WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: More Backlash for a Crowd Favorite (September, 6th 2016)




Welcome Everyone to the Pre Backlash Smackdown Report. As found out weeks ago a Six Pack Challenge featuring every competing woman on the roster would be set by the Officials of Smackdown, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, and for this Sundays Backlash. As of late a newly turned heel Carmella has had advantageous strikes to a recently returned and recovered Nikki Bella, but with the last week before Backlash amongst them, could the Bella in need of revenge hit back at her newly found foe? We’ll soon know..

Daniel Bryan, the General Manager of Smackdown stands by in the ring for a segment to hype the Women’s Championship Battle at Backlash. He welcomes down Becky Lynch firstly, questioning how much it would mean to Lynch to get the title on Sunday. Becky describes how it would mean a lot to her and to the fans that cheer for her, stating it would be worth it. Becky questions on why she lost her first WrestleMania match but there’s also a hidden meaning behind being the first Smackdown Women’s Draft pick, answering simply that its because everything she has fought for has lead her to her moment, the moment of standing atop five over women to become champion. As she wishes to further visualize it, Natalya walks in to ruin this, labeling Becky’s speech as boring before calling the night of the draft one of her worst career moments, because she got placed on the same roster as Becky. Natalya adds that she was supposed to run the Kingdom of Smackdown but instead she is running sick of Becky’s cheap, unnatural hair colour. Alexa Bliss then comes in to diss Natalya and Beckys shortcomings, and also to take a shot at Daniel Bryans own relationship with a certain Brie Bella. Also coming in to boast over the attack to Nikki Bella is Carmella, but seeing how Carmella cut off Bliss’s speech, Becky tries to use this to divide them, which Natalya sees through very quickly. Natalya, Alexa and Carmella gather around Becky, but are sent packing by an arriving Naomi and Nikki to set up a 6 woman tag.

Later comes the women’s tag and first arrive the babyfaces Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch and Naomi separately, followed by the heel unit for the night, Natalya, Alexa and Carmella. Opening the match for respective sides are Naomi and Alexa Bliss. Alexa’s attitude is on full display once entering the ring as she smacks Naomi across the face amid some center of the ring smack talk. Alexa then seeks forgiveness but takes a series of swift knees from Naomi. One final kick sends Alexa down to the mat and Naomi takes advantage of her hard kick to seek the early victory with her first pin attempt of the match, one Bliss escapes from at two. Alexa then scrambles to her own corner, tagging in the newly vicious Carmella.

Carmella is caught early on in a waist-lock by Naomi, who additionally sends her to the mat. Naomi works over her further with an arm wringer, additionally extending her hand out to Lynch, who tags in. Carmella wheels out of the follow up arm wringer from Becky and sweeps her from underneath to send her to the mat. Carmella goes to cover but Becky floats from the mat before the count is even made. A Series of counters eventually ends in Becky backsliding Carmella to get the near fall. Carmella misses a clothesline but uses the ring ropes to try escape the grip of Becky. Becky rolls her from underneath to get another near fall. With Carmella in one hand, Becky, now having a grip on Carmella, tags in the recently promoted competitors rival, Nikki Bella. Carmella sneakily shoves Becky into Nikki before trying to back away from a fight with Nikki. She bolts from the ring, regrouping with Natalya and Alexa as the babyfaces try to summon them back in the ring.

When we return from a small commercial break, the action is back in the ring as Becky delivers clotheslines to Carmella. A Side Kick follows this, and Becky then hits her running elbow to Carmella in a corner. Becky nails an exploder suplex to get another near fall on Carmella. Carmella tries to send Becky to the floor but Becky holds strongly on the apron. Clearing off Alexa amid a possible assist, Becky then sends her shoulder into Carmella, but as Carmella screeches at the ref, Natalya assists the partner by taking Becky from the apron to the floor. Natalya tries to get Becky back on her feet, then handing her to Carmella, who takes her back in the ring. A Series of forearms is followed by a pin attempt by Carmella on Becky, resulting in a near fall. Carmella chokes Becky against the second rope, with Natalya also providing another veterinary heel type assist by sneaking a kick in from behind the ropes to Becky. Carmella mocks Nikki before forcing Becky to the heel corner, smacking Becky’s face against the top turnbuckle before tagging Natalya back in.

