TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Power Soon to Shift with the Knockouts (September, 8th 2016)




Greetings Wrestling Fans and welcome to the IMPACT Report for this week. Veteran Gail Kim is back in the fold this week, placed in a match notably non hinted by Madam Dixie Carter who appears to have resumed full control of her Knockouts Division once under the control of Maria. However Maria still has much power per holding the Knockouts Championship won via disgraceful actions towards her own associate Allie last week, but a Knockouts Match hinted for next week by Dixie may mean the Wife of the Miracles currently short reign is already coming to an end…

After a tirade in the ring featuring Moose, Mike and Maria confront Dixie in the back, shooing off the newest TNA employee McKenzie Mitchell as they appear before the former chairwoman. Dixie puts Maria on blast for her actions towards Allie last week, despite doing little about it, and in turn, reveals that through speaking with Billy, a conflict of interest regarding Maria’s authority position and position as a competitor per holding the Knockouts Championship means she is being removed as Head of the Knockouts. Maria is left fuming at this revelation, unopposed to the supposed fact that she is the Knockouts Leader.

Gail has already entered the ring for the booked tag match and when we return, Jade is entering and only one can assume the match has been booked by Dixie and Billy quietly in the midst of them plotting to remove Maria from power. Sienna and Allie enter next, but are visibly bickering. In Fact, once the bell rings, a fuming Sienna demands Allie to stay out of their match. While doing this, Gail clambers into the ring, swiveling Sienna around and hitting her with sudden forearms. She blocks Sienna’s big boot while using her own foot to sweep Sienna to the mat. Gail clotheslines Sienna twice before noticing Allie tagging in. Gail elbows Allie to the mat then returns to using forearms, then whipping her to the ropes but rather than make her way back, Allie is soon on the escape. Gail doesn’t let her fully escape however as she delivers a dropkick which sends the blonde crashing from the apron to the floor.

Sienna flips at Allie at ringside and demands her back in the ring before forcefully tagging herself in. Gail avoids the opening clothesline by Sienna and connects with an elbow by a corner. Gail dives from the second rope but Sienna catches her in her clutches, delivering a huge slam to her after for a near fall. Sienna clubs Gail before throwing some smack talk at Jade while the crowd demands for Allie. Sienna stomps at Gail in a corner and forces Allie away as she tries to help Sienna. Sienna continuously forearms Gail before splashing her against another corner, easily tossing her to the mat right after. Sienna goes into a cocky pin attempt that Gail escapes at two.

Sienna seems to reach out to Allie, or as thought as she disallows the chance for Allie to take over by not tagging her in. Sienna continues to dominate over the fellow former Knockouts Champion, taking her to the mat with a strong Samoan Drop, getting a near fall and also taking a late kick from Jade following that pin attempt. Gail escapes a set up from Sienna into her finisher, avoiding a clothesline in turn to connect with a neckbreaker. While it looks like Sienna is clambering over to Allie, she soon realizes what is upon her if so and chooses not to tag Allie, instead trying to distance Jade and Gail. Gail escapes her grip to tag in Jade, who scores many high knees to Sienna. Jade dropkicks Sienna then connects with a hurricanrana, and as Sienna spills to her own corner, Allie decides to tag in. Jade delivers a boot in that corner to Sienna, having not seen the tag and Allie bravely climbs up to the second rope. Allie looks to hit a diving axe handle to Jade but hits Sienna instead, who is sent out of the ring due to not being the legal competitor. However Sienna returns to the ring quickly and leaves Allie down on the mat by hitting with the Silencer, and though Jade and Gail are both confused with this move from Sienna despite the seen tension, Jade chooses to cover Allie anyway and pin her. Jade and Gail win the match but despite what went down, the two show much respect to Allie after.

Later in the show, Jade encounters Allie in the back, who is still sobbing despite the respect shown by the veterans after the loss. The Defeated Allie still believes that she let down Maria despite the former Knockouts Leaders actions towards her the prior week, leaving Jade furthermore confused. In Addition Reby and Rosemary had minor interactions during the Revamping of the Final Deletion, which saw the Hardy’s and The Decay battle in North Carolina in revenge for the Tag Champions invading the Hardy’s home.

(Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Mike Bennett and Dixie Carter Backstage Segment)

(Jade and Gail Kim vs Allie and Sienna)

(Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Reby vs Rosemary, Abyss and Crazy Steve; Delete or Decay Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Im Going to agree with nearly everyone this week on terms of it being a filler for the Knockouts this week, though there was plenty developments rather than just a throwaway. The Match helped to further cement the face turn of Allie while also giving Sienna a decent amount of dominance that she is well known for. Also, we got Maria’s removal from power as Dixie seemingly believes being an Authority Figure and a Title Holder cannot be allowed (Triple H is somewhere disagreeing). The Negative for me however is the neglect in not mentioning how the tag match came about, as that match wouldn’t originally happen had Maria booked it unless for the intention for Sienna to “destroy” Gail Kim. Billy’s position of power both in kayfabe and reality has lead to him booking Knockouts Matches quietly as of late thus i question the lack of power used last week when they didn’t overrule Maria’s decision to humiliate Allie and snatch the title from her, which should be brought up in storyline by fellow Knockouts including Allie though it may seem they just let last week go ahead because they had a plan structured to try and remove her from position as Knockouts Champion immediately hence next weeks match. So to shorten things, basically the booking has been solid and confusing all in one night but heres to next week, which, may i add, will feature Raquel in contention. Thats all i will say for you guys to look forward to right now…

– Catherine


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