WWE NXT TAKEOVER BACK 2 BROOKLYN RESULTS: Ember Debuts with Fire, Asuka Puts Out Bayleys Flame (August, 20th 2016)

nxt takeover billie v ember

nxt takeover bayley v asuka 1

nxt takeover bayley v asuka

Now that a weekend of amazing wrestling (even with some questionable moments) has closed, i can officially welcome you all to my NXT Takeover Back 2 Brooklyn Report. Its safe to say pressure levels were up this very year considering the bouts that came out of last years show, including Bayleys Title win by defeating Sasha Banks that happened exactly one year ago today. What differentiates besides the fact there are many different faces on this years NXT Takeover Brooklyn, is that we have two women’s matches scheduled for the event. A Recently returned Billie Kay looks to heighten her new found momentum by standing against a debuting Ember Moon in a match sure to watch, and last years history maker Bayley again challenges for the NXT Women’s Championship, held by the undefeated veteran Asuka.

First happening on the card women’s wise, and appropriately, is Billies Match with Ember, which was announced on the same week on the pre Takeover NXT episode by William Regal, who approved of Billie wanting to be a part of the event. Billie enters first, debuting a new theme song suitable with her stated “Femme Fatale of NXT” Character, followed by Ember Moon, whose entrance has her emerging from a shadowy black and red backdrop in front of a blood moon before entering into a energetic state. Once the bell is rung upon Ember entering the ring, Billie and Ember engage in numerous reversals upon locking up. Billie hits with a back elbow then heads to the ropes, but on her way back she gets tilted to the other side of the ring by Ember. Billie tries to arm drag Ember but she counters, and she soon sends Billie back to that same side of the ring with another elbow drop. Billie re-cooperates and charges towards Ember, setting up for a clothesline but Ember goes for an octopus hold, attempting to possibly roll up Billie from underneath some moments later, but Billie takes her by her hair and hoists her up. Billie forearms Ember to the mat, attempting to capitalize on this with her first pin attempt, leading to a near fall result.

Billie tries to continue to keep Ember at a lower level as she chops at the back of the newcomer. Billie whips Ember, going for a forearm but Ember ducks, elevates herself to the second rope and performs a flying crossbody off it. Ember then gets a near fall on Billie. Billie makes a quick comeback performing the notable Eat Defeat maneuver used by a certain Gail Kim, but to the Femme Fatales dismay, this doesn’t end her as Ember kicks out of the follow up pin attempt at two. A Frustrated Billie fires forearms at Ember out of frustration at the result, then setting up a widows peak submission after her first attempt was stalled. Ember struggles for a short while, and just as it looks like shes about to use her own strength to split herself apart from Billie, Billie plants her with a great looking counter. Billie goes to cover but again Ember stays fighting, kicking out at the count of two again. Another near fall follows that.

Billie drags Ember by her hair but before she can do anything else, Ember suddenly rolls up Billie, resulting again in a near fall. Ember nails a forearm, but Billie fires back with her own to seemingly take over again. Ember slips from the shoulders of Billie to escape the slam attempt, then scoring axe handles and a kick thats followed up by a standing neckbreaker into a chickenwing suplex. Ember kips up, moonsaulting over to the corner and to Billie before heading up to the top rope to perform her infamous O Face Finisher (Twisted Stunner) for the pinfall victory. Ember wins her debut match.

Moving forward, we get the most promoted women’s match of the night again taking the pre main event spot, though that is never to be argued against in developmental. At front row ready to support their fellow horsewoman Bayley as she battles Asuka in hopes of becoming the only 2x Womens Champion are Charlotte, Sasha and Becky. Per the Legitimate ruling that was broken in the Summerslam US Title Match, Challengers enter first, thus Bayley is first to make her entrance in the Barclays Center, with some voiced support from the massive crowd. Asuka, the defending champion enters second. The Crowd are divided between chanting for the two when the bell rings, but it wholly seems to be on the side of Bayley once the two ladies lock up. Asuka looks to quickly takeover with a side headlock but Bayley quickly escapes, and does so when the champ attempts to lock up with her again. Bayley shoves Asuka away when she attempts to apply a waistlock, and the two scrap in the middle of the ring in a battle of positioning before Bayley knocks a hand away with a quick kick, splitting herself partly from Asuka’s grip before attempting to roll her up. All Pin attempts end in one counts.

