WWE NXT RESULTS: To The Jersey Native Goes All the Possible Spoils (August, 31st 2016)

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Greetings to All and welcome to a pretty short but still action packed NXT report. The Evolution of the NXT Womens Division (the Post Bayley era) furthers as Liv Morgan looks to take the front seat of the contention zone, but to do this she has to go through someone equally looking to make a mark, Aliyah.

Liv enters first for the singles match to a loud reaction, followed by the entrance of a newly heel Aliyah, whose newly found persona comes with new music also (though i do question why shes heel when we should have sympathized with her for Asuka beating her down weeks ago). Once Aliyah completes her entrance, the bell rings and rather than lock up with the Jersey Native, Aliyah delivers a savage blow to the midsection of Liv as she strikes with her knee. She follows this up with an uppercut, whipping her to the ropes and driving her to the mat with a running axe handle. Aliyah goes for an early cover on Liv, who breaks loose at a count of one.

Aliyah hits further with forearms from behind. She takes Liv over to a corner, but Liv floats, sending Aliyah whirling into the opposite corner with a hurricanrana. Aliyah attempts to charge over to Liv, but is soon tripped to the mat. Liv rolls Aliyah over for her first pin attempt of the match, scoring a near fall. Aliyah tries to resume her earlier momentum quickly as she hits Liv with a sudden forearm, following this up with a knee before whipping Liv to a different corner from before. Aliyah splashes Liv against the corner, additionally floating to the outside Gail Kim style. Aliyah hits forearms from behind the ropes on the apron, snapping Liv against the ring ropes right after to further cement control of the match. Aliyah rolls back in to pin Liv, but the pin finds itself being disallowed as Aliyah had her feet beneath the bottom rope. Aliyah smothers the head of Liv against the mat before going back into a pin attempt, getting a near fall.

Aliyah snapmares Liv to the mat, prizing her arm while driving her knee into the fellow competitors back. Aliyah resorts to a submission, additionally using her leg to further damage Liv in her attempt to break loose. Liv eventually lifts the selected leg of Aliyah, but takes a kick upon breaking loose, and Aliyah, having reversed momentum very quickly, goes into her next pin attempt, leading to another near fall result. Aliyah delivers some trash talk to Liv after showcasing some frustrations at the pinfall result, and Liv soon finds courage to fight back, coming back with a sudden dropkick, dodging a clothesline additionally from Aliyah to deliver her own, that being a couple. Liv plants Aliyahs head against the mat with a running bulldog, and a sudden super-kick delivers Liv the pinfall victory. Liv wins the match.

In other developments, we learn that Asuka is set to return to Television next week, weeks clear of defeating Bayley to retain her championship at Brooklyn.

(Aliyah vs Liv Morgan)

Thoughts On This Match:
It wasn’t my favorite match of Liv’s, and Aliyah dominated most of the match, which is good in a way to give her a chance to showcase herself, not to mention shes been springing a few notable Gail Kim-esque maneuvers in recent encounters. However Liv’s ring work hasn’t fallen flat at all, even if the end finish was a little off course, and considering she has shown early promise, im happy to see what she is given in the future, and the idea of her working a match of high importance considering she has so much ability excites me. Its promising to see someone outside of the expected names being developed, though i hope creative don’t lose sight on further developing characters and talent once the main NXT Women’s Championship feud, because its clear whatever is promised for Liv right now is only an Alexa/Bayley type move that will just be a temporary setup before Ember steps into the fray for her presumed match with Asuka, not to mention the two have history that makes their feud already exciting, but again, i hope NXT don’t forget Liv, Billie and others once the main championship feud heads to Television, and also that they don’t look like they developed Liv for nothing by just having her quickly taken out by Asuka, again considering Liv has much promise ring skill wise.

– Catherine


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