WWE RAW RESULTS: Only A Party for Bayley After Another Victory, Not a Doctor (August, 29th 2016)

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Greetings To All and welcome to the RAW Report, which, may i add, had a Fantastic ending which truly defined the New Era (in the hopes that the Authority don’t become a focus above it that is). Anyway Yes we have a New Universal Champion in someone who has grown on me in the past few months, Kevin Owens, and we have a peculiar and interesting mixed tag as Bayley, only a week after her promotion, gets to tag with fellow fan favorites the New Day to face Dana Brooke and the hopeful contenders to the tag team titles, The Clubs Gallows and Anderson.

Bayley is just hanging around backstage, bringing her joyfulness along with her as she embraces fellow staff before glancing in awe of the current tag team champions the New Day, who are clearly familiar with her. They Break into song before Bayley acknowledges them for being champions, but as they bond Dana Brooke walks in. Dana is disgusted at the sight of them all, and additionally believes that Bayley cant be successful because she doesn’t belong there. However Xavier takes it upon himself to remind the antagonistic competitor that she didn’t pin Bayley last week, but Dana excuses this as being due to being focused on reminding the WWE Universe why Charlotte deserves to be RAWs Women’s Champion, and that she wasn’t ready for a match last week as obviously her obligation was on putting her title holding companion over. However, she has been in recent contact with Gallows and Anderson and she ponders whether to find them to take them out, but the New Day aren’t shaken by the threat. Instead they urge Dana to find their hopeful contenders for a match later tonight, and Dana accepts this challenge, telling the trio and Bayley to bring it on. Bayley tells Dana its already been brought, and having owned the fellow NXT Alumni, Herself and the New Day break out into hysterics while Dana leaves humiliated.

Following up from this, Nia Jax returns to the Television Screens after seemingly disappearing for a week. Jax’s opponent to crush this week is Hyaneyoung of the Reality of Wrestling Promotion (Booker T’s Promotion). Hyaneyoung had some things to stay in a pre taped interview with Andrea about competing against the Strong competitor, to which she declared that because she hails from Houston (the site of the show) and everything is bigger in the state of Texas, including her heart. Andrea wishes her luck, that being if her heart is still beating should she not be floored by Nia. Ouch Andrea…

Hyaneyoung is quickly clotheslined by Nia once the bell rings. Hyaneyoung makes it out of the corner to avoid Nia’s splash, but is clubbed in the back by Nia before she can escape. Nia chucks her to the mat, delivering an elbow drop after, then driving her back first into an opposite corner. Nia delivers hard corner shoulder tackles to Hyaneyoung, tossing her out of the corner relentlessly moments later. If Hyaneyoung hadn’t taken enough, she is soon crushed against the bottom corner turnbuckle via a corner hip attack. Nia delivers the finishing slam maneuver to Hyaneyoung for yet another pinfall victory. Nia wins the match.

A Short time later, we get extra developments for the set up mixed tag as Gallows and Anderson welcome Dana Brooke towards the end of their promo, who they acknowledge as their nurse. Following Sami’s recent bout against Jinder Mahal, we get a look back at Sasha’s promo from the pre show, where she spoke up about being in danger during her Summerslam Match, but Charlotte can be rest assured that a whole new Bo$$ is coming, after all Banks is entitled to a future championship shot. Speaking of the Champ Charlotte, she joins Cole, Graves and Saxton on the RAW Commentary desk for the mixed tag match that just so happens to feature her protege Dana. The New Day, entering first on the 372nd day of their tag title reign, followed by Bayley, who meshes with their entrance as she utilizes the comedic trio’s unicorn horn. Entering second is Dana Brooke, joining the Club on a temporary basis to compete against Kofi, Big E and Bayley.

The Women are starting first in the mixed tag, Dana for the heels side and Bayley for the babyfaces. The Two Lock up, and Dana forearms Bayley in the back. She tosses Bayley backward to the mat then gives her a load of forearms, smack talk also included. Dana tries covering her, executing the first pin attempt of the match, but the newly promoted competitor kicks out at one. Bayley fights back with a double leg take-down into her own pin attempt, getting a near fall on Dana. Bayley rolls her over for the second pin attempt, leading to the same result. Bayley gets to targeting the left arm of Dana, broken off after some time when Dana sends her knee into Bayleys midsection. Dana plonks her head into the nearby top turnbuckle, but Bayley refuses to sell, finding that inner courage. Bayley channels that courage and reverses Dana’s attack, giving her a taste of her own medicine. Bayley sends Dana’s head into the turnbuckle one last time but doesn’t complete the attack as Dana makes it over to her comrades, who tag. Bayley is tagged back in later in the match, as is Dana, but not before Bayley can deliver a kick to Anderson in the corner. Bayley fires a dropkick at Dana, and Dana heads over to her tag team partners to regroup as Bayley and New Day have a little fun moment in the squared circle.

