WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Mrs All Red Everything Leaves Many Frustrated Heading into Summerslam (August, 16th 2016)


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Greetings All and welcome to this weeks Smackdown report, and for another week running the women have been causing a stir on the Smackdown Brand through showcasing their individuality, and these particular individuals get to mix it up in a tag team match on this weeks episode, not to mention we also get the return of Naomi!!

But first the A List couple of Maryse and Miz grace all with their presence for another highlight worthy MizTV featuring two combatants at this weeks Summerslam, the Number One Contender to the WWE Championship Dolph Ziggler and the Lunatic Title Holder Dean Ambrose. Safe to Say Dolph could be on the verge of reinventing his bad boy character after that shot to Ambrose in the closing moments. Oh and While Miz was venting in the Commercial Break, he got a beat-down from his own challenger for Sunday, Apollo Crews. (Because Angles during a Commercial Break establish an Up & Comer Apparently)

Moving forward and Naomi returns as the opposer to Eva Marie in the first of two women’s matches of the night. Finally making an awaited in ring return, Naomi has a new gimmick as the newly rejuvenated babyface and remixed entrance music. However the Poor Athletic Competitor is left to revel in the fact she isn’t competing as scheduled as it is revealed during Eva’s hyped up entrance that the Red Queen is facing “traffic issues” and in turn the delayed Leader of the Red Nation offers her apologies…

Its not too long later as we get the tag team match advertised as Alexa Bliss and Natalya join forces to face the babyface unit of Carmella and Becky Lynch. Carmella is already in the ring, as is Nattie and Bliss, while Becky gets a whole entrance. Becky’s entrance doesn’t come without a recap of her loss from last week, pinned by Bliss no thanks to the shenanigans executed by Eva Marie, who avoided competing with Lynch that same night to only perform her entrance later in the night to cause a distraction for the Lasskicker. Natalya will start the match against her current rival, Carmella.

Natalya takes Carmella to the ropes, eventually leading to the referee demanding restraint. Carmella looks to fend off Nattie as she hits with a forearm, in fact more than one, before sending the Queen of Harts for a spin courtesy of a spinning head-scissor take-down. Carmella pushes Natalya to the ropes then heads to the ropes herself, only to charge into a sudden discus clothesline by her vicious rival. Natalya taunts Becky, missing however a chance to attack her but resuming focus on Carmella moments later, taking her from the mat and to the heels corner, allowing Bliss a tag. Natalya assists Alexa in tossing Carmella to the mat before allowing the charismatic sidekick to take charge.

After cockily sending Carmella face first to the mat, Alexa stamps on the back of Carmella’s neck numerous times, driving her face into the mat multiple times as she does this. Alexa goes for her first cover, her first pin attempt of the match and gets a near fall on Carmella. Carmella looks to split herself from Alexa as she hits with the Jawbreaker, and both women tag the respective partners in, Natalya and Becky. Becky runs in, avoiding offense from Nattie while also clubbing Alexa. Becky sends Natalya into Alexa before nailing a springboard sidekick to both of them. Becky works on taking down Natalya with more offense, including her fiery running elbow to Natalya in the corner followed with the exploder suplex. Becky attempts to cover Nattie there, but gets a near fall.

Natalya tries to take over with kicks and forearms to Becky in retaliation, and her attempt to whip her doesn’t do much in terms of bringing damage to Becky herself, but rather to both as they are sent down via a double cross-body. As both ladies are laid against the mat, the familiar entrance music of Eva hits and the Red Queen re-emerges after her “traffic nightmare” to grace the booing crowd. However, this doesn’t come without intervention from an outside source, as Naomi, frustrated from Eva avoiding an in ring clash earlier, emerges from the back, chasing her around the ring. As Naomi heads inside the ring to continue the chase, Natalya comes to the aid of Eva and sends Naomi to the floor. However, may it be remembered the match is still going on, and Becky counters a roll up attempt by Nattie into the disarmer. The Queen of Harts is soon tapping and Becky and Carmella win the match, celebrating with Naomi also.

Its announced not so long later that Eva will join Alexa and Natalya to face Naomi, Becky and Carmella at Summerslam. However Eva’s position in that match remains in major jeopardy as Today she was suddenly suspended from WWE for a wellness policy violation, details unknown at the time like Paige’s…

(MizTV feat The Miz, Maryse, Dolph Ziggler and WWE Champion Dean Ambrose)

(Eva Marie vs Naomi)

(Carmella and Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss and Natalya feat Eva Marie and Naomi)

Thoughts On This Match:
Relatively short but much longer encounter than some past smackdown matches and everyone got a decent amount of time. Despite her win last week, there doesn’t seem to be a feel of hype around Alexa but this makes me think they have some angle waiting in the wings to exploit her star potential. I Had a feeling after avoiding a match with Naomi earlier that Eva would re-emerge to try and cause Chaos for Lynch again, which she did, minus the Chaos part through the Naomi intervention that i actually didn’t expect, but all women got some type of focus which made the whole moment enjoyable. Eva’s character has been great (and at ultimate troll level) over the past few weeks so im gutted that she was suspended only hours ago by the WWE in a move i never saw coming. Her Own Husband has seemingly promised to reveal some unjust reasoning towards the revelation which many of us on twitter are currently waiting for (but lets face it, Carrano may have him silenced already) and the Total Divas Social Media pages have weirdly acknowledged her suspension but not Paige’s. If Eva’s suspension is a work then its a genius angle to play up the match avoidance scheme angle, but also unjust and cruel at the same time due to the amount of nasty hate Eva gets online from fans who dare acknowledge her improvements and just find a reason to hate based on looks or whatever else, and in turn, makes credible suspensions seem illegitimate and unbelievable when some come up in the future because there’s always a few that surface per year. It would also expose WWE’s lack of creativity to pull out another reason for Eva avoiding competition (pulled out for a Beach Photoshoot maybe? or Make Up isn’t finished? Car Tyre Went Flat?) Something that leaves fans seething to make her more of a wrestling heat magnet. But it could indeed be legitimate, for whatever reason, but it surprises me not only with Paige but with someone like Eva also, but the policy could be ANYTHING, and nothing to do with being “pulled” due to “lack of in ring ability” and i do expect Eva to still be at her current level upon returning and for the suspension to play into promos from her or others upon returning, but if she hasn’t been working shows since Smackdown (i don’t think she has done any live events this week) and if shes been shooting for her new fashion line (not sure if that has actually taken place this week or not) then when exactly was she tested? Anyways, lets see what happens in terms of Sundays Match and whether its a 2 on 3 Handicap Match (why would the heels have less numbers when they are villains?) or Maybe Tamina, Nikki or Emma return or even Billie or Peyton or (Rare Name to throw out here) Nikki Glencross get promoted? All Eyes on this Sunday!

– Catherine


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