WWE SUMMERSLAM RESULTS: A Bella Reigns Supreme Post Injury, And The Queen City’s Genetically Superior One Reigns Over a Division (August, 21st 2016)

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Welcome All to this years Summerslam Report, and despite some worrying moments in various matches, i can definitely say this years pay per view, based on some matches, topped last years for me. This year two women’s matches graced the card, just like Takeover the night before in the same arena. As Pre Suggested months beforehand, Sasha Banks would battle Charlotte, only as the defending champion, and per a shocking announcement that Eva Marie was suspended from the WWE for a wellness policy violation last week, Alexa Bliss and Natalya would be in need of an extra on their side to face off against their fellow Smackdown Women Carmella, Becky Lynch and Naomi.

The First Women’s Match of the show was rather early, that being the hyped and awaited Women’s Championship Match. The Challenger, unexpected as of weeks ago, that being Charlotte, enters first, and of course per the result of a match between the defending Champion Sasha and Dana Brooke last week, the Queen City’s Genetically Superior Competitor has to work alone as Dana, her assumed protege, is banned from ringside. Sasha enters first, also with a new attire, and the proud champion enters with title in hand. Once the Professed “Bo$$” enters the ring, JoJo gets to introductions, first introducing Charlotte, who gets quite a few boos, and the champ Sasha, who gets a kind ovation from the Brooklyn audience.

The Bell rings, and Charlotte evades offense from Banks by ducking by the ropes. Sasha isn’t impressed visibly, but engages in a lock up moments later with the former champ, and Charlotte gets the upper hand as she pushes Sasha toward the turnbuckles. Charlotte follows up by taunting Banks, and takes a slap for it. Sasha ties her up in a side headlock and is pushed to the ropes by Charlotte, but Sasha bounces back by leaping upward and executing a hurricanrana. Sasha avoids an attempt from Charlotte to hit a clothesline and rolls her into the Bank Statement. Charlotte is quick to break away as she bounds over to and heads underneath the ropes, then to the outside. Charlotte regroups and dives through the ropes and rolls up Sasha along the way, with the champ kicking out at two. Charlotte looks to follow this up with a figure four that Sasha counters into a roll up, but doesn’t equalize things pinfall wise as Charlotte escapes at the count of one.

Sasha evades a chop from the former champ before hitting her with one of her own. Sasha follows this up as she nails an arm drag off the ropes, before charging over to Charlotte in an opposite corner. Charlotte slips out of the way and rather than crash into the post, Sasha holds on and stalls her run, floating upward and using her feet to force Charlotte into the middle turnbuckle. Charlotte looks ready for a possible back body or samoan drop off the turnbuckles but it sadly goes wrong and Sasha tumbles down on her neck. Charlotte regardless, rolls Sasha over after a few moments to attempt to pin, but despite Sasha’s horrid looking fall, she kicks out at two. Charlotte covers again, only to get the same result. Charlotte backslides Sasha following working on her back, getting another near fall on the defending champ.

Sasha begins to make a comeback as she elbows Charlotte a few times, then blocking a boot from the challenger and delivering a knee to the opposer in turn. Sasha fires clotheslines and dropkicks to further her found momentum, then charging over to Charlotte in a nearby corner, swinging her feet back before she can use them to counter, but Charlotte fires with an elbow despite this. Charlotte hits a backbreaker to Sasha to score another near fall. Charlotte appears to now have momentum, as she sends her knee numerous times into the back of Sasha, boots included. Charlotte tries for a superplex on the ropes but Sasha stops this and goes for another hurricanrana thats smartly countered into a roll up from Charlotte. Charlotte breaks off the possible pin attempt to go for a figure four, but Sasha eventually knocks off Charlotte with kicks. Sasha charges over to Charlotte but is arm dragged into the ring post. Charlotte kicks the exposed body of Sasha, then goes for the Razors edge but Sasha delivers a unique counter midway. Both Challenger and Champion are down on the mat.

