TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Jades Former Partner Stands in A Veterans Path to Sharing the Record (August, 11th 2016)

gail kim 1136

maria 118

mia yim 197

Welcome All to a rather late pre RAW Report from this past weeks TNA IMPACT. This recent episode began a whole new set of tapings with some changes afoot and some not so much, but regardless there seems to be a change in target for Marti Belle as the former Dollhouse member attacks Gail Kim at the orders of still Knockouts Leader Maria Kanellis-Bennett, leading to the two going head to head in the six sided ring.

This comes after Gail confronts Maria over her constantly rough treatment towards Allie, and of course out of revenge, Maria looks to further tarnish the legacy of Gail Kim by assuring a loss for her by booking her against an opponent shes sure will deliver the final moment in Gail’s quest to regain the Knockouts Title. Maria tells Gail this particular match would be a No Disqualification Match, and the opponent is revealed as Marti following a behind attack from the former Dollhouse member.

Marti heads to the ring for the No Disqualification Match, followed by Gail, who is sure to want revenge after the cowardly backstage attack. Of Course Gail is selling the after effects of Marti’s attack but manages to fend off Marti who tries to attack her on the ramp before the bell can even be rung. Gail sends Marti face first into the apron before being provoked by an emerging Allie. While Allie tries begging for mercy from the Hall of Fame Bound Knockout, Marti takes advantage and kicks Kim from behind. Marti then rolls Gail back into the ring and the bell is rung, finally signalling that the match is underway.

Having the momentum currently, Marti strikes with a load of forearms to a defenseless Gail, following this with a couple of suplexes and a Side Russian Leg Sweep as Allie observes at the side of Maria at ringside. Marti doesn’t let up on the ferocity as she continuously stomps on the back of Gail against a corner. Marti kicks and chokes Gail against the same corner, though any momentum she appears to have may wither as she misses a corner splash. Gail scores a high kick to Marti in retaliation, followed with her own corner splash. Gail readies the next attack on the apron but again Allie is providing an assist for Marti, allowing for Marti to strike Gail. Gail then crashes to the floor. Heading to the outside, Marti drives Gail into the apron, giving her a load of trash talk before whipping her into the nearby steel guardrail. Marti sends Gail back to the ring and sets up for the pedigree, but Gail breaks free of her clutches and readies Eat Defeat, but Marti throws off the attempt. Both hit a forearm to one another and end up crashing at certain sides of the ring. Gail gets to her feet and avoids an attempted clothesline from Marti, fighting back with a short arm clothesline. A Clothesline and forearm follows this up, and there’s another forearm to follow that as Gail attempts to block Marti’s attack to her in the corner. Gail hits the flip cutter off the middle turnbuckle to Marti, sending both women down. Gail goes for the first pin attempt of the match and gets a near fall.

Furious at seeing momentum return to the side of Gail, Maria attempts to get involved with her rival again and clambers to the apron. Pushing her to the mat with force, Maria then demands Allie to hit her with a baton inside the ring, but the squeaky voiced apprentice is much nervous at doing so. Allie tries to attempt to do as instructed, but by time she turns to face Gail, the Veteran is already blocking the baton from being used, and she throws Allie into Marti. Allie rolls away and Gail executes a small package to pin Marti and win the match. This victory celebration for Kim however is short lived when Maria demands Allie to assist in an attack to Gail after the match with Marti. Jade eventually clears the ring of them all, frustrating Maria to the point where she forces Jade to compete against Gail next week.

(Gail Kim, Allie, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Marti Bell Backstage Segment; Gail Kim vs Marti Bell; No Disqualification Match feat Allie, Maria and Jade)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though it had the fresh element of putting Gail against an opponent she has barely faced or not faced at all one on one (Marti) i cant help but feel that no matter what TNA does to make Gail appear to be the underdog, that the whole road to the Knockouts Title angle is coming across predictable. However, i enjoyed the fact that while no weapons were used, that the stipulation actually had reasoning with the execution of Maria forcing Allie to use Marti’s baton on Gail and how its furthering another angle at the same time. TNA clearly know how good a wrestler Allie is and aren’t waiting much longer to expose her talent outside of the role that shes currently acing, so lets hope they don’t lose the ability to expose other interesting characters in the division considering the Bound for Glory Match is set in stone as what we all knew it would be.

– Catherine


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