TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY WORLD CUP RESULTS: Teams Vie for Ultimate Control with Fellow Knockouts Aside (July, 22nd 2016)

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Welcome All to the TNA One Night Only World Cup Report and admittedly i hadn’t tuned into this Pay Per View at all until earlier this week when the Knockouts (fresh) four way found its way onto the net. The World Cup follows simple rules, with Various Teams fighting for victory and for points, with the closest teams fighting it out in the culmination. So representing their captains of Eli Drake, James Storm, Jeff Hardy and Mike Bennett, Sienna, Madison Rayne, Jade and Rosemary battle it out in a Knockouts Fatal Four Way Match.

This Match doesn’t come without some engagement from particular Knockouts beforehand as Madison Rayne is interviewed backstage by JB. Rayne is representing Team Storm, and she makes it clear that she is aware whats at stake heading into the match, and to add shes the Queen Bee still, and has seen many Knockouts come and go trying to control, but the only way to control is to win. Madison knows Storm is depending on her to pick up a victory tonight, but before she can express her ability to gain that victory, Rosemary steps into the fray. Rosemary mocks Madison over her hopefulness, regarding the situation of how others are looking towards their queen for “Happiness” is sad. Rosemary adds that Anarchy, Chaos and Darkness is what they depend on and Team Miracle needs to win tonight, and they will use manipulation to destroy the souls of others, and the disappointment that will soon loom over Storm when Madison loses is almost satisfying to her. Madison is done hearing Rosemary talk, and finds it more satisfying to find the urge within her to shut Rosemary up. Rosemary just chuckles to herself and walks out of the interview area.

Following up a short segment with Bennett is the Knockouts Match and out comes Sienna first, representing Team Eli Drake, focused on the chaos she will unleash ahead rather than on the hilarious Team Captain trying to pull some comedic antics beforehand. Madison enters as the second Knockout and representing Team Storm, Jade third for Team Hardy and lastly Rosemary to represent Team Miracle. Once Rosemary completes her entrance, the bell rings and various Knockouts go at each other, Madison targeting Rosemary and letting her rage out for the earlier encounter and Jade at Sienna. Rosemary pushes Madison away, fleeing to the outside but Madison is quick to follow her out and continue the attack while Jade and Sienna go at it within the six sided ring.

While Madison hits Rosemary with forearms on the outside, Jade connects with a dropkick that doesnt level Sienna, who remains standing. Jade hits another, but Sienna remains standing again, additionally dodging a roundhouse from Jade. Sienna slaps the rival across the face to further provoke, and Jade fires back by nailing a hurricanrana to Sienna that sends her to a corner. Jade attempts a big boot a few moments later but misses as Sienna instead flees out of the corner. Sienna goes for a corner splash but Jade is as quick to dodge. Sienna returns to the middle of the ring to attempt a clothesline that she misses, but makes up for it with a sudden boot to Jade. Sienna and Jade roll out while Rosemary and Madison bring their scuffle to the ring. Rosemary rolls Madison inside the ring, quickly following behind her and she forces Madison up against a corner, hitting a load of forearms to the front of the multi time Knockouts Champ. However, a last misses and Madison takes advantage by executing a swift inziguiri from behind. Madison then chops Rosemary towards an opposite side of the ring, then hitting a clothesline while taking herself outside.

Before Madison can follow up that assault to Rosemary, Sienna re-emerges, sending Madison into the ring post to temporarily take her out of the equation. Sienna turns the focus back to Jade, rolling her back into the ring. Once back in the ring, Sienna shows off her pure domination as she sends down Jade with a big clothesline. Sienna whips Jade then herself and Rosemary work together to take Jade back to the mat. Rosemary then tries to pin Madison and to no avail with Sienna’s intervention, beginning a standoff between the two particular knockouts. Rosemary pulls the unsanitary move of licking Sienna’s face after some remarks are made towards her, before hitting an elbow to the back of Jade. Rosemary’s rage becomes a factor as she hits a number of forearms to the defenseless Jade who is grounded to the mat. Rosemary goes to cover Jade again but it only leads to a near fall.

