WWE NXT RESULTS: One Match Official, Another Coming for the Recently Stepped Up? (August, 10th 2016)

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While What is On the Mind for Some is the upcoming Summerslam Event, lets not forget what precedes it as NXT Takeover Brooklyn looms not this coming Saturday, but the following and on the night before Summerslam. Returning to Brooklyn will be Bayley, again fighting for the NXT Women’s Championship, but against a ruthless and undefeated competitor in Asuka, as per GM William Regals Request, the Match is Signed in another women’s related contract signing.

To Add, this opens the show as Regal stands by in the rings center, honored to introduce a Toughened Bayley and a Gold Holding Asuka. Once Both Ladies are in the ring, Bayley brings out some choice words before signing the contract. Bayley notes that ever since she stepped into NXT quite a few years ago, she has faced some of the most successful women to ever come out of it, name dropping Sasha, Nia Jax, Paige, Charlotte and Becky. During this time, she was noted to be the underdog of the division until she went over Banks last year at NXT Takeover Brooklyn, capturing the NXT Women’s Title for the first time. Bayley adds that the title Asuka now holds became a part of her, and if Brooklyn is the dream moment, then Dallas was the reverse, the nightmare that was her parting from the championship by submitting to Asuka. Bayley admits that back then she wasn’t ready for how tough Asuka was going to be as an opponent, but its a major difference now because she can tell Asuka dead in the eye that she is now ready to face her again.

Bayley backs up the claims further by assuring Asuka that the “mystique” that was her intimidating aura that produced fear, is gone, and shes going to walk into Brooklyn and out, and do something no one has done, and that is to beat her and become what no one else has become, a 2x NXT Women’s Champion. Bayley signs the contract, watched by Asuka, who is adamant that Bayley doesn’t have what it takes. Regardless of her belief, she respects Bayley and offers her hand, but Bayley doesn’t accept it, and as much as she respects Asuka, she cant help but remind her what happened when Jax left her lying after the last contract signing, and if she doesn’t want history to repeat itself, then she suggests that Asuka signs the contract for their upcoming fight. Asuka does as instructed and stares down Bayley while Regal confirms that Bayley will now challenge Asuka at Brooklyn. Asuka offers her hand once more as a sign of respect, but Bayley just walks off, shoving passed Asuka as she does so. Asuka seems to go for an attack but to no avail, regaining composure and just staring at Bayley, who returns to the ring for one more standoff. Asuka soon leaves, title in hand in what could be their last engagement before their showdown in Brooklyn.

But this isn’t all going on with the women on this weeks episode, as Billie Kay is set to further her recently found momentum as she battles Liv Morgan. Billie enters first, followed by Liv who gets a rather large pop from the full sail audience. When the bell rings, Liv and Billie begin with a lock up that Billie quickly releases herself from. They go to another lock up and Billie takes the momentum, turning the aggressive lock up into a side headlock. Liv sends Billie to the ropes, but Billie quickly comes back with an elbow to send Liv to the mat. Billie takes Liv back to the mat as she sends her over her shoulder after rolling away from potential offense, and she gets working on the left shoulder of Liv. Billie sends Liv to the ropes moments later, and Liv shoves Billie down to the mat on the way back. Liv uses her athleticism to avoid Billies offense a few times and a headscissor sends Billie towards a corner. Liv heads to the middle turnbuckle, only to have the next attack stalled by Billie, who drops her face first against the turnbuckle. Billie takes Liv down with a forearm smash and covers, but only gets a near fall.

Billie batters the back of Liv repeatedly, then follows this up by choking Liv against the nearby ring post with her foot. Billie takes Liv from the corner and slams her, this time getting a one count. Billie applies a hold of which Liv tries to break free from, to no avail. Billie reverts back to the hold but this time Liv gets to her feet, trying to throw off Billie with a few forearms. Billie looks to make a comeback but is clotheslined by Liv. Liv sends Billie face first to the mat, then monkey flips her out of another corner. Liv goes for a kick but it doesn’t connect and instead Billie shoves Liv to the ropes before planting her with a huge boot out of nowhere. Billie pins Liv and wins the match.

Theres also a third look at Ember Moon this week, who is, as mentioned, making her awaited debut at Brooklyn. Though an Opponent has yet to be revealed for the up and comer, but a recent tweet of a shirt design for the show (not sure whether its legitimate or not) suggests Billie will be the opposition.

(Asuka, Bayley and William Regal Segment)

(Liv Morgan vs Billie Kay)

(Ember Moon Promo)

Thoughts On:
Contract Signing: I Didn’t expect the contract signing to be the shows opener, but it was another good women’s segment, though i did prefer Nia’s last contract signing with Asuka to this one. Im having a hard time this week telling whether Asuka is heel, and whether her actions last week were just to amp Bayley up to “find courage” as her challenger so Asuka could be proud in defeat, and the handshake from a supposed now heel is rather confusing as well, though i do expect this would have been the said mind games of Asuka so maybe next week and Brooklyn itself will clarify things. Its nice to bring up Bayleys history as an underdog as a lot were clamoring for her to be pushed during the days of the BFFs and forward, but as lovable and as great a performer that Bayley is, i cant take her seriously as an underdog because she doesn’t need to be a 2x Women’s Champion. Revival, however, did since their first reign was ended so suddenly, but maybe Bayleys first was as well, but in this stage with the women’s division where so many women are waiting to take the spotlight, it just seems there isn’t belief there for Asuka to be the one to put over the up and coming but rather Bayley, which i don’t agree with. I’m thinking Asuka retains at Brooklyn to allow for Ember to be the next challenger, and Bayley takes the place of Becky and Charlotte back in the day, by being the one in Embers way and losing to her so Ember can gain contention like Bayley had defeated Becky and Charlotte to earn her status as a contender to Sasha prior to Brooklyn. That or Ember vs Bayley for the contendership spot does happen and Bayley does put over Ember then gets attacked following defeat by Billie who wants to establish herself as the next star while Bayley is in the way of her “potential greatness”. Considering how Alexa and Nia went out after facing Bayley, having no momentum but rather called up to the main roster because they may have had nothing else for them after losing to Bayley, lets not have this division take the Knockouts current route.

Billie/Liv: A Good Match between Billie and Liv as NXT looks to build an upcoming credible threat, or just someone to put over Ember Moon because of the amount of women they’ve lost through the recent draft, and i cant stress enough how talented Liv is considering shes still in an early stage as a performer. I’m not sure if the gimmick will remain or work, but something is needed to rocket Liv up to top status. I’m not sure if she will ever be champion or just another appreciated underrated performer, but she has so much potential as does Billie. Billie has took so long to reintroduce herself after putting many others over and is only just being allowed to show herself at a higher level, possibly getting her biggest outing at Takeover, so i can only hope NXT hold onto Liv and find something really good for her. I Do expect after seeing a recent tweet of a T Shirt for Brooklyn with Billie vs Ember on it (not sure if its legitimate) that a segment with Billie demanding a match because she feels shes the next top star in the division will lead to her getting a match at Brooklyn with Ember. Its Up in the air at the moment where the division goes after Takeover.

– Catherine


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