TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Gold is the Cherry On Top for Allie (August, 25th 2016)

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Welcome All to this past weeks IMPACT Report, and whether you saw the spoilers or not, change seems afoot in possibly more than one way. Power appears to be a struggle for Knockouts Leader Maria Kanellis-Bennett as her champion comrade Sienna has a multi Knockout match booked behind her back, and to make things worse for a surely aggravated heel, the most surprising entrant is about to cause a stir.

Maria, walking in the back with the title holder Sienna and Allie, flips out to the apprentice in the center over how she wasn’t informed of Sienna defending the championship. Allie tries to give an explanation but is shut down by Maria near instantly. She wonders who could have done this, and in walks TNA’s exec and now Chairman Billy Corgan, informing the trio that he was behind the idea of Sienna defending the Knockouts Title. Maria questions Billy on why he didn’t approach her on the matter, believing the pair are equal, but Billy states otherwise, as while shes Knockouts Leader, his role is much bigger, as President of TNA. He adds that Sienna’s match is because of her intervention the week before, but this doesn’t shake up Sienna much, as she reminds Billy that there is no Knockout in the Division that is Bigger, Faster or Stronger than her. Allie is left piggy in the middle to take Sienna and Maria’s grief after the champ finds out that her match will include multiple women.

Sienna is already in the ring when we come back and Marti is the first challenger to enter, followed by a former Knockouts Champ in Madison Rayne. Allie is the surprised (and grinning) third entrant and lastly is the very woman Sienna overthrew at Slammiversary to become champion, Jade. When the bell rings Jade and Marti go at it instantly with forearms to one another while Sienna is left watching herself left and right, though Allie is at her side. Allie and Madison bicker, and Sienna uses this chance to knock Madison to the mat while Marti and Jade spill to the outside. Running out of the corner, Sienna delivers her Running Samoan Drop to Madison, and Allie stays put while Sienna continues to deliver some offense to Madison, in the form of a forearm, but as she sets up her suplex upon helping her upward, Allie runs over and attempts to assist. Allie’s attempt to join in on a suplex attempt falls flat and Sienna sends her away while trying to deliver the suplex to Madison, only to be caught in the small package from Madison that gets the Queen Bee a near fall on the Knockouts Champ.

Sienna one ups Madison quickly with a forearm, then tossing her through the ropes and out of the ring. Maria emerges to observe the in ring battle, while Marti climbs back in the ring, targeting Sienna. Allie tries to get Marti’s attention, allowing for Sienna to take advantage, grasping Marti by her hair and launch her into the top turnbuckle. Sienna delivers kick after kick to Marti against the same corner, which Allie joins in on. As Allie tries to further the onslaught, she takes a shot from Marti, but again Sienna is there to reverse momentum, hammering at Marti with forearms. After sending her to the ropes, Sienna readies the next attack but Allie wants to be a part of it too. As she bickers with Sienna, Marti recovers and double clotheslines both ladies. Marti chokes a struggling Allie against a corner while Maria prevents Madison from returning to the ring by taking her by her leg. Allie avoids being splashed in the corner by Marti, and as Allie crawls away, Marti turns, taking a big corner clothesline from Sienna. Jade returns to the ring, hitting furious forearms to Sienna and once again Allie tries to intervene, to the chagrin of Jade. Sienna attacks Jade from behind then works on her while Maria screeches at Allie from ringside. Sienna demands Allie out of the ring, only to turn and take a roundhouse from Jade after. Jade slams Allie to the mat moments later but doesn’t connect with the springboard maneuver when Allie rolls away.

Allie again finds herself bickering with Maria, but as shes caught up in Marti’s next move, she counters into a standing jawbreaker, but as she looks to celebrate finally getting in some proper offense, Madison hits with a kick to the midsection followed with the Voodoo drop. Allie rolls away and Jade connects with her package piledriver to Madison. Marti kicks Jade out of the ring before even a pin attempt can happen, and she prizes her signature baton from ringside. Allie tries to prize it from her and the two fight over it, ultimately leading to it hitting Sienna as the two lose control grasping it as Sienna heads towards them. Marti hits Allie with the Baton after but before she can do much else, shes sent out of the ring by Jade. As Jade favors her back, she doesn’t notice Allie has completely covered Madison, and she pins Madison to win the match. Allie is the New Knockouts Champion.

We get a backstage exclusive sometime later with the new holder of the Championship Allie. Shes very ecstatic over the title win, but is left to reel in Maria’s possible reaction when questioned over what the “First Lady of Professional Wrestling” is thinking over the victory.

(Maria, Allie, Sienna and Billy Corgan Backstage Segment)

(Madison Rayne vs Allie vs Sienna vs Marti Bell vs Jade; Knockouts Championship Match)

(Allie Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
It wasn’t a bad match at all and i can totally see the idea behind neither Jade or Sienna being pinned, because even though Sienna now has joined Jade on the list of underwhelming title reigns, she still looks strong in a way because she now has an angle ahead of her with Allie, at least hopefully. I Cant say enough how good Allie’s character has been even though it can be seen in the eyes of some as insulting considering shes a well known wrestler in the indies and one of the best talents known, and this would initially be the start of her becoming one of the most over babyfaces in the company Knockouts wise. The Only negative is whats to come spoilers wise, and as much as i don’t want to give it away, the reign is only a ploy to further the ongoing Knockouts feud, but hopefully there’s a payoff with another title reign for Allie (like Jade should also have) so the fans aren’t chanting Allie for nothing every week. Personally i wouldn’t be surprised if Gail was to win the title to do a pass the torch type angle to Allie though it would make sense for Maria to pass the title to Allie considering their continuously building history. To Put that whole summary short, TNA need a payoff for Allie rather than focus on two knockouts in general.

– Catherine


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