The Two drag Becky by her hair backward to the mat before Natalya offers up her first pin attempt, getting a one count on Becky. She tries choking out Becky with a rear choke-hold, though Becky refuses to fade, arm dragging Natalya to a side of the ring and escaping her clutches, but Natalya regroups before she can spring over to her corner to tag either Naomi or Nikki, grabbing Becky and running her over to the heels corner. After driving her knee into Becky a few times, Natalya proceeds to tag Alexa into the match. After a double arm drag, both Alexa and Natalya send both legs of Becky’s into the canvas before Alexa looks to further this assault on her own. Alexa provides a vicious forearm to the back of Becky before taking her to the second rope, choking her against it with her knee. Hanging onto the ropes temporarily, Alexa stomps on the back of Becky’s neck, then reverting to a pin attempt, another of which Becky escapes at two.

Becky finds momentum within to try break from the side headlock applied by Alexa. She tries to throw forearms but takes a blow to the midsection via a knee from Alexa. Becky suddenly rolls Alexa into a small package for a near fall. Alexa hits with another knee before taking her to the heels corner, and tagged back in is Nattie. Nattie snapmares Becky away from the turnbuckles before getting in a basement dropkick from behind. She stomps at the back of Becky before cheapshotting Nikki off the apron, then switching her attention back to Becky and slamming her while Nikki tries to go after the veteran competitor herself, held back by the ref. Back in focus, the referee counts the pin attempt by Natalya that ends in a near fall. Some shots do little to Becky, who rolls Natalya into a small package for another near fall. Natalya goes for her own pin attempt, unsuccessful of course as she soon reverts to holding off Becky from the fellow babyfaces.

Becky goes for punches but is stalled by a knee from Natalya within moments. Natalya whips Becky who strikes back with a knee after launching herself off the ropes. Becky reaches close to Nikki but is forced away by Natalya. Becky rolls Natalya over for a near fall and immediately starts to dart towards Naomi and Nikki, though again Natalya prevents this. Holding Becky back, Natalya also manages to tag Bliss, who takes over. Alexa misses a swift elbow when Becky distances herself, and she makes the needed tag to Nikki. Nikki pummels Alexa with clotheslines and an additional dropkick, though a running forearm falls flat when Alexa climbs out of the corner. Nikki makes up for it with a forearm that knocks Alexa slightly away, followed with the side kick off the second rope. Nikki goes for the pin attempt there, getting a near fall on Alexa.

Alexa breaks away from Nikki via a standing jawbreaker, tagging in Carmella moments later. Carmella trundles over to the hurt Bella, mocking her, only to be scooped onto her shoulders. Nikki connects with her finishing move but before she can grab a win for her team, Bliss breaks up the pin attempt. Natalya comes in to clothesline Nikki but is hauled out by Naomi. Alexa tosses Naomi from the ring then connects with double knees to Nikki on two occasions before being sent down by Becky. While both spill outside, Carmella, left to deal with Nikki, applies the finishing code of silence submission for the sudden victory. Carmella, Natalya and Alexa win the match.

(Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Naomi and Nikki Bella Segment)

(Naomi, Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch vs Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Carmella)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall a good match and i liked how the earlier segment gave reasoning for this match, actually highlighting the animosity rather than the match being booked just because of the past few weeks in a creative move to just showcase all the competitors competing on Sunday. I Wish Naomi could have been in the match a little more, considering shes added more to her arsenal as of late but she truly appears to have the dark horse effect at Backlash if not Becky or Alexa, but i would love for WWE to make the championship match unpredictable, considering the lack of momentum on Nikki’s side and Carmella getting the pre PPV victory means the win is most likely being given to the top candidate in Nikki.

– Catherine


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