WWE RAW RESULTS: Last Ditch Effort In the Proving Ground To Keep Superiority (August, 15th 2016)


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Greetings Folks. Its Time for the RAW Report as Corpus Christi, despite being struck by a pretty nasty storm a short time before, paved the way for the last RAW before Summerslam, and Lightning couldnt stop the show from going down. So with all storylines to be enacted, we saw Nia Jax return to the spotlight to destroy another unlucky woman and Dana Brooke looking to avenge Charlotte over last weeks mistake, looking to help the aggravated former champion get the last moment of momentum. How did this all go down exactly? You’re about to find out…

But first RAWs GM Mick Foley Summoned Back Stephanie McMahon to deal with an infuriated United States Champion Rusev and his equally furious wife Lana in RAWs Opening Segment, this anger understandable as Lana was left humiliated after trying to celebrate her wedding vows on last weeks RAW, only to be caked (literally) in cake thanks to a miscue during an attempted brawl between Rusev and his newest challenger Roman Reigns. In a questionable move, this lead to Rusev facing Reigns in a match right before Summerslam, only this time to defend Lana’s honor, whatever that may mean..

And before we can see the latest developments in the pairing of Dana and Charlotte, Nia Jax returns to the RAW Ring this week to showcase her dominance once more, against another local wrestler in Delilah Doom, billed on the particular stage as Rachel Levy. Levy is interviewed beforehand in the ring by Saxton, and shes adamant that she can follow Team USA in the Olympics in regard to being able to do anything she can put her mind to, as to be able to bring down Nia Jax. She further perks herself up before Saxton takes himself out of the ring to allow the women’s match to get underway.

Nia is already in control when the bell rings as she easily swings Levy to another side of the ring. Levy attempts to leap herself up to a height while trying to deliver forearms but is scooped up by Nia. She positions the merciful opponent on the ropes before pushing her all the way down to the floor. Levy takes a while to recover, but Jax doesn’t wait for a count-out victory and heads outside, collecting Levy and sending her back into the ring. Nia slams Levy in the center of the ring and pins her for the win. Nia wins the match.

Its a lot later when we are greeted with the presence of Charlotte backstage, midway through her warm up. Dana steps over to Charlotte to apologize for last week, for her loss now means she cant be at her side at Summerslam. Charlotte understands her apology supposedly, and how Dana was trying her best to do anything for Charlotte as she was much inspired by her, and because she didn’t want to lose the spotlight. Dana seems happy by Charlotte’s reaction, until Charlotte questions why she went and lost when it mattered the most. Dana tries to throw off Charlotte in order to further the apology but gets silenced. Charlotte tells the once protege this isn’t their spotlight, but rather her own, and once shes cleared through Banks at Summerslam, she ponders whether she can find someone with the help of Stephanie McMahon that isn’t an “epic failure”. Dana looks upset as Charlotte mocks her upon noticing this before leaving her by her lonesome.

Charlotte battles Alicia Fox in singles action on this weeks show, with Sasha joining the commentary table (now by the stage) to observe. Dana is left backstage per the little fallout thus Charlotte competes alone. Once the bell rings, Charlotte and Fox lock up, leading to Charlotte using her strength to push Fox to the corner. Charlotte releases herself from Fox then taunts before going for a forearm in the corner, but missing when Fox swiftly moves away from the corner. Charlotte fights back with a kick to Fox, before attempting to send her into the corner turnbuckles, to no avail when Fox uses her foot advantageously. Alicia forearms Charlotte then attempts a roll up on the former women’s champion, but she only gets a one count. Alicia doesn’t lose momentum there, firing dropkicks at Charlotte, and the offense that follows gets her close enough to a three, but a near fall result nonetheless. Alicia attempts to grab Charlotte’s hair but is thrown to the ropes, and Charlotte executes some stomps before whipping Alicia into another corner. Charlotte’s attack doesn’t connect there when Alicia forearms her, but as Alicia scales the turnbuckles, she takes a forearm from Charlotte before being swept off there completely. After the near fall, Charlotte hits Natural Selection out of nowhere for the pinfall victory. Charlotte wins the match.

But Charlotte’s celebration is short lived, as she instead decides to summon Banks off the commentary table and to the ring. Sasha is far from hesitant and storms down there, before Dana runs down, attempting to club Sasha from behind but failing. Charlotte, however, takes advantage of Brooke’s assist to chop block Sasha’s leg then lock in the Figure Four on Sasha, getting the last lot of momentum before Sundays Huge Show.

And as mentioned, Lana would be back for the main event as her Husband Rusev battled his Summerslam Opponent in a Giveaway Match (because its questionable as to why they would do the Summerslam Match as a Non Title Version before the Event itself) where Rusev would have the chance to defend his wife’s honor and make up for last weeks misery. Unfortunately for him, he was pinned clean by a hard fought competitor in Reigns, and who knows what this means for Lana if there’s any requirements in the stipulation…

(Lana, Rusev, Mick Foley, Stephanie McMahon and Roman Reigns Segment)

(Nia Jax vs Rachel Levy)

(Charlotte and Dana Brooke Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte vs Alicia Fox; Sasha Banks on Commentary feat Dana Brooke)

(Roman Reigns vs Rusev w/ Lana; Non Title Match)

Thoughts On:
Nia/Levy: A Simple Squash Match again but different in execution with the outside bump, and finding a wrestler who sold it 100% like Rachel (Delilah Doom) did. I’m not familiar with Rachel’s ring work but she did really well in making Nia look strong, and as i randomly brought up during the show last night, i wouldn’t mind seeing WWE bring in Veda Scott to fare up against Nia. I think its on the cards for Nia to be Sasha’s next challenger but if so this makes me question her legitimacy as she has yet to defeat an established force/competitor in the division, and she shouldn’t have to take so many losses and try to rebuild each time like back at NXT with Bayley and Asuka.

Charlotte/Alicia: First of all, welcome back Foxy. As Much as i believe the enhancement/put over role for Alicia is going to be permanent for the rest of her tenure, there’s no doubt Alicia does a good job doing it. The ring-time given to both was, however, rather disappointing and the finish felt rushed but we cant forget how long the main event went on. I Did like the backstage segment to bring back to light the potential issues between Charlotte and Dana, and i do see Dana’s attack angle to Sasha being her last attempt to persuade Charlotte that shes a decent protege willing to do anything to share the spotlight beside her, so on RAW if Charlotte comes out not as Champion, Dana can blame Charlotte for that, and wholly her since Dana will have no influence on the outcome expectedly. But i do expect the Dana/Charlotte angle to begin Monday (though im worried how long Dana as a possible babyface will work for) with a possible women’s championship rematch or Sasha moving forward to Nia in a Gail/Kong type storyline.

– Catherine


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