WWE NXT RESULTS: A Battle Between the Present Looms, But Not Without A Battle Between the Divisions Future Athletes (August, 17th 2016)

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Greetings All and welcome to a Pre NXT Takeover Report on this weeks NXT, and the last episode before the massive event provides a look in on the various feuds that are to come to blows at Takeover, including the impending rematch between Asuka and Bayley, and as we focus on that particular gen, we get a glimpse at who may be entrusted with the ability to carry the next generation of wrestlers in NXTs Women’s Division, as Alexa Bliss and Carmella return for the night to lead Liv Morgan, Nikki Glencross, Daria and Mandy Rose into battle in Six Woman Tag Team Action.

But before we get to that, Billie Kay strides into William Regals office as he looks to put over the Upcoming NXT Takeover, wanting to be on the show due to her recent wins and exposure on Smackdown sometime ago. Regal agrees with this, but puts her against a tough opponent, in the form of the debuting Ember Moon.

Moving ahead, we have the Six Woman Tag Team Match, and respective sides are shown warming up beforehand. Entering first is the babyface side, and with separate entrances, Liv Morgan, Nikki Glencross (Scottish Wrestler and Former Pro Wrestling EVE Champion Nikki Storm) and Carmella, then for the heels, Daria, Mandy Rose (with much excitement from Corey Graves) and Alexa Bliss. Glencross, far from a rookie due to her several year wrestling background, starts off against Alexa.

Nikki tries to open with a clothesline to which Alexa ducks and she looks to have control early as she tosses Nikki to the mat. Alexa continuously taunts Nikki but pays the price eventually as Nikki performs a reversal in a whip attempt, then sending Alexa to the mat, and the look of frustration on Alexa couldnt be anymore obvious. Nikki blocks Alexa’s offense then has her whip reversed. Nikki floats over in the corner then performs a crossbody in the middle of the ring. This gets her a two count on Alexa, and in turn she has the first near fall of the match. Nikki quickly dropkicks Alexa, but before she can bring more damage to Alexa, the heel rolls out of the ring. Alexa temporarily regroups on the outside with Mandy and Daria at her side before eventually climbing back into the ring. Nikki is soon striding over to Alexa, but is only feet away when Alexa tags in Daria. Daria, a previously trained MMA Fighter and Tough Enough Contestant, removes her gloves to signal the beginning of combat with Glencross as we come to a commercial break.

When we return, we see that Liv has made the tag and has Daria caught in a side headlock against the mat. Daria pushes Liv to the ropes, releasing her grip of the blonde, who uses her flexibility to avoid a clubbing blow from behind the ropes from Alexa. Liv deals with Alexa before running into a big fist from Daria. Despite it sounding painfully wounding, it only gets Daria a one count on Liv. Daria drags Liv into the heels corner, tagging back in Alexa Bliss. Alexa proceeds to stomp on the back of Liv’s neck while Mandy provides some outside trash talk. Liv is again finding the strength to kick out at the count of one as she does with Alexa’s follow up pin attempt.

Alexa holds up Liv for a small amount of time before tagging in Daria, who gives Liv a kick in the midsection. Daria knees Liv in the same area then tags in Mandy, who will now have her first in ring showcase. Mandy proceeds to elbow Liv before snapmaring her from her own corner, and she sends her knee into Liv’s back to follow this. Mandy rolls over Liv before Liv can break out of a Leg Grapevine, but once more Liv escapes a pin attempt at the count of one. Before turning the focus back to Liv, Mandy forearms Glencross off the apron, missing Carmella who ducks from it. Mandy hits a big knee to Liv but again its a one count result. Mandy takes Liv over to the heels corner, sending her head first into a turnbuckle before Daria is tagged back in, returning to the match.

Daria ruthlessly drags Liv out of the corner and hits her with a series of knees, whipping her into one final one. This appears enough to get a near fall on Liv. Liv finds her way into a body-scissor from Daria, attempting to send her shoulders onto the mat for a pin attempt, which results in a one count and in Liv still struggling in Daria’s hold. Liv is near choked out by Daria but takes her shoulders to the mat again, this time scoring a near fall and in turn, breaking free from Daria’s grip. Daria sends down Liv before she can potentially reach over to Carmella. Daria takes Liv over to the heels corner and Alexa tags back in, hitting Liv with a knee and maintaining the heel sides control. Despite missing an elbow drop, Alexa gets to her feet and tries to stop Liv from reaching to Carmella, only this time Liv nails an inziguiri to split herself from Bliss and tag in the Princess of Staten Island. Mandy has tagged in on the heel side, taking clotheslines from the fired up Carmella, as well as an atomic drop after attempting to go for Daria and Alexa. Carmella drives Mandy into her foot, placed against a turnbuckle before executing a head-scissor. Carmella nails a superkick to Mandy, but this only gets a one count per the interference by Bliss. Nikki clears off Alexa, taking a huge spear from Daria, leading to both ladies spilling outside. While that goes on, Mandy goes into a Jack Knife Pin Attempt, only for it to be reversed into Carmella’s submission after a count of two. Mandy soon submits to Carmella’s named Code of Silence and Carmella, Nikki and Liv win the match.

(Billie Kay and William Regal Backstage Segment)

(Bayley vs Asuka NXT Takeover Promo)

(Daria Berenato, Mandy Rose and Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Glencross, Carmella and Liv Morgan)

Thoughts On This Match:
Outside of Billie Kay’s recent matches, we now have another fresh outlook on the Women’s Division with fresh faces. Arguably, they could have been pre-introduced in backstage promos to build the match but it also left it as a big surprise, with Alexa and Carmella taking the leadership/veteran roles. Though Nikki’s ring time wasn’t as long as the others, her exchange with Daria was well done and makes me hope much for a singles match between the two, especially since Daria can learn so much from Glencross due to her own wrestling experiences over the years. I Also Like how Nikki didn’t get a lot of ring time because that way they didn’t make it all about her because shes a well known indy wrestler, like how they did with Asuka, but that doesn’t mean that wont happen in the near future, because her accolades and experience will play into a push eventually. Liv is again leaps and bounds ahead and continues to impress and seems to be a permanent babyface than switching purposefully for enhancement matches, and Daria was very impressive, and in my (non-biased) opinion, has a character rare in a women’s division, that of a fighter/brawler with a UFC/MMA Type Look, and a character as rare as that cant have chances lost on it as WWE could look at it in a Heel Version of Miesha Tate type of way, so if they go that route, Daria could easily be a top heel in the near future. Mandy’s quickness and execution of moves needs a little work but there will be many more matches for her, and if anyone has seen her Live Event Match with Alexa Bliss, she is capable of much more and is already at a certain level. Though no longer on Total Divas, i hope the Full Sail Crowd don’t give her go away heat as they did with Eva Marie or accuse her of being there for fame or because she only “looks good”. Luckily the only Eva Marie type of reaction she is getting is off Corey Graves, but i hope this doesn’t distract enough that it takes focus away from showcased in ring ability, but i must admit, Corey was hilariously funny, even if the two (Mandy and Eva) don’t really need a comparison. To Sum up everything in a few words, Daria and Liv definitely had the best in ring showcase in this match, and i was overall impressed.

– Catherine


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