Sasha and Charlotte begin to make it to their feet, hitting back and forth with forearms as they do so. Charlotte taunts Sasha with her Fathers signature WOO taunt but takes furious chops from Sasha all the way into a nearby corner in return. Sasha goes for running double knees but lands in the corner when Charlotte moves to safety. Sasha floats up, avoiding Charlotte’s corner shoulder tackle, leading to Charlotte getting stuck between the turnbuckles. Sasha applies a boston crab while up on the turnbuckles to Charlotte, then hitting double knees to the back of Charlotte for another near fall. Sasha whips Charlotte to the opposite corner but the contender floats to the apron. Charlotte kicks between the ropes while Sasha runs towards her and Sasha tumbles back to the mat. Sasha and Charlotte battle on the turnbuckles, exchanging forearms, with Sasha gaining the upper hand as she forearms Charlotte to the ground below. Sasha connects with double knees to the head of Charlotte, driving her down to the floor. Both Ladies are down once more.

Sasha rolls Charlotte back to the ring, rolling her up once returning to the ring herself, but she only gets a near fall. Sasha knees Charlotte then goes for the Backstabber, but it doesn’t go as planned and Sasha goes back first down to the mat. Sasha maintains position regardless, not hitting the mat when Charlotte hits with Natural Selection, and she counters the maneuver into the Bank Statement. Sasha puts her foot on the ropes and uses the force to push herself back and roll Charlotte over to another side with the finishing submission still firmly in place. Charlotte squirms free of the move, hitting a standing neckbreaker thats followed with a chop block. Charlotte climbs back to her feet, connecting with the Natural Selection again but this doesn’t pin Sasha. A Furious Charlotte tries on multiple attempts to pin her right after, but again Sasha is fighting out at two. Charlotte takes Sasha to the ropes but Sasha bounces back with a sudden hurricanrana back into the Bank Statement. Charlotte counters into a pin attempt and pins Sasha, leaving as the New WWE Women’s Champ. Charlotte wins the match.

Following a lot later in the night, and also sometime following the intercontinental title clash between Miz and Apollo, which saw Miz and Maryse in star studded outerwear again, the anticipated women’s tag happens. Naomi, Carmella and Becky get entrances then Natalya and Alexa. To Troll many fans they play the entrance music of Eva Marie, before the particular voice-over artist that has been a part of putting over Eva’s character reveals she will not work the show due to “stress”. Revealed to take the place of Eva Marie is the returning Nikki Bella, who was rumored to be a part of the show beforehand. Nikki returns to the ring, embracing Nattie and Alexa before the said match can get underway. Opening up for the face team is Becky, up against the heel teams Alexa Bliss.

Alexa appears to avoid contact with Becky to start off with before trying to sneak a roll up to try pin Becky early into the match, but the Irish Lasskicker escapes at a count of one. Becky stalls a shoulder tackle by Bliss and backslides her for her own pin attempt, this resulting in a near fall. Bliss scores a knee into the midsection of Becky, whipping her to a corner but Becky floats, but Alexa remains a few steps away to avoid the oncoming move and once Becky lands and turns, she takes a vicious slap from Alexa. Alexa attempts her second pin of the match on Becky, who floats upward just after the count of one. Becky catches a flying Alexa during a later sequence, planting her to the mat. Despite Alexa’s resistance, and urge to fight Lynch, the Fiery haired competitor brings her over to the face corner, making the tag to Naomi.

Alexa quickly leaves the ring, instead tagging Natalya. Natalya locks up with Naomi, caught in the athletic competitors side headlock. Naomi uses her athleticism to roll over Natalya, getting a near fall on the Queen of Harts. Naomi floats in the corner a short time later, shaking her rear in the face of the heel before kicking her away from the corner post. Naomi goes for a corner attack, but Nattie evades and Naomi’s head connects with the corner turnbuckle. Natalya drops Naomi to the mat then goes for her basement dropkick, but Naomi pushes her before she can do so. A Singular leg drop gets Naomi a near fall on the fellow competitor. Naomi tags Carmella, driving Natalya into the foot of the most recent call up’s foot before Carmella can proceed to enter. Carmella is driven early on into another corner by Natalya, taking a load of knees to the midsection, but its not too damaging as to stall her chance to leave the corner. Avoiding the Queen of Harts corner splash, Carmella shows off with her moonwalk, and the veteran is beyond unimpressed. Carmella takes over with a flying head-scissor, but misses the corner splash when Natalya heads outside.

