WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Becky Sees Red Again Facing Defeat Against “Smackdowns Hottest Star” (August, 9th 2016)

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Welcome All to the Smackdown Report, and its been said amongst fans this week that Smackdown delivered a better performance to this weeks RAW. I’ll let you all be the judge of that, but regardless a number of women were a focal point on the show this week as Eva Marie kept up her match avoidance antics, a very charismatic heel got a birthday treat and storylines got furthered. In Fact, there’s two matches on Smackdown this week so enjoy.

The First is the expected return of Eva Marie, who had avoided in ring competition the week before by supposedly suffering a hamstring injury that saw her carried off from the ring by medics. Eva faces her opponent from last week Becky, only this time she has another trick up her sleeve like the Mischievous Red Queen that she is as her top comes undone before the match can even start. Absolutely Humiliated, after being given a towel by an official, Eva darts to the backstage area and Becky is left opponent-less for another week running, or so thought…

As Becky voices her displeasure at Eva running off again, she summons out any woman from the back and out comes the Birthday Girl Alexa Bliss, warning the Lasskicker that she should be careful what she wishes for. She adds that shes Team Blues supposed hottest star, there to bring “Bliss” to Smackdown and nothing could be better to start things off than by challenging the first women’s draft pick standing by in the ring, that being Lynch. Alexa makes her way to the ring and the match gets underway during the commercial break.

When we return, Alexa is in much control of the match, with the audience vocally backing Becky as they watch her face be driven to the mat by Smackdowns Newest Heel. Alexa stomps on the back of Becky’s neck numerous times, then rolling her over for a pin attempt, only to get a near fall. Alexa doesn’t let up on the offense there as she chokes Becky against the ropes. Alexa sends her back to the mat, trying to pin again, but once more Becky escapes. After another failed attempt to pin, Alexa fires forearms to the defenseless Becky, trying to pin Becky again but to no avail as she gets a near fall result. Alexa reverts to a hold for some time after a mini lash out moment at the official, and Becky tries to escape after punching Alexa’s midsection but Alexa attacks back. Both ladies take to the ropes but Becky gets the upper hand with clotheslines, as well as a kick to also follow, adding a running forearm and exploder suplex from the corner. Before Becky can further that assault, Eva’s music plays and the Red Queen returns from the back, and her appearance is enough to massively distract Becky. Alexa attacks Becky from behind, drives her to the mat then nails Twisted Bliss off the top rope to get the pinfall victory. Alexa wins the match.

While Alexa celebrates this victory, newly promoted Charley Caruso speaks with Eva on the stage. Charley sees it gutting that Eva could not compete tonight, and Eva sees it the same way. Eva adds that she feels bad for Becky, and reminds everyone how she was also fully healed as well and that she rushed in the back to mend her top before returning to the stage, but Alexa beat her to it with the solid victory. Eva assures all not to worry anyway, as she will definitely step in the ring next week.

Also Looking to make an in ring debut on the night is Carmella, who had her own stalled following a sneak attack from the vicious Natalya, who will be her opponent. Changing up her intro promo, Carmella states that Natalya made a big mistake with her attack last week, and tonight she will return the favor as she will “Smack Her So Hard She Will Go Blind”. Before Carmella can finish up this promo, Natalya darts down the ramp, attempting to make lightning strike twice by trying to attack Carmella for the second time, but the “Hottest Chick in the Ring” already sees this coming. Carmella aims a load of forearms to Natalya then takes her to the floor before running her opponent into the ring. Carmella hits with more forearms inside the ring, separated eventually by the official, as the match hasn’t even started.

When the bell is rung, Carmella only continues from the past onslaught as she Lou Thesz Press’s onto Natalya, smacking her with a load of forearms, but before she can do much more, Natalya seeks solace behind the ropes, forcing distancing. Natalya begins her takeover, tripping Carmella into the second rope then sending her onto the mat. Natalya chokes Carmella against the ropes on the opposite side before attempting to pin the recently promoted competitor, getting the first near fall of the match. Natalya continues the assault as she takes Carmella to the mat via the snap suplex, and she hits a second one before stomping at the midsection of Carmella against a corner. Carmella tries to fight back with a kick that doesn’t do much as Natalya quickly turns momentum over by snapmaring Carmella. She keeps Carmella working as she applies a hold of which the Princess of Staten Island tries to battle out of, but to no avail. Natalya steps over Carmella, getting cocky with the official in turn, and as she keeps her back turned from Carmella, she ends up on the end of the babyfaces roll up, one that gets her a near fall.

Natalya sends Carmella down as quickly per a clothesline. Natalya continues to show disrespect towards Carmella with a cocky pin of which she escapes out of. Carmella shoves at Natalya, who doesn’t take kindly to this, and takes her into the rings center to apply an abdominal stretch following a forearm. Natalya knees Carmella in the midsection then drives her to the mat after whipping her into a huge discus clothesline. Natalya attempts to pin Carmella, leading to another near fall result. Carmella then reverses an attempt from Natalya to lock the sharpshooter, then tripping the Queen of Harts to the mat and leaving her in a decent enough position to lock in the Code of Silence. Natalya cannot fight back and taps out. Carmella wins the match.

(Becky Lynch vs Eva Marie; Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss Segment)

(Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch feat Eva Marie)

(Natalya vs Carmella)

(Eva Marie on Smackdown Fallout)

(Eva Marie on Talking Smack 09.33 – 16.27)

Thoughts On:
Becky/Alexa: An Enjoyable Match that could have been longer, but served its purpose in extending the Eva and Becky angle. Another Nag besides the match length was how scripted Alexa’s promo came across and how it feels like it holds her back a little bit, but other than that it was another show that was strong in showcasing the women, though a certain Naomi has yet to re-emerge in the fold. Also props to Eva, who is working well with her current character in possibly her most relevant main roster feud yet, and her mic skills have notably come a long way.

Carmella/Natalya: The More Notably Longer Match of the show with some back and forth momentum reversals and a story of putting over the next upcoming star that Natalya’s role seems to have been for the past few years. I Enjoyed it, but if i had to change anything its Carmella reverting back to her old intro promo as her current seems too drawn out and boastful so it doesn’t come across as babyface-ish as it should be. I’m Sure there’s no issue in changing up “The Most Fabulous Chick in NXT” to the same, but just with WWE on the end. Also Carmella may need an additional finisher/signature for the future because when one finisher doesn’t work, most women are known to pull out another, Nia Jax being a recent example.

– Catherine


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