When we return, momentum has been reversed as Gallows and Anderson target the New Day’s Kofi Kingston. After struggling against them for some time, Kofi eventually makes the hot tag to Bayley, and in comes Bayley to take down the tagged in Dana with numerous axe handles in the middle of the ring. Bayley takes Dana over to a corner, connecting with a running back elbow. Bayley suplexes Dana from the corner, and Bayley follows this with a springboard elbow. She tries pinning Dana after but Anderson comes to the rescue by pulling Dana from the ring. Big E clubs Anderson but takes a boot from Gallows before he can complete his attack for their intervention. Kofi then flies over the top rope onto Gallows, leaving it down to Bayley and the also legal Dana in the ring, and Dana tries to take advantage of the ringside scuffle to sneak in the ring and roll up Bayley, getting a near fall. Bayley avoids the clothesline attempt by Dana and hits the finishing Belly to Belly Suplex move to Dana to pin her. Bayley and the New Day win the match.

Later Stephanie McMahon hits the ring to scream in anger at Paul Heyman over the attack executed by Lesnar to her brother Shane McMahon at Summerslam. The Advocate to the Streak ending beast has the apology accepted, but Stephanie is still visibly displeased. Whatever comes out of this will be known next week, as Stephanie has other things to attend to, as she places herself alongside Foley at ringside for the main event four way for the WWE Universal Championship, which was won by Kevin Owens when Triple H surprisingly returned, attacking Reigns then subsequently turning on Rollins to award Owens the Brass.

(Dana Brooke, The New Day and Bayley Backstage Segment)

(Nia Jax vs Hyaneyoung)

(Dana Brooke, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Segment)

(Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Dana Brooke vs The New Day and Bayley; Mixed Tag Team Match; Charlotte on Commentary)

(Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman Segment)

(Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Big Cass vs Roman Reigns; Universal Championship Fatal 4 Way feat Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon; Triple H Returns)

(The New Day and Bayley on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Nia/Hyaneyoung: Again another enhancement match to show off Nia’s strength and power but i question how long these squashes are going on for because as much as it helps establish the dominance (and character) of Nia, i cant help but wonder that a main roster feud may have been stalled for her with Sasha temporarily shelved, with many pondering whether Jax was her post Summerslam challenger had it not been for the injury. The Worry is that just like with Strowman that fans will tire of the squashes because of the predictability and repetitively shown move-set of the performers, and another worry that comes with Nia having a main roster feud outside of the championship is the main roster women not getting a strong enough or lengthy showing but looking as weak as the enhancements themselves. If Summer and Alicia were to step up to Nia, they should be shown to look like they’ve thought out Nia’s weakness and should try to establish that through use of submissions and whatever else. Sure they will be expected to lose but whoever steps up needs to be established and look resilient.

Mixed Tag: Definitely a unique match and its evident that due to their energetic characters that New Day and Bayley were sure to cross paths at some point, and considering that the New Days run as champions may soon run its course, the timing is excellent. I’m Glad there was an equal amount of time offense wise with Bayley and Dana though couldn’t help but ponder why the result had to be Dana being pinned. Sure Bayley needs momentum, but it seems WWE are throwing out Dana as the only heel and the one to take all the pins from her partners future challengers, and it does sort of take away her credibility as a performer. Theres only so many pins Dana can take, and the more she takes, the harder its going to be to establish her when they eventually find an angle to lighten things up with her with. Also upon hearing Charlotte’s lines of being able to defend the title without Ric, i also cant help but wonder whether a double turn is in the works after Charlotte drops the title to Bayley, which appears evident right now considering Bayleys immense popularity, and the fact that Bayleys unlikely to be pinned but rather be kept to look strong. Charlotte may go face once Sasha Banks returns, and im expecting the two clash to decide Bayleys contender, with Sasha going heel so Dana remains heel while she feuds with Charlotte, letting her anger out over Charlotte “throwing her into the pit” by having her take the losses per week. Dana also somewhat has an intriguing presence when around the Club so whether she gets an angle with Charlotte or not, an idea is left out there for her by creative to work with, if its creative enough for them…

– Catherine


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