WWE BACKLASH PREDICTIONS: Six Pack Challenge for the Smackdown Womens Championship (September, 11th 2016)


Welcome Everyone to this weeks week ending post (Yes Ive Missed Lucha Underground Report as im having a lack of update time due to being away over the weekend but that will come soon) and its time to weigh in on the first Smackdown Brand Pay Per View of 2016, the returning WWE Backlash that will feature the Six Competing Women of Smackdown battling for the newly introduced Smackdown Women’s Championship. First Draft Pick of the Brand Becky Lynch will battle her former rival Natalya, the recent draftees from NXT Alexa Bliss and Carmella, the recently rejuvenated character of Naomi and a healed and to be reestablished Nikki Bella. The Rule of the match is the woman to get the first pinfall will be crowned the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Now there’s plenty scenarios on how this could turn out, especially since Smackdown needs to showcase itself as a watchable brand like it has been over RAW in recent weeks, but the question remains as to whether the creative teams are different between brands due to their differences in establishing women or is this just all a hold up until the championship has a holder, meaning we are back to singular feuds and others just vying for dominance only to ever get that slot on Superstars or Main Event so to speak? Who Knows but as much as i believe recent reports put center focus on Nikki Bella becoming Champion due to being the one who can put over the new breed of stars, any of the competitors in this match can put another over, and Nikki pinning Carmella considering the near one sided domination over the weeks remains a predictable move, thus im going for Alexa Bliss pinning Naomi to become champion.

WWE Backlash airs Live Tonight (Sunday Sep 11th) at 1am UK Time on the WWE Network, also featuring Smackdowns Top Champion, the WWE Champion Dean Ambrose defending the championship against AJ Styles and also the Miz defending the Intercontinental Championship against Ambrose’s previous challenger, Dolph Ziggler.

– Catherine


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