WWE RAW RESULTS: One Statement At a Time (September, 5th 2016)




Welcome Everyone to this weeks RAW Report, and its safe to say the stage has been set for the Women for the upcoming Clash of Champions RAW Exclusive Pay Per View, which many of you know was formerly referred to as Night of Champions. While one rivalry is addressed in the form of a match that once went down on an NXT Takeover show a while back, another comes to be evoked as Sasha Banks addresses the WWE Universe on her competitive status.

But first Stephanie McMahon, after urging Mick Foley to believe her that she didnt play any part in Triple H turning his back on Seth Rollins last week, joins Foley in celebrating Kevin Owens Huge Universal Championship Title win, a moment crashed by a visibly frustrated Seth, especially as he makes clear that he carried the back of the Authority for months on end. A Load of verbal shots from Owens in defense of Stephanie, and to ultimately rile himself up, leads to Rollins sending him from the ring.

The Current WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte faces Bayley very early into the show, and this also comes with a reminder of Charlotte and Dana’s encounter on the pre show, where Charlotte took it upon herself to again blast Brooke on failing her, in turn passing down a clipboard and pen to advise her to take notes on working a match during her bout with Bayley. Charlotte enters first with Dana Brooke at her side, all smiles, then followed with the entrance of Bayley, who gets plenty support from the crowd at Kansas. The Two Women begin with a lock up that leads to the Champ taking control as she forces Bayley to a corner. Bayley regroups and engages in a second lock up with Charlotte, one thats reversed into a waistlock. Charlotte slams Bayley downward to the mat and goes for the first pin attempt of the match, with Bayley escaping at a count of one.

Bayley goes for another lock up but again the Champ resumes control and she elbows the challenger away. She has Bayley busy in a hammerlock a short time after, but Bayley reverses into an arm wringer, and she begins to take control as she delivers continuous arm drags to Charlotte. Charlotte quickly turns things around with a fast knee into the midsection, then ramming Bayley head first into a corner turnbuckle. However the follow up attempts falter as Bayley instead gathers momentum, and its Charlotte’s head that soon meets the turnbuckles. Charlotte rolls out but Bayley doesn’t await her return, instead going for a dropkick between the ring post that slightly goes wrong but Bayley takes that as an opportunity to sell a kayfabe injury. Bayley rolls Charlotte back in the ring, heading in behind her but Charlotte is back on the escape. Bayley heads back out and is pushed to the floor.

Returning from a commercial break, Charlotte is back in control as she sends Bayley around the ring using her legs. Charlotte keeps Bayley busy with a headscissor, then attempting another pin which Bayley escapes from. Bayley kicks Charlotte away from the ropes and ducks under the champs clothesline attempt, driving her to the mat with a sudden mid-ring cross-body. Bayley gets a near fall on Charlotte as a result. Before Bayley can set up her next move, Charlotte shoves Bayley to the corner. Bayley then knocks the charging Charlotte away and heads upward on the turnbuckles, but Charlotte scoops her off and drives her into the same corner back first. Following this, Charlotte targets the hurt leg leg of Bayley, and she furthers her momentum as she applies a singular leg crab to Bayley once back in the ring. A Number of kicks allows Bayley to break loose, and Charlotte scoops her up but due to Bayleys believed injury, she falls back to the mat. Charlotte then resumes her plan of targeting the earlier targeted leg of Bayley. Hoisted onto the turnbuckles a short time after, Bayley attempts to distance herself from Charlotte with a number of elbows thrown in the champs way, followed with a signature spinning elbow from the middle rope. Despite still being notably hurt, Bayley gets to her feet, swinging more elbows to Charlotte, following with axe handles. Bayley has her attack averted in the corner, with Charlotte nearly hitting her own protege in the process. Bayley kicks Dana to the floor, then being caught in Charlotte’s sneaky roll up, which she breaks free from at a count of two. While spilling free from this, Charlotte accidentally elbows Dana, and Bayley takes advantage, hitting her finisher to the champ and pinning her to win the match. Bayley wins the match.

Not long after the match, Charlotte is seen fuming backstage, again taking her agitation out on Dana, who tries to find a way to apologize. However Charlotte is still reeling at losing to “Miss Sesame Street” and lets Dana know just how angry she is as she delivers a brutal slap to the face of the fellow NXT Alumni, who is grief stricken.

