WWE RAW RESULTS: Stage Continues to be Set for The Biggest Party of the Summer….with Some Prior Cake Smashing (August, 8th 2016)

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Greetings All and Finally a Welcome to this weeks RAW Report. Believe it or not Summerslam is pretty close, just under 2 weeks away and while one match for the women is already finalized, there’s surely more to come (if Smackdown hinted anything but I’ll post about that another time). Regardless Sasha Banks, the current Women’s Champion, may have had a challenge presented before the bigger challenge, as she took on her upcoming challengers protege, Dana Brooke, with her chances of retaining at Summerslam possibly at stake if things weren’t to go the Boss’s way.

The Champ presents herself to RAWs GM in the back, interrupting a phone call between himself and the main-in-command Stephanie McMahon. He removes himself from his phone to engage in conversation with the Women’s Champ, asking what she requests. Sasha is aware she soon defends her championship against Charlotte (at Summerslam) but shes also aware that the odds are against her should Dana be present for this big match. Sasha adds they should just make her match at Summerslam a Handicap Match so she can have her eye on her, but Foley suggests that because everyone wants to see her facing Charlotte at Summerslam, that she can deal with Charlotte’s companion Dana tonight. To add to this, if Sasha was to go over Dana tonight, then Mick will bring in a stipulation at Summerslam that bans Dana from their match. However, if Dana manages to sneak a win then Sasha’s title defense at the show becomes a handicap match featuring Charlotte AND Dana. Sasha realizes the odds could be stacked against her but accepts, reminding Foley that luck for her isn’t needed before leaving the scene.

Sasha’s Match follows later in the show, as the title holding “Bo$$” of the Women’s Division makes her entrance. Dana follows, expectedly accompanied by Charlotte, who is, as said, the number one contender to Banks’s WWE Women’s Championship, a shot earned through pinning Banks last week in the opening tag match that also featured Chris Jericho and Enzo Amore. Speaking of Charlotte, her mind games from the very start seem to be working on Sasha, as she ends up distracted right after the opening bell by the former champion, allowing Dana to have the momentum to start off per a behind attack.

Sasha gets back on her feet, slapping Dana in the face once she does so, then arm dragging her following ducking a clothesline. Sasha executes flying double knees followed with the first pin attempt of the match, which Dana escapes at a count of one. Sasha continues her momentum as she runs Dana head first into a corner turnbuckle. Dana shoves Sasha away, stalling her comeback attack and dropping her against the turnbuckles to seemingly reverse momentum. Dana kicks at Sasha, followed with a number of forearms to the champ. Dana makes Sasha struggle for a bit as she applies a hold in the ring center, to the happiness of Charlotte of course. Sasha knees Dana in the midsection before wholly breaking free, then sending Dana to the ropes. Dana tries to fire a clothesline at Sasha, but misses, taken down by Sasha’s own clotheslines instead. Sasha also hits a dropkick, blocking a kick near instantly from Dana afterward, hitting the former champs protege with a knee that sends her stumbling towards the corner.

Dana uses her knees to throw off the upcoming corner splash by Sasha, then flooring the champ with a big clothesline. Dana tries to cover the fallen champ twice, both times getting near falls. Dana goes to pin once more, with Sasha escaping again, this time at a count of one. Sasha is viciously slapped by Dana but a rope spot later falls sour as Sasha ducks away from an attempted ringside attack from Charlotte, with Dana taking the hit instead. Sasha takes to the outside after knocking Charlotte to the floor, taking advantage of Dana’s position against the turnbuckles to hit with double knees. Rather than go into the usual submission, Sasha instead pins Dana and wins the match, thus Dana will not be allowed to be at ringside for Charlotte at Summerslam.

Following up from this match, we get a short vignette to promote the recently called up Nia Jax, who is hinted to be a threat to whoever leaves Summerslam as Women’s Champion. However Jax isn’t competing on the show as previously thought and may even be left off until the culmination of the Women’s Championship Match at the second biggest show of the year.

And in what could be one of the most talked about moments of RAW this week, Poor Lana’s post wedding celebrations with her brutish husband Rusev ended in humiliation. Not only was Rusev verbally embarrassed by his future opposition Roman Reigns, but a miscue lead to Lana being shoved head first into one of her very expensive wedding cakes. More Tears than Beers Flowing for the Hitched Couple.

(Mick Foley and Sasha Banks Backstage Segment)

(Dana Brooke w/ Charlotte vs Sasha Banks)

(Nia Jax Segment)

(Roman Reigns, Rusev and Lana Segment)

(Lana, Rusev and Mick Foley Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Dana/Sasha: As Much as i like both talents, and as good as it was to throw in the stipulation that made their mega repeated match more interesting, i couldn’t help but feel that due to last weeks momentum the match result was obvious and in favor of the babyface, plus the reports of Sasha vs Charlotte happening at Summerslam being reported long before the show even came into focus gave away that Dana was losing, and i wasn’t a fan of the miscue either, even though at the end of the day the spot had to be done and finished with in order to begin to further possible dissension between Dana and Charlotte. Sasha vs Charlotte now looks to be one of those clean singles type matches you expect from an NXT Takeover show, which is no problem whatsoever, but now that Dana is out of the scenario unless there’s a massive swerve next week, i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an immense post match stare-down between Nia and Sasha, and that may be why Nia wasn’t on the show this week as they want her next showcase to be against the top woman, though her power and intimidation would be more credible if she went over a main roster female first. The Problem is repeating the scenario of NXT where a loss to Sasha would kill any momentum Nia would already have if the angle was to take place, so the timing may already be off but lets see what happens.

Lana/Rusev/Roman: Its still weird to see Roman competing for a mid-card title, but i have enjoyed every encounter he and Rusev have had in the ring and elsewhere even prior to this angle so im heavily sold on this feud though i don’t want Rusev to lose at Summerslam as WWE seem to lose any creative ideas they have for him once hes title-less. Lana, Rusev and Roman were gold on this particular night and its great to see Rusev compete in the main event despite holding an established mid-card title, and can only hope one day hes holding the Universal Championship or WWE title (though they are now brand exclusives) because that run feels overdue and the League of Nations Mania angle needs erasing through pushing him to that level.

– Catherine


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