Natalya is resisting returning to the ring, and yells over to the crowd, taking little notice of Carmella heading to the outside. Natalya turns, running into a sudden clothesline from Carmella. Carmella rolls Nattie back into the ring, beginning her next lot of offense by sending Natalya head first into her foot, positioned against the top turnbuckle. Carmella heads up the turnbuckles but as she preps the next move, Alexa tries to intervene. Carmella sends Alexa away but Natalya takes advantage of the small assist, carrying Carmella off the turnbuckles and onto her shoulders, then slamming her to the mat. Natalya gets a near fall on Carmella. Natalya takes Carmella’s hair in one hand, extending the other hand to Nikki. Nikki tags in, to an impressive pop, and the returned competitor executes a snap suplex to Carmella. A Lateral Press follows, but Nikki doesn’t pin Carmella, who escapes at the count of two.

Carmella breaks out of a side headlock from Nikki as she nails forearms to her midsection, but as she comes running back, Nikki performs a spinebuster to the Princess of Staten Island from out of nowhere. Despite this, Nikki gets a near fall. After showing off with some push ups, Nikki runs Carmella into the heel corner, choking her with her foot and tagging in Alexa. A Nice counter from Carmella leads to her delivering some forearms to Alexa, before trying to reach to her own partners, to no avail as Alexa drives Carmella to the mat. Alexa hits flying double knees followed by the Glitz Flip, getting a near fall on Carmella. Alexa tags Nattie back in after her tantrum moment, and the two work together to toss Carmella backward to the mat. Natalya goes into a pin attempt moments later, resulting in another near fall. Natalya taunts the babyfaces then drives Carmella head first back to the mat, attempting to forearm Naomi but missing. While Naomi flips out, getting the attention of the official, Natalya presses Carmella up against her corner ring post, hitting knees in the midsection. She follows with a snapmare to get another near fall.

Carmella snapmares Natalya to break loose from the heel superstars Abdominal Stretch. Carmella attempts to dive over the shoulders of Natalya to reach over to Becky, but to her dismay, Natalya catches her in the nick of time, using her known strength to force her away from her partners and back into the heels corner. Natalya hits a series of forearms and is forced back by the official while Carmella regroups, and as the babyface does so, she single-handedly clears off Nikki and Alexa. Carmella nails a kick to Natalya then crawls under the legs of the veteran in another attempt to reach Naomi or Becky, but again Natalya is in hot pursuit. Natalya drags her away then tries to forearm Becky, missing that also. Carmella rolls under the arm of Natalya as she turns her focus back to her, and she finally tags Becky back into the match.

Becky fires in, executing clotheslines and a side kick to Natalya. She clears away Natalya with a exploder suplex, then looking out for an invading Alexa, sending her off via an exploder suplex as well, then ducking the forearm smash attempt by Nikki and whipping her over to join her suplexed comrades. Alexa, Natalya and Nikki are now all set up in one corner, all three taking the springboard side kick from the Lasskicker. While Alexa and Nikki roll elsewhere, Natalya takes the running elbow into the corner from Becky, and the exploder to follow. Becky looks to pin, but before she can even do that, she sees Alexa returning to the ring and sends her through the ropes, back to ringside. Natalya takes advantage of the other intervention from Alexa to roll up Becky, resulting in another near fall. Becky sends Natalya down with an inziguiri to further her momentum, but instead of pin, Becky signals towards the turnbuckles, heads up them and nails a lethal singular leg drop. As she goes for the pin, and gets to the count of one, Nikki is quick to run in to break it up.