Asuka whips Bayley into a corner, and as Asuka heads over to Bayley, the contender strikes with a back elbow, then leaping off the middle turnbuckle but having whatever offense coming diverted when Asuka hits her with a high knee to counter. Bayley rolls out of the ring, seemingly taken some damage from Asuka’s earlier strike, and the champ is seen chuckling as she awaits the opponent inside the ring. Bayley climbs back to the ring but is attacked near instantly by Asuka, who goes for a hip attack as she clambers on the mat. Asuka continues to do this then whips Bayley to an opposite corner, where she crushes her with the running hip attack once more. Asuka continues systematically working over Bayley as she chokes her on the ropes, before attempting a pin, getting a near fall on the contender.

Asuka looks ready to plant Bayleys head into the corner turnbuckle, but Bayley soon turns things around, whirling around Asuka and sending her head a number of times into that corners top turnbuckle. Asuka trips Bayley, reversing momentum as Bayley crashes head first into the below turnbuckle. Asuka charges over to the same corner, only to end up floating over to the apron. Asuka avoids a shoulder tackle from Bayley and nails a few knees and a kick to the back of the neck to follow up, leaving Bayley groggy, hanging on the second rope. Asuka takes advantage of Bayleys dangling position to execute a running dropkick on the apron. Asuka returns to the ring, attempting to pin Bayley, and the defending champion gets a near fall. Asuka returns to the earlier corner, sending Bayleys head into the turnbuckle again, but her previous attempts are faltered when Bayley refuses to take further offense, finding her needed momentum and striking back against Asuka. An angrier Bayley furiously plants the face of Asuka a number of times against the same turnbuckle, planting her face one more time to finalize that sequence. Bayley hits a spinning elbow to the back of Asuka after sending her to the rings center via a German Suplex. Bayley continues showcasing the momentum with a low clothesline and singular knee drop. Bayley looks to pin the opposition there, but its another near fall result.

Bayley runs Asuka into a corner, hitting her usual running back elbow before having her whip reversed by Asuka. Bayley nearly spills out of the ring, but maintains a position on the apron. Bayley takes an elbow from Asuka, nearly crashing into Bayley with the running hip attack had Bayley not moved to the right side of the apron. Asuka finds herself sandwiched between the ropes, and Bayley takes advantage to strike with elbows to the stuck competitor. Bayley nails a standing neckbreaker to Asuka against the ropes then climbs back in the ring. Bayley leaps from the second rope, crashing onto Asuka but the unique offense still isn’t enough to end the streak of Asuka as the Huggable One gets another near fall. Bayley heads to the top turnbuckle, knocking Asuka away along the way but Asuka regroups before Bayley can try connect with the crossbody, and instead Bayleys body meets the mat. Asuka hits a shining wizard to the fallen Bayley but like Bayley with her before, its not enough. Asuka gets a near fall.

Asuka takes herself up to the top rope with Bayley also up there, seemingly readying a superplex, but Bayley begins to fend off Asuka with forearms, then finding a way to take herself off the turnbuckles. Bayley hangs Asuka on the ring post, connecting with a running elbow drop. Its Again another near fall for Bayley on Asuka. The Two ladies get into a battle of forearms as they both get back onto their feet, but Asuka’s speediness is back on show as she fires a load Bayleys way to take over, heading to the ropes to only be stalled on her way back when Bayley comes out of nowhere with a knee. Asuka only matches Bayley comeback wise, diverting her attempt to use the ropes for her upcoming attack and sending her down with the running hip attack. Asuka returns to the ropes to utilize for the next offense but again Bayley fires up and a running knee wears Asuka further down. Before Bayley can use the ropes once more, Asuka takes the foot of Bayley, tripping the babyface to the mat. Asuka attempts a submission, diverting a possible counter by Bayley into a pin attempt, and Bayley rolls her over to counter into a bridge pin, again resulting in a near fall. Asuka applies the Patriot Lock, keeping it locked in despite Bayleys attempt to roll through. As Bayley looks to get fully back to her feet, shes knocked down by a forearm from Asuka. Chants are divided as Asuka begins to strike with kicks to the chest of Bayley, though Bayley soon blocks one, screaming at Asuka who hits her continuously with forearms in retaliation. Bayley backslides Asuka to get a near fall once more.

