WWE NXT RESULTS: Ember Brings More Fire to the Redeveloping Women’s Division (September, 7th 2016)




Last Weeks NXT presented a first look in at a potential push for one competitor in Liv Morgan, and jumping forward to Backlash Week, the spotlight transfers to a woman set to make waves in a division in need of redevelopment, Ember Moon. Weeks clear of a massive victory over Billie Kay in front of a Sold Out Crowd at Brooklyn, the Fiery competitor makes her way to Full Sail to further wow onlooking spectators in a showdown with Indy Competitor Leah Vaughan. Plus we get to see Asuka all confident weeks clear of her own Brooklyn Victory.

First we witness Asuka, the reigning NXT Women’s Champion, participating in a sit down interview with Tom Phillips. Tom first congratulates Asuka for managing to overcome Bayley again, and asks what was so special from the particular match, to which she responds that the crowd was crazy for it. Asuka was excited because of it, and in addition she respected Bayley, referring to her as the heart of NXT. However even if the former champ fought hard, she fought harder to retain, then running through the number of women’s wrestlers that have come through NXT after having her undefeated streak hyped. She adds those called up before her arrival were safe, then gives an own language speech to her fans back home. Moving forward from this, Tom questions if anyone is ready to end the championship reign of Asuka, but Asuka is much adamant that no one is ready.

The One Women’s Match of the night follows next as Leah Vaughan enters to face Ember Moon, set to make her Full Sail Television debut. Following Embers entrance (may i add her entrance theme is AMAZING with no Naomi related pun intended) the two begin their match with a number of reversals. Ember looks to gain control as she prizes Leah in a side headlock, sent to the ropes by the opposer. Ember sends her down as quick with a running spinning elbow. Ember then lands on her feet amid a possible arm drag attempt from Leah, returning to using the side headlock. Leah counters the side headlock into her own, whipping her to the ropes a short time after but Ember bounces back with a flying crossbody off the second rope. Ember gets a near fall on Leah.

Leah tries to overturn things quickly as she strikes with a knee, and she hits with another before clotheslining Ember. Leah follows with her own attempt to cover, with Ember escaping at one. Leah applies a chin-lock, keeping it prized as Ember gets on her feet, attempting to throw off the opposition with elbows. A Forearm from Leah sends Ember back down to her knees, and she handsprings into a clothesline attempt after whipping Ember to a corner, but instead Ember evades while also trying to roll up Leah for another near fall. Ember strikes with a hard kick to Leah, striking with a knee after realizing the previous maneuvers impact. Ember nails a back elbow in an opposite corner to Leah, followed with a butterfly suplex. Clotheslining Leah against another corner, Ember then signals for her big O Face Maneuver as she heads to the top rope. Ember connects with it and pins Leah for the second singles victory. Ember wins the match.

(Asuka Backstage Segment)

(Leah Vaughan/Leah Von Dutch vs Ember Moon)

Thoughts On This Match:
Shorter than i expected but Leah, like Billie, has plenty experience behind her and sold Embers Finisher perfectly, because the finisher is so immaculate, i can imagine its the hardest move to sell in any of Embers Matches, so it’ll be interesting to see how Smaller Opponents take it. Leah is talented, as Ive already seen some of her prior work, and i expected her to lose, but she looked really good and helped enhance Ember in addition. Its clear Ember is being built as the main face and the one realistic threat to Asuka’s title reign while Liv takes Alexa’s place in being a side feud selection, unless WWE swerve and pull out a multi women’s match for the newly announced NXT Takeover Canada. As the tapings have only just started, any woman could emerge between now and then, though i expect the women with the expected star power to take the contendership spot, that being Ember while the others are only just developing, but anything can happen.

– Catherine


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