WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Beat Up Nikki Bella Round Two Commences (August, 30th 2016)

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alexa bliss 485

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The First Official Pay Per View this year to focus wholly on the Blue Brands Developing and already established stars is a little over a week away, and with that in mind, we do have a Six Pack Challenge coming on that night featuring every single competing woman on Smackdown, and as the road narrows to WWE Backlash, Four of these Competitors (Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Naomi and Becky Lynch) are in tag action this week while Nikki sits by commentary, only to be victim to another attack by a certain wrestler whose actions as of late towards the Bella have yet to be explained, Carmella.

But before all that, we see a Seething Miz storm out to the ring before his own music can be hit to further explode on Daniel Bryan in a follow up to the infamous post show tirade of last week, and Maryse also joins him. The Power Couple finds themselves in an encounter with Dolph Ziggler, who proposes to fight but both the Miz and Maryse leave the ring, and any attempt for the Intercontinental Champ to go back and give Ziggler what for is halted by Maryse, who proceeds to further lead him to the back.

Nikki is already on commentary and also ready to view the upcoming match, with own thoughts expressed on the attack from Carmella the week prior. As already said on the Pre Show, Nikki proclaims that as much as it was hard to watch, Carmella messed with the wrong woman in the locker room. With all that said, we get Natalya and Alexa making their entrances for the tag match, followed by the upbeat entrance of a newly rejuvenated Naomi, then Becky Lynch. With entrances soon out of the way, opening up for the following contest is Naomi and Natalya.

Rather than begin things with a lock up, Natalya aims a kick at the midsection of Naomi, whipping her to a corner after. Naomi boots Natalya as she charges toward her, going for a clothesline, only to miss and be springboarded onto her rear by Natalya. Natalya goes for her basement dropkick, but Naomi moves to safety before it can connect. Naomi nails a hurricanrana as momentum returns, and the frustrated Queen of Harts rolls out to ringside.

When we return, Natalya appears to have gathered back her momentum, grounding Naomi on the mat with a side headlock applied. Natalya attempts to isolate Naomi from Becky, eventually throwing Naomi back while also cheapshotting Becky off the apron. Natalya takes Naomi to the heels corner while the ref deals with an angry Becky. He recognizes the tag from Natalya to Bliss, and the charismatic competitor steps in to assist in a double team maneuver to Naomi. Alexa chokes Naomi with her foot against the second rope, then planting her face first against the mat before stomping on the back of her neck with her usual choking maneuver near the ropes. Naomi finds sudden fire within and clobbers both Natalya and Alexa with forearms, and upon sending Natalya to the floor, Naomi dropkicks Alexa to the mat. She tries to reach out to Becky but Alexa stops her. Alexa angrily fires forearms at Naomi, then applies a hold in the near center while Natalya makes her way back to the apron.

Naomi tries to break off from Alexa with an elbow but Alexa fires back as quick. Alexa aims a forearm towards the face, but Naomi performs a reversal, then taking Alexa out for a little time, enough for her to reach over and make the needed tag to Becky. Becky nails continuous clotheslines to Alexa, also pulling a Naomi by sending Natalya back to the floor from the apron. Becky hits the Lariat to Alexa, followed with the running forearm in the corner and Becky throws Alexa back to the corner for the next move, only for Alexa to block her landing with her foot, forearming Becky a short time after, and she sends Becky over the ropes and to the apron. Alexa has her forearm blocked by Becky, who knocks her with her own. Becky dropkicks Alexa from the top rope and goes for her first pin attempt of the match, broken after the count of two by Natalya. Naomi tosses Natalya from the ring but before the babyfaces can resume their focus, Carmella springs from out of nowhere and leads a savage beat-down for a second week on Nikki. While Becky notices this, Alexa takes advantage and rolls her up for the three count, getting the pinfall victory for herself and Nattie. Alexa and Natalya win the match while Carmella further mocks the fallen Nikki Bella while stood atop the barricade.

(The Miz, Maryse and Dolph Ziggler Segment)

(Natalya and Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch and Naomi; Carmella attacks Nikki Bella)

Thoughts On This Match:
Further momentum on the heels side, more so for Carmella as the #BeatUpNikkiBella Task takes itself into a second week, and i honestly loved how the ringside beat-down looked and how Nikki sold it. I Was Surprised at Becky taking the pin this week but i guess it could be to further a supposed feud between Alexa which is technically just through in ring engagements and oneupmanship. The Two things worrying coming out of this weeks Smackdown However is how Alexa seemed to be undermined on commentary and how Carmella could be booked to have all the momentum before Backlash, which would easily give away that she isn’t getting the championship at Backlash, because as much as the enjoyable fighting scenes between the two are, it does (sort of) hint that its all for Carmella to take the pin from Nikki as its currently the only proper women’s feud going on on Smackdown. Even if Carmella has the pre Backlash momentum, or even if Nikki does as of next week, it both provides predictability and unpredictability because there’s also other competitors in the Women’s Championship Match, but all eyes on next week before predictions can be thrown in…

– Catherine


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