episode report is pretty late but life situations have caught up with me into the midweek and onward but regardless lets talk all things going on with the women’s division of Smackdown as the aftermath of the recent returned WWE draft furthers.

Scheduled to take place on the episode is Eva making her main roster in ring return against the Lass Kicker Becky Lynch. Following boths entrances, it appears Eva may be having some trouble before their match can begin, limping towards the corner. Eva soon has the medical staffs attention as she “exposes” possible damages to her leg, and Miss All Red Everything is carted off, leaving Lynch not only dumbfounded but without a match.

In addition to short developments, a confrontation between an unhappy but boastful Natalya and main roster newcomer Carmella leads to an apparent singles match between them late in the show, apparent because just like Lynch’s, this match doesn’t happen either. As Carmella delivers her signature mid entrance promo, the Queen of Harts rushes down, clubbing an unsuspecting Carmella from behind and locking Cass and Enzo’s former valet in a painful sharpshooter.

(Becky Lynch vs Eva Marie)

(Natalya vs Carmella)

(Eva Marie on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Eva/Becky: Its the same argument for both women’s “matches” this week. Though we received neither, we have some nifty development that also features fresh women. Though Eva’s selling of the supposed injury did need some improvement in my opinion, its a classic way to draw more heel heat for her to the point of top heel and id like to see how she tries to avoid clashing with Becky in the coming weeks. Until or Unless a Women’s Tag is soon teased, then Eva is on the verge of her first proper singles feud, since they never did her vs Summer to a point.

Natalya/Carmella: As said in the last paragraph, despite no physical showcase in the ring, there’s again some developments featuring talent, including fresh talent. On a Perspective, Natalya is again in the role of readying to put someone over, and if it hadn’t been for her heel turn, Naomi would have taken the spot of brutalizing Carmella in some form instead, only without the assistance of Tamina. Again Until or Unless a Women’s Tag is suddenly built, then they could be building towards a storyline where Carmella seeks retribution against such a tough foe but even with Summerslam being a big show, there’s only so many match slots available that i expected both feuds, and an eventual Naomi and Alexa Bliss angle to merge into one unless they can fit Eva vs Becky separately just to further test the waters of a top run for Eva by having her go over to the audiences dismay at the event.

– Catherine


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