Nia Jax is next to appear on the show as she faces Ann Esposito (Monica Passeri). The Appearance of Esposito was pre hyped by one Alicia Fox prior to RAW, who wished her good friend luck for her WWE debut. Nia is the only competitor getting an entrance, and once in the ring she grabs Ann by the throat and drives her to the corner. As if that wasn’t lethal enough, the back of her neck is then sent into the corner ring post, followed by Ann taking a running elbow from the stronger competitor. Ann, however, shows resilience and she starts firing elbows and high kicks right at Nia to try gain control, and she then heads to the back of Nia to try choke her out. Nia uses the other corners top turnbuckle to try force Ann off her back, but when that doesn’t work out, she instead swings her over her shoulder and to the mat. Nia drives her knee into the back of Ann then swings her to the earlier corner, splashing her against it on more than one occasion. Seeing Ann more or less KO’ed, Nia takes her onto her shoulders and delivers her finisher for the singular pinfall. Nia pins Ann and wins the match.

Of Course Fox had been watching Nia dominate over her comrade backstage, and is seen not too chuffed backstage, especially when she encounters Nia, who questions her friends state after the earlier match. Alicia’s aware her friend is hurt and questions what Nia’s problem is. Nia says there’s real life repercussions for competing against her, real unlike Total Divas. Fox’s frustrations at Nia’s attitude begin to seep in and she warns the dominant competitor to get out of her face but Nia remains standing. Fox’s crazy side is soon unleashed, tossing things around her as she continues to stare Nia in the face, and as she does this, she also accidentally, or intentionally throws a box at the side of Nia’s head. Nia takes offense, shoving Alicia off her feet and to the wall, simply walking away after while Alicia gets back to her feet, demanding they talk this through.

And Lastly, Sasha Banks emerges in RAWs third hour upon speculation that she has some truly bad news for the supportive WWE Universe, who are expecting a possible retirement upon watching the Summerslam botch weeks ago. Sasha walks to the ring, riddled with emotion as she hints that every journey has its end, possibly teasing the worst. She mentions the evolution of women in the WWE, and not without a shot at the olden days of Bra and Panties Matches and the Divas Title (which actually has some solid history behind it and competitors to boot) and she cant say enough about how much it means to her to give her all in the ring. She admits that at Summerslam, her opponent Charlotte, now the Champion, pushed her beyond her limits, and shes about to address what she recently found out from her doctor when Dana steps out from the back to confront her. Shes still looking to defend Charlotte despite the earlier action towards her, and she wishes to use Sasha’s broken body to step herself up, ultimately finishing what Charlotte started at Summerslam. Dana steps forward but soon finds out to a full extent what Sasha was ready to reveal, taking the Bank Statement. Sasha, releasing herself from her damaged opposer, takes a mic and reveals the news is bad, but for Charlotte, because at Clash of Champions, she is coming for the Women’s Title.

(Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins Segment)

(Bayley vs Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke)

(Dana Brooke and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

(Nia Jax vs Ann Esposito; Nia Jax and Alicia Fox Backstage Segment)

(Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke Segment)

(Bayley on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Charlotte/Bayley: A Really competitive match and i do believe Bayleys injury was kayfabe considering she managed to climb into the ring a few times with no issue. Like the backstage segment and the later confrontation between Sasha and Dana, it helped further the story between Dana and Charlotte, but as much as its obvious they wont allow Bayley to lose as they may build her as the next top face, i do question why Bayley won only to be haled out of the title picture, which im not complaining about at all considering it was more predictable if she was to be the next challenger. Either a match between Brooke and Bayley will be Dana’s breaking point or another Dana related miscue during the women’s title match. Either way this week placed more intrigue on Dana as a character than ever before.

Nia/Esposito: I Rather enjoyed the match as we saw Ann get more offense than recent competitors had to a point and im already a fan of her work from just the one match. Also the story behind Ann’s placement was a perfect way to reintroduce Fox, as Ann was mentioned to be a friend of Fox’s, having her debut pre hyped on Twitter by her. I Love that they followed it up by playing up Alicia’s emotions at Ann losing, and that they also didnt make Alicia look weak at all as she fearlessly stood up to Nia, once again retaining her much missed Crazy Gimmick. Just the fact that Alicia looked fearless in the one segment gives me hope for Nia’s first main roster feud, because they’ve already presented a main roster competitor to look strong in defense of their division that Nia is looking to crush, and hopefully Nia will also give Alicia a decent outing at the upcoming event.

Sasha/Dana: As Much as Sasha pleasingly swerved us, for a few moments she had me legit sold that there was some last minute bad news, and im glad to hear that Sasha is back in the forefront. The Segment was great overall and Dana also added more intrigue and credibility to her character as pre mentioned, and it feels less predictable as to how the Clash of Champions Match will end. If Bayley had challenged instead, i feel Bayley would have won but with this match, there’s many ways it could end, all because of Dana, but either way i do feel Sasha will win and hopefully via an unclean finish because the seeds have finally been planted for Dana to part from Charlotte, and Clash of Champions should be the forefront for Charlotte and Dana beating the heck out of each other. I Really cant wait to see what Dana does at the event, if anything at all.

– Catherine


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