Cattie’s Catch Up: The Bella Twins vs Victoria and Michelle McCool (January, 9th 2009)

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Welcome One and All to this weeks edition of Cattie’s Catch Up and Notably One Day Clear of this weeks aired Women’s Evolution Documentary, which looked specifically at the moments between the Women of the WWE heading into this years Huge WrestleMania Pay Per View. While various women were credited for contributing to the evolution in WWE, a certain era seemed amiss as WWE inexplainably skipped explaining the era of when the likes of Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool and Eve Torres (amongst others) ran the division, and it was from 2006 – 2012 that Women tried to fight to put on decent matches in order to show their in ring ability to an all new level, with Michelle McCool (who had an amazing match with Melina at Night of Champions 2010) even mentioning that she had to redo a match with Victoria once because it “looked too good”. I Can only assume that was in reference to the twos match on Smackdown in 2009 in what served as Victoria’s last match with the company, but regardless lets see what built up to that match shall we?

Michelle, who had transitioned to a heel at the end of 2008 by attacking Maria after losing her divas championship to Maryse in a match of which Maria officiated, went into 2009 attacking other women she once had partnerships with, including Eve Torres and Victoria. Victoria, who some of you may also know as Former TNA Knockouts Champion Tara, was laid out by Michelle following the twos loss to the up and coming, now fully evolved and positively critiqued talents, the Bella Twins on the January 9th episode of Smackdown. This lead to Victoria facing Michelle a week later, ultimately losing as Michelle’s soon to be dominant run furthered, and in turn, she announced she would be leaving the WWE. Victoria was indeed immensely talented, having some memorable matches during her time with WWE, but lets not forget Michelle’s reigns as she transitioned to heel status from 2008 onwards, which WWE barely seemed to acknowledge on this weeks documentary piece.

– Catherine


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