TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Shenanigans Cancel One’s Road to Glory….But for How Long? (August, 18th 2016)

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It was Destination POP for another week as the pre Bound for Glory episodes continue on, and speaking of continuation, this week saw the road to Gail Kim’s Championship hopes take a leap further, but with a certain rival manipulating with her own power, can the veteran soon to be Hall of Famer One Up Her Own Ally Jade cleanly and challenge for the Knockouts Title currently in the hands of Sienna at Bound for Glory?

Speaking of Jade, the Opponent of Gail Kim is in the back with a more quieter Allie and the vengeful Knockouts Leader Maria, who Jade made clear to weeks ago that she wanted no part in getting in the way of Gail’s championship hopes. Maria boasts about how Jade will be the reasoning that Gail has the “worst night of her life” and envisions this loss herself, but Jade questions whether Gail will lose, because she wont even have to win because Jade refuses to play by Maria’s rules. Maria is aware of the respect shared between Jade and Gail Kim, but this particular night wont be about respect, but about control and if Jade needs motivation to compete against Kim, its the fact that if she falls to Gail tonight, she will never ever challenge for the Knockouts Title again. Jade stays mute while Maria rudely directs Allie to Kim to summon her for her match, then standing up to the Knockouts Leader once her perky assistant leaves the scene. Jade hasn’t anything to say, but she does feel like whooping Maria’s ass but Maria stops her right there, telling her to take her frustrations out on Kim in tonight’s match.

Heading to the match first is Knockouts Veteran Gail Kim, and her road to redemption and championship glory is further highlighted in a mid match pre taped segment where Gail speaks on being aware of facing Jade, and how she has much respect for her, enough to say she is the future of the division, but she knows she has to get through Jade to get to the Knockouts Title, a title thats important to her but not as much as getting her hands on the villainous Maria. Gail fearlessly warns Maria from the cameras view that she will go through every Knockout possible, and that she will need to watch out. Moving back to present time, Jade makes her entrance to compete against her fellow babyface.

Jade and Gail kick off their match with a lock up, leading to Gail taking Jade to the mat. Jade quickly recooperates to return to her position, and after exchanging grins, the two lock up again, this time with Jade using her power to shove Gail away. Gail recovers to lock up with Jade again, applying a hammerlock that Jade tries cartwheeling out of until Gail applies some more pressure. Gail forearms Jade once then has a whip reversed. Gail uses the impact of hitting the ropes to bounce back and take Jade down with a running forearm. Jade kips up, to Gail’s surprise and the veteran misses a clothesline to Jade, who sends her for a whirl courtesy of a hurricanrana. Jade chops away at Gail in a corner before the veteran comes back by throwing Jade against the ring post. Its there that Gail duplicates the earlier offense of Jade, with chops executed to the front of Jade, which doesn’t go without some WOOO Chops to no surprise. Jade mimics Gail’s offense by throwing her back to the same corner and hitting chops, only faster than her previous. Jade delivers kicks, chops and knees to Gail in the near center of the ring, and pulls a page out of Balors Book before attempting to pin Kim, getting a near fall.

Jade teases a German Suplex but Gail uses the nearby ropes to hold on and not force herself off the mat. Gail then sends Jade down to the floor, then heading to the outside to deliver a kick to Jade from behind the ring post. Gail then scales the apron and goes for a diving crossbody, but midway through tumbling, Jade finds her grip, forcing herself upward with Kim in hand. Jade seems to ready a Fallaway Slam but has Gail crash onto her instead, but not before a counter through the use of Jades knees forces more pain onto Gail. Once somewhat recovered, Jade rolls Gail back into the ring, looking to set up a package piledriver before being tossed over the shoulder of Gail. Jade and Gail trade forearms sometime later, but Gail gets the upper hand. Gail executes a Tilt-a-whirl headscissor followed with a clothesline and that with the follow up offense only gets Gail a near fall.

Gail gets back on her feet, quickly heading up the turnbuckles and going for another crossbody, only this time Jade evades. Jade takes advantage of Gail’s fallen state to go for a moonsault off the second rope but Gail rolls away and Jades body meets the mat. Gail tries rolling up Jade and gets another near fall. A Roundhouse from Jade sends Gail stumbling over to the second rope, and Jade goes for the next move only to have it countered by Gail. Both are caught in a small package and on top of Earl, who is struggling to count but they eventually notice. Jade makes it to her feet and goes for a scissor kick but Gail dodges, hitting with Eat Defeat but as she goes to pin, Sienna emerges from the backstage area and pulls Gail out of her pin attempt. Sienna lays out both Jade and Gail and Maria then appears on the ramp to announce that since the match result was via Disqualification (more or less) Gail is nothing more than a loser and will never challenge for the Knockouts Title again.

(Maria, Allie and Jade Backstage Segment; Gail Kim vs Jade feat Sienna and Maria)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though the match again did not surpass or even reach ten minutes, this weeks match showcased the competitiveness that makes Gail’s quest feel believable because though it could turn out predictable, it wasn’t as much this week as it has been in Gail’s recent matches. I Loved Jades outside spot to Gail and her pulling a Balor type move also, not to mention that middle rope moonsault. Maria, again, is doing an excellent job as a heel, and TNA utilized Sienna well on this occasion, not only just by using her, but by establishing her strength and power that is a main trait for her as Knockouts Champion.

– Catherine

One Response to “TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Shenanigans Cancel One’s Road to Glory….But for How Long? (August, 18th 2016)”
  1. Jade looked so scary at the end of the backstage segment, I loved it! They should make her a silent, almost psycho Knockout like Asuka or someone since personality is not her strong point.

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