LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Back to the Temple for High Stakes Action, with Battles Already Made (September, 7th 2016)




So I Can Finally Say after spending many months waiting (thankfully not a year) that Lucha Underground is back, and if the sentence has or hasn’t already hinted, its back earlier than planned, returning this past Wednesday in fact. The Glorious Luchadors or even Luchadoras of the Boyle Heights Temple are back to either resume or create new opposition as their quest to become the best continues, not to mention some things are already set for Ultima Lucha Tres. As I Try keep fangirling to a minimum for the particular match, lets get talking in chronological order what went down.

Ivelisse is first women’s wise outside of Melissa Santos who is on all night announcing duty, to step forth into the temples ring. Months clear of what is surely a humiliating loss to her against Taya, Ivelisse clearly has someone to blame, that being the woman who cost her that particular match, Catrina. She notes that its twice now that Catrina has cost her two Ultima Lucha matches, and in turn, she has come to the realization that she wants two things. The First is an Ultima Lucha Victory that she has yet to Obtain, the Second being that she wishes to crush Catrina’s Skull into the ground. Ivelisse makes it clear she wants to combat with Catrina at Ultima Lucha Tres, and appearing out of nowhere (as she does) is the Mistress of the Underworld with a mic in one hand and the mysterious stone in the other. Catrina instantly accepts, and Ivelisse warns the future opposer that at Ultima Lucha Tres She is “Dead”.

Next to Happen on the show in relation to the Temples Women, Newly crowned Gift of the Gods Champion Sexy Star is to defend her Championship against Taya. The Match comes after Johnny Mundo complains backstage, and the bickering leads to Dario selecting Taya to compete in the ring tonight, considering she actually had a win at the past Ultima Lucha. In Fact Star and Taya are both already in the ring when we return to the ring, introduced by Melissa. The Two tie up to start things off, before it turns into a battle of strength with Taya trying to bend the back of Star and attempting in turn to force her against the mat. Star gets herself up, breaks loose of Taya’s grip and arm drags her, turning her focus to Taya’s right shoulder after. Taya’s reversal leads to her rolling Star over to get her first near fall of the match.

Taya tries to work on Star right after with a front face-lock applied, though Star comes back with a couple of fists before a complete reversal leads to her arm dragging Taya again. Star covers Taya but like the opposer earlier, she gets a near fall. Each then duck a clothesline attempt by one another and end up in a short standoff. Taya and Star end up provoking one another as they exchange singular slaps to each other, before Taya tires of Stars counter offense, flattening her with a clothesline. Taya forearms the back of the champion before taking her into a corner. Taya uses her boot to continuously choke Star before whipping her into a separate corner. Taya clotheslines her against the same corner then proceeds with running double knees. Taya drags her from the corner for her next pin attempt, again getting a near fall on the champ.

Taya follows this up with a slam, ascending up to the top turnbuckle to execute a moonsault, one which doesn’t connect when Star rolls away. Star begins to find her momentum as she boots Taya at the side of the face, following this with a running back elbow near to the center, and an additional clothesline. A Dropkick fully sends Taya to the outside. Star doesn’t wait for a regrouping chance as she Lou Thesz Press’s Taya from the apron. She rolls her back to the ring, attempting to cover her there and getting a near fall once more. Star heads to the ropes, going for a crossbody on the way back to only be caught in the hands of Taya. Taya hits a Fallaway Slam to gain control, also eyeing her approaching partners of the Worldwide Underground, Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans and PJ Black. With Evans joining PJ to distract the official from the outside, Mundo takes the hair of Sexy Star while Taya goes for running double knees, taking advantage of the Fella’s assist. However Star moves away and not only does she escape the clutches of Johnny but he ends up the target of Taya’s maneuver instead. Star rolls up Taya after, pinning her to retain the championship.

Out of Spite at the result, Taya and her Worldwide Underground Partners lead a Four on One Assault to the Still Gift of the Gods Champion after the match. However, pursuing them is Drago, Fenix and Aero Star, the Current Trios Champions. Mundo and Team dart away from the ring, leaving Star somewhat intact and in the hands of the fellow champions, who stare-down Worldwide Underground as they flee to the back.

(Worldwide Underground, Taya and Dario Cueto Segment)

(Ivelisse and Catrina Segment)

(Sexy Star vs Taya Valkyrie; Gift of the Gods Championship Match feat Worldwide Underground, Drago, Fenix and Aerostar)

Thoughts On:
Ivelisse/Catrina: I Have been waiting for these two to collide since early into Season One and its amazing how much backstory they have, how the feud has been built and how it hasn’t gone forgotten, even though Ivelisse was either injured through a past season or during this one. The Segment was short but served its purpose in heightening the feud and building the story in the short amount of time given. Short. Simple. Effective. Its understandable how short time wise it was considering its only an hour long show (wish it was longer) but cannot wait for the match. Taya may have taken away Ivelisse’s moniker but not the bravery and badassery that gave her it.

Sexy Star/Taya: Like Ivelisse’s Confrontation with Catrina, it was Short, Simple and Effective. The Match had some history behind it, due to Taya earning it due to having the Ultima Lucha Win that her boys didn’t as Dario referenced and the two have a past being in AAA as partners. It also furthered the Trios Championship feud as Worldwide Underground are sure to get their rematch, not to mention Mundo looks to pursuit the Gift of the Gods Championship in order to obtain the hugest belt in the promotion. If things go how expected, this could be Mundo’s biggest breakthrough in Lucha Underground outside of his feud with Cage and El Patron and the more they focus on him than lose sight on character the better. The Only thing id change at this point is Sexy Stars Theme Song because even though shes a babyface, to me Star reflects bravery, not only through her past LU matches, but through her current role as Gift of the Gods Champion. I Feel a more badass theme song would suit her, even if she is No Ivelisse.

– Catherine


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