Alexa tags in, and the two exchange in combat, with Naomi tagging midway. Naomi flies in, sending down Bliss with a springboard cross-body, followed with the swift kicks and a roundhouse to finalize. Naomi goes for the springboard split leg moonsault but Alexa rolls closer to the post and avoids it by a couple of inches. Alexa hurts her knees per a counter from Naomi and tags Nikki. Nikki comes back to the ring, axe handling Naomi in the back, but as she goes for the next move, Naomi whirls backward and tags Carmella. Carmella ducks under the clothesline from Nikki, firing a superkick at her. Carmella furthers the momentum with the usual bronco buster into the corner to Nikki, having the follow up pin attempt broke by Alexa and Nattie. This begins the clear up spot that ends with Nikki and Carmella remaining in the ring as the legal competitors. Nikki takes control and hits her new finisher on Carmella for the pinfall victory. Natalya, Nikki and Alexa win the match.

(Charlotte vs Sasha Banks; Women’s Championship Match)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Apollo Crews; Intercontinental Championship Match)

(Becky Lynch, Naomi and Carmella vs Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella and Natalya; Nikki Bella Returns)

(The Miz and Maryse Backstage Exclusive)

(Charlotte Backstage Exclusive)

(Nikki Bella Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Charlotte: Due to the botch, it was pretty uncomfortable to watch noticing how hurt Sasha was. However i have to give Sasha props for fighting i believe another ten minutes regardless of landing hard on her neck, including taking spots such as the Razors edge and the backbreaker, especially because the backbreaker favored the back area which is believed to already be aggravated, and the worry in the razors edge spot after the earlier botch was that that could have gone wrong as well. Right after that botch occurred, i would have thought it would have been necessary to end the match there via pinfall regardless of any spoken controversy because it was that or Sasha would retain then further aggravate the injured areas in her body. I Never saw Charlotte’s victory coming but it makes sense since Sasha is hurt and needs plenty time off since shes taken enough hard bumps or near botches (the suicide dive Lita esque from the past title match) and now it has me questioning whether WWE will take the route of forcing Bayley to the main roster because of her popularity to try and recreate the first NXT Takeover Brooklyn for the future, or maybe they’ll start pushing Dana and/or Nia to become credible challengers, if not another woman on RAW in need of establishment. Summer and Charlotte have history and Summer needs to return to TV Screens. Plus Alicia is one of the most skilled athletes on RAWs Division. The Options are there and Dana is the most sensible choice backstory wise to clobber Charlotte heading into the next pay per view, so lets hope WWE don’t take the easy way out because Bayley still has NXT Live events to do and other women need time in the spotlight before the inevitable. Regardless the backstage exclusive was interesting because Charlotte could transition back into a babyface due to proving she could beat one of her biggest rivals alone, making Dana the heel if their feud happens. Women’s wise, RAW could be interesting if they (again) don’t take the Bayley route. This is the perfect time to establish new contenders for RAWs women’s division if Nia continues her squashes.

Six Woman Tag: First of all kudos to WWE for giving all women entrances and trolling the audience with the Eva Marie entrance. Second, Congratulations to Nikki on overcoming a career threatening injury and making a successful in ring return. The Match was good, with Naomi listed as my MVP for the match due to her athletic maneuvers throughout. Not sure what happened with Naomi and Alexa in the corner towards the end, but i do hope Nikki’s win is only to award her because its her return match. Nikki is a great athlete, has evolved over many years, has been highly successful, but i hope Eva’s suspension hasn’t given WWE the idea that Nikki has to be pushed over the newcomers and women in need of the spotlight on Smackdowns Division. Carmella and Alexa need establishing and could easily be a title holder, something they missed out on in NXT, Becky took a blow moving to Smackdown as she now misses out on holding the main title and being the under-pushed Horsewoman and Naomi has gone years showcasing her ability and in ring skills only to miss out on title opportunities and have her championship reigns that were going to happen cancelled. Theres multiple opportunities for these said women to finally hold gold that they missed out on by being pulled away from RAW following the draft, and the introduction of a new women’s title would give them that opportunity, and Nikki could easily help make them look strong.

– Catherine


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