TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Heat Is On As Boiling Rivalries Escalate (September, 1st 2016)

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Welcome All to a slightly late IMPACT Report, but late enough for me to not have to spoil the folks here in England. Anyway, a slight spoiler here that there isn’t any proper physical action this week but rather a Championship Celebration for a Woman who became one of the most unexpectedly crowned Knockouts Champions in recent memory, Allie. The Said “Apprentice” of Maria had won a Multi Knockout Match last week to get her first Knockouts Championship, and not only that, but she had unintentionally angered the defending Knockouts Champion at the time, Sienna, who is sure to be fuming over having her reign of dominance ended by the most unexpected face.

Allie, after voicing all her excitement backstage, scuttles down to the ring with a number of balloons in hand, these and more she had been assigned to have by Maria. She believes Maria has set up the celebration for her of course. In Fact, upon entering the ring, Allie wants to thank the fans who called her name last week in support of her victory, and also wants to thank the Woman who is the “Moon and the Stars” to her, that being Maria. However, even though Maria shows up to respond, Sienna is also present, storming down to the ring for a scuffle, expectedly unhappy to have had her reign ended by Allie last week. Maria steps in to calm down Sienna, and advises her to take the night off, additionally blaming Gail for the previous weeks events. Sienna does as told and Maria turns her attention to Allie, who is sure that she is about to partake in the celebrations.

Maria tells her screechy assistant turned champion that its notable how shes excited to follow all her demands week after week, but this week she appears confused as to what the intentions are of her celebration. Allie believes the numerous party items were ordered particularly because of the intention of making Allie’s celebration perfect, and because of this belief, she is honored. However Maria, recognizing this false belief from Allie, questions who would celebrate her. Maria says she is just her assistant, corrected to Apprentice by Allie, but regardless Maria continues her verbal tirade, believing no one wants Allie to say anything, labeling her worthless like the fans who continuously chant the name of her apprentice. Maria accuses Allie of ruining her division, and the celebration, hence the multi colored balloons rather than just green ones. Allie tries to explain but the furious Maria shuts her down quickly before telling her the celebration is rather for her opponent than for her tonight. Allie appears confused considering Maria had given the Division the night off, leaving the Champion with no opposition. Summoning up a sinister smile, Maria demands Allie to lay down, summoning out a referee despite Allie’s resistance to follow her orders. Maria assumes she will do as told as its her job to possibly lose, adding that she was “nothing” before Maria called her in. Maria forces Allie to the mat, demanding the bell be rung, and she covers Allie for the single pin, and in turn, becomes the New Knockouts Champion.

To Add to these events, Reby finds herself in her first encounter with Rosemary this week when Crazy Steve sends an eerie message after a match with the “Broken” Matt Hardy, hinting to have abducted Matt and Rebys Son Maxel. In Fear of this development and premonition, Matt and Jeff reach out to Reby to suggest she escapes the house. Reby attempts to flee and has an artificial baby thrown at her by an appearing Rosemary, but learns that Maxel is safe in the hands of Senor Benjamin. Yearning to give Rosemary a piece of her mind, Reby orders Senor to ready the battlefield for massacre, as the two sides battle in a new version of the Final Deletion Match next week.

(Reby, Matt and Jeff Hardy Segment)

(Allie, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Sienna Segment)

(Reby, Matt Hardy, Rosemary and Senor Benjamin Segment)

(Reby, Senor Benjamin and Rosemary Segment)

Thoughts On:
Maria/Allie: As Much as i worry that there will be no payoff for Allie considering Maria’s crowning now means her match with Gail will be for the Knockouts Title, i cant say enough how great this segment was in not only establishing Allie as an over babyface, additionally getting over by having sympathy drawn by the crowd over Maria’s actions, and Maria’s heel mic work was at an all time high here. The Heat was immense (if not piped in) and in turn, makes Maria one of the most over heels, if not the most over, on the Knockouts Roster. Logically it would make sense for Sienna to show cracks in her partnership with Maria considering she now has her title so if Sienna appears fine with keeping her alignment with Maria, then something appears illogical amongst Creative, but ultimately i feel Allie should be the one to dethrone Maria at a later time considering their continually developing backstory and because she doesn’t deserve to follow Jade and Sienna in having meaningless title reigns, so for that to commence, Maria must retain at Bound for Glory rather than Gail win to pass the torch to Allie later.

Reby/Rosemary: Its not only refreshing to see Reby (as much as i aren’t a fan) being slowly inserted into the Knockouts Division but to see Rosemary feud with a fellow woman. The Segments were actually enjoyable and i can imagine that Decay win next weeks showdown, but the additionally worry is that the momentum will wholly be on Decay heading into Bound for Glory, meaning the Hardy’s (though im a big fan of Jeff) are likely to stand tall at the end of the Tag Title match that is set to take place, and in turn, a run of a very intriguing unit will slowly come to an end. Personally, i feel that Matt and Jeff are only getting the titles because they no longer have stale characters, as well as the fact that TNA have them as top merchandise sellers understandably, but they don’t need the titles unless willing to establish whatever teams come into the fray but Decay have much ahead of them and feuds that could easily happen and with the experience between them also, they could do the job of establishing new teams rather than lose out or simmer out while the Hardy’s take more spotlight.

– Catherine

– Catherine


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