Bayley elbows away at Asuka, then taking to the ropes. However, as she runs back towards Asuka, the champion delivers a spinning back fist to stall Bayley. Bayley blocks a kick from Asuka, possibly teasing a powerbomb but instead Asuka crashes to the mat, but Bayley sets up another move that leads to Asuka being planted face and frontal body first against the mat. Despite the newly showcased maneuver, it doesn’t put away Asuka, who again kicks out at two. Asuka applies the Asuka Lock, the very move that assured her the title win back in Dallas, but Bayley finds strength to get back on her feet despite being caught in Asuka’s grip still, and as Asuka tries to knock Bayley back down, the Popular Babyface hits the Belly to Belly Suplex finisher from out of nowhere, but to the former champs dismay, Asuka kicks out of her follow up pin attempt at two. The Replay even shows Becky and Sasha invested at front row, leaping in absolute shock when Asuka makes it out of the pin attempt that followed Bayleys finisher. Asuka locks her finishing submission once again, attempting once more after diverting Bayleys attempt to get to the ropes. Bayley counters this into a pin attempt, leading to one more near fall. Asuka nails a kick but turns around in much dismay to see Bayley no sell and stare Asuka in the eye, and she smacks Asuka before taking a roundhouse kick for her actions. One more kick KO’s Bayley completely, as it had with Nia, and Asuka pins Bayley to retain the NXT Women’s Championship. After the match, out of respects for her efforts, Asuka consoles Bayley then leaves the ring as Bayley seemingly gives her last goodbyes to a supportive Barclays Center Audience.

(Billie Kay vs Ember Moon; Ember Moon Debut Match)

(Bayley vs Asuka; NXT Womens Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Ember/Billie: Though i would have loved for the match to be a little longer, i loved that it wasn’t presented as a squash as it would devalue all the wins Billie has had recently, even if the names she has overcame to get to her particular spot aren’t of general importance in NXT right now. To Me it seems Billie may be relied on as the talent to put others over just because of her lengthy in ring knowledge, and i loved how Ember and Billie kept busting out numerous moves in their move-set than using the same moves per comeback like they had with Paige in various matches. I’m In Love with boths entrances, and themes for that matter, but if there’s one thing i could change its how Ember switched up from dark and mysterious to bouncy and energetic, but maybe that could have been deliberate, to present her as sweet and humble but deadly and fierce as well as mysterious in the ring. I’m assured Ember will be the next contender to the women’s title, and maybe the only woman to strike amounts of fear into Asuka. That or she and Billie could be a part of the next NXT Women’s Title match, even with Bayley thrown in the mix since it looks like she wont be gone from NXT anytime soon due to the Australia and New Zealand tour. And How Amazing did Billie look doing the Eat Defeat and Widows Peak Submission? I Definitely didn’t expect that. Main Highlight from this match is definitely Embers finisher, the O Face as it was referred to in her days as Athena, and Billie sold it perfectly. Will be interesting to see how smaller opponents take the move.

Asuka/Bayley: Though the chemistry was questionable here, it was another good match between Bayley and Asuka and in my opinion, better than Dallas. I Was Behind Asuka the whole time and legitimately thought Bayleys Belly to Belly and last moment no sell of Asuka’s kick, going all Cena with sudden momentum meant they were going with Bayleys win but its nice to see NXT accelerate the Women’s Division and further the focus on Asuka as Champion to present her more feuds as she needs more title defenses under her belt. Asuka was displaying heel tendencies and mannerisms in this match that differed from her last match with Bayley, but i don’t think at this moment that she has progressed to full heel yet, even though Sasha also broke kayfabe last year at Brooklyn like Asuka did this year to show respect to Bayley. This could mean Asuka could be heel by the tapings by claiming she respects Bayley but she was better (in a cocky way) nonetheless. As Asuka is still champion, and as they appear to be developing new (Ember) or reoccurring names (Billie) there’s new fresh light hopefully being shone on the division and its amazing to think that if Billie isn’t demoted to Tyler Breeze enhancement, that these could be the three women headlining the division in the next year, maybe even with Peyton added to the mix. Im not sure if Bayleys done since she appears to be on the Australian/New Zealand tour, so i can only hope that rather than repeat history with a third match, that whatever role she may have now is to put over the next generation that NXT so clamors about, though i wouldn’t be surprised if she is a part of a Fatal 4 Way also featuring Ember, Asuka and Billie in the future. Putting that aside, the broken kayfabe moment and moment of respect for Bayley was well done and appropriate since shes done so much for NXT and gone from being overlooked at one point and being the one taking the pinfalls and set backs during the times of Sasha and Charlotte’s reign to accelerating herself to the most popular women’s babyface even known to WWE, a character that cannot be screwed upon promotion.

– Catherine


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