TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Odds are Slightly Stacked for the Soon Hall of Famer (August, 4th 2016)

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As this week of wrestling closes, welcome to this weeks IMPACT Report. In the Aftermath of knocking a former friend in Madison Rayne out of her business, TNAs Veteran Knockout and soon to be Hall of Famer Gail Kim continues her journey towards becoming a Six Time Knockouts Champion, and to attempt to derail this task is none other than long time rival Maria Kanellis-Bennett, as you will soon learn..

Gail impatiently hangs in the back awaiting confirmation of who she will face in the ring in order to get closer to Sienna’s Knockouts Title. It appears Allie has ideas of her own as to who Gail should be facing but an appearing Maria has other plans. After silencing the squeaky apprentice, Maria informs Gail that is does not matter who she faces because she will never reach the Knockouts Title. Allie backs her up on this but Maria becomes annoyed and thoughtlessly books Allie to face Gail before storming away from the scene, leaving both dumbfounded.

Before we get to this supposed singles match, we find that Rosemary has lead Bram to the place she had teased luring him to last week, and Bram is getting pretty freaked out by Rosemary randomly talking to invisible people. Bram’s excuses to try leave the scene don’t work with Rosemary, as she tries to keep her love interest at her side as she promises to talk her dark secret.

And we will have to hear what that was exactly because we head back to Florida to see that the Knockouts Match is about to get underway. Gail and Allie make their entrances before Maria reveals herself on the stage to the audience, overturning her own decision and summoning some support for Allie, in the form of the strong Knockouts Champion Sienna. The Said Match is Now a Handicap Match with Gail facing both Sienna and Allie.

Gail tries to grab Allie to start things off, attacked from behind by Sienna. Allie darts away from the ring, simply watching as the much stronger support hammers at Gail with several stomps. Sienna continuously chokes Gail, also summoning Allie to the ring to provide an assist, but Allie is massively hesitant. Releasing herself of Kim, Sienna heads over to Allie and force-ably tags her. Sienna instructs Allie on how to attack Gail, which Allie follows up, but after a series of kicks, Gail eventually gets herself back up, blocking one final one to Allie’s dismay. Gail easily shoves Allie to the mat, then heading to the ropes only to be kicked in the back by Sienna. Allie takes advantage of a tumbling Gail Kim being some distance away to dart over to Sienna and tag back in the Champ.

An Attack in the corner from Sienna is followed up with a running Samoan Drop. Sienna notices Allie getting all revved up behind the ropes, soon persuading the champ to tag her in to follow up her assault, which she does. Allie gets in one kick before hurrying back over to Sienna, tagging her back into the match. Sienna is visibly unhappy with this but focuses on targeting Gail nonetheless. Gail tries to make a comeback with some forearms before being sent back to the mat by the stronger opposition. Allie is again psyched at watching her partner dominate, looking to contribute by tagging in and scrapping her hands against the back of Gail, driving her head into the mat after before once again returning to the side of Sienna and tagging her in in the process. Sienna charges towards Gail in a corner, only to take a forearm from Gail. Sienna stalls a body-scissor by Gail, turning it into a wheelbarrow suplex to once again have control. Allie tags back in, looking to duplicate the strength of Sienna by trying to scoop her from the mat, with some instructions from Sienna again of course. However this falls flat and Gail crashes on top of Allie. Allie tries to reach to Sienna, knocking off an attempt from Gail to stall, and as the ref looks away and puts attention on Gail, Sienna sneaks Allie back in the heels corner, using this as a chance to tag back in and continue Allie’s work.

However, once shes tagged in, its Sienna taking the offense of Gail instead rather than vice versa. However this doesn’t last long as Sienna strikes with a forearm to the front of Gail, following this with a strong whip into an opposite corner. Sienna nails a running clothesline to the veteran against the corner before tagging Allie. Allie is again looking to duplicate the efforts of Sienna with an attempted corner splash that doesn’t connect when Gail sneaks out of the corner. Both Gail and Sienna are down following a double clothesline, but it doesn’t keep Gail down for too long. Gail notices Allie reaching to Sienna, elbowing Sienna off the apron. Its now Allie left to herself to deal with Gail, and Gail fires at her with rampant offense in the form of forearms and clotheslines. Gail shortly lays out Allie with a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring, and she readies for Eat Defeat until Sienna hits the ring, suddenly driving Gail to the mat by using her finishing move. Allie goes to cover, but is left surprised when Gail kicks out at two. Gail kicks Sienna away before Sienna attempts to run back in and make things easier for the dumbfounded partner, but Allie looks to utilize the ropes for an attack and runs into Sienna’s silencer maneuver initially to be used against Gail. Gail dropkicks the champ out of the ring then covers a fallen Allie to get the pinfall victory. Gail wins the match.

The Story this week also furthered between a Broken Matt Hardy and “Brother Nero” as Matt watched his nemesis of a brother compete in a match that would see his aerial moves useless. Despite being no part of the match, Matt weirdly tries being a part of it and inserts himself in to get the pin over Jeff’s opposition that would originally be intended for the babyface. Reby is, as expected, at ringside.

Sometime Later we return to get an update on the story of Rosemary and her old interest from the past. It appears this particular love interest may have gone on to do something that hurt her and in turn she made him aware she wasn’t “like other girls” and she went out of her way to curse him. Bram reacts to this confession as he reminds her that everyone gets their heart broken, and devastated at his reaction after finding it in her to confide in him, she loses control and Decay emerge to nab him and take him to a dark, secret location.

Knockouts Leader Maria re-emerges in the main event between Once Slammiversary Opponents EC3 and Mike Bennett, even attempting to assist Bennett by sneaking in a kendo stick, but it doesn’t go unnoticed and Maria is ejected to her dismay. If that couldn’t be any worse for her, her Hubby loses the main event to EC3, who now has the main title shot at Bound for Glory, facing either James Storm or Bobby Lashley.

(Gail Kim, Allie and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Backstage Segment)

(Rosemary and Bram Segment)

(Gail Kim vs Allie and Sienna; 2 on 1 Handicap Match)

(Jeff Hardy vs Chuck Taylor and JT Dunn feat Matt Hardy and Reby Sky)

(Mike Bennett w/ Maria vs EC3)

Thoughts On:
Handicap Match: It went on longer than i expected, though the match to me was of no particular interest. However im enjoying the character of Allie more every week, and though her annoying squeaky tone is the perfect trait for her as a heel, i cant help but ponder whether the consistent mistreatment of Allie from Maria is leading to some sort of face turn for her and transition into an actual athlete because as many will know, shes a full fledged wrestler despite whats being shown and i also wouldn’t be surprised if shes the next put over project for Gail, only remaining a heel until Gail possibly holds the title, possibly turning face if Sienna and Maria work together to go after it. This weeks episode still has me wondering whats even going to happen at Bound for Glory. It seems too evident that Gail is getting a match on top of her induction, possibly walking out on the night as champion, though we cant rule out Maria removing her cast and transitioning to a performer for the night, nor Madison being fully inducted into Maria’s squadron to try overshadow Gail rather than have another heel run ended so quickly.

Rosemary/Bram: I’m highly invested in Rosemary’s angle with Bram and glad to see it have some excess time, and since the spoilers give nothing (and since i believe this was the last taped episode before next weeks live episode, if not feel free to kindly correct) its going to be interesting to see where the direction of Bram’s character goes. Does Rosemary use potions like she did with “Johnny” to curse him? Does he become the next member of Decay and Actually Decay? Does he escape through some mystery help? Who will stand by him against Decay if so? Time will tell.

– Catherine


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