Rosemary looks to one up Sienna’s work by imitating her own singular leg crab applied to Jade, locking it on the remaining leg of Jade. Madison clambers onto the back of Sienna to attempt something but gets sent over it. Madison recovers and climbs onto Rosemary instead to attempt a possible sleeper, but the veteran is thrown off again. Madison gets back on her feet and releases Jade from boths painful grip as she double dropkicks Sienna and Rosemary. Jade then knocks Madison a few feet away with a running basement dropkick, and she tries to overcome her own pain by trying to make it up the turnbuckles for the next move, but Sienna looks to prevent this as she attacks. Sienna seems to be readying a suplex off the turnbuckle but Rosemary yanks her off. After a forearm, Rosemary also tries to target Jade with her own move but Sienna recovers and comes back over, cheapshotting Rosemary. Sienna throws Rosemary away then heads back up the turnbuckles, but again Rosemary is looking to one up Sienna and attacks her again. Sienna and Rosemary continue to throw each other off their game until they agree seemingly to work together to deliver their attempted offense to Jade on the turnbuckles. Sienna and Rosemary work as a unit to deliver a double suplex to Jade onto the mat off the turnbuckles. Madison sneaks in, trying to take advantage of Jade taking the most damage to try and pin her, but the former Knockouts Champ escapes at the count of two. Madison crawls to Rosemary, looking to pin her but she gets the same result, not to mention on Sienna also.

Jade is first to properly make it to her feet, followed with Sienna. Jade blocks and ducks Sienna’s returning offense, slapping her before running the ropes. However, that proves dangerous to do as Sienna takes to the other ropes and delivers the silencer out of nowhere. Sienna celebrates this moment of momentum, right before stumbling into a sudden dropkick from Madison. Rosemary then sends Madison to the mat with the TKO (LeiD Tapa’s Finisher) but rather than pin, she stares out Jade, who has made it to her feet. Rosemary teases Jade into delivering some offense, so Jade does as instructed, in the form of an unexpected headbutt. Jade knees Rosemary then takes to the ropes, almost caught in the position for the second TKO by Rosemary, but instead Jade lands midway on both feet. Jade nails a kick to the midsection of Rosemary, followed with her finishing Package Piledriver, and she gets the winning pin right before Sienna could interfere. Jade wins the match, gaining the point(s) for Team Hardy.

Jade and Rosemary then returned for the main event elimination Match between Team Hardy and Team Miracle, with Team Hardy eventually winning when Jessie (Super Underrated) Godderz gets the surprising pin over Bennett in the final moments. Despite being in the opposite team, EC3 joined Jade and the rest of Team Hardy for their celebratory moment.

(TNA World Cup 2016 Opening Segment feat Maria, Jade, Rosemary, Madison Rayne and Sienna)

(Jade vs Sienna vs Rosemary vs Madison Rayne 06.40 – 20.19)

(Team Miracle vs Team Hardy Main Event Elimination Match 35.10 – 58.28)

Thoughts On This Match:
It was a Fresh Match showcasing particular Knockouts who never got a proper singles match (Sienna and Jade at Slammiversary being cancelled) and women who always aren’t a part of the ring competition wise (Rosemary) and A Woman who can make any competitor look good (Madison) so its a winning formula. Sienna and Rosemary’s interactions were pure Gold and Sienna has much personality to show that we don’t get to see much of on IMPACT and i love Rosemary using the TKO, which many of LeiD Tapas opponents sold to perfection back in the day. Since ONO PPVs don’t hold much matter wise with victories anyone could have come out with the victory there but i liked the idea of it going to Jade. PS if anyone saw or sees the opening segment, it is worth the time just for the EC3/Bennett interactions alone because you can tell they had legitimate fun filming that.

– Catherine


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