WWE BACKLASH RESULTS: The Remaining Horsewoman Achieves Big (September, 11th 2016)




Welcome All to the Backlash Report, as the PPV returned this past Sunday exclusively as part of the Smackdown Brand, and the importance was already a factor in just watching the show as Smackdown was set to crown its first ever Women’s Champion and Tag Team Champions. Fighting in the Six Pack Challenge to earn this particular honor (and Gold) were Becky Lynch, Natalya, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Nikki Bella.

In Fact the Ladies of Smackdown do the service of warming up the crowd as Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan announce that the Women will open Backlash. Following this exciting announcement, out first comes Becky for this hyped match, followed by Natalya, Naomi, Alexa, Carmella and lastly a Woman believed to be a top contender for taking the title, Nikki Bella. Once all entrants have stepped into the ring and the belt is raised, the bell is rung and each woman goes after a particular competitor, Natalya lunging at Naomi, Becky at Alexa and Nikki also by Alexa as Carmella has slipped out of camera view. Natalya clotheslines Nikki out of the ring, before Naomi sends her also to the outside. On the opposite side of the ring, Carmella trips Alexa, sending the small but fierce competitor face first to the canvas. Knocking her away to the table, Carmella then ascends to the apron, only to join Alexa back on the outside after taking a springboard sidekick by Becky. This then leaves Naomi and Becky to square off in the ring.

Becky delivers multiple arm drags to Naomi before applying pressure to her left shoulder. Naomi rolls out to counter Becky’s Maneuvers, sending her backward to the mat in turn. Naomi goes for the pin attempt but Becky raises herself off the mat following the one count result. Naomi averts a snapmare attempt and delivers her swift knees to the Lasskicker, followed by a hard kick to the left side of Becky. She charges towards Becky but is sent over the ropes and to the floor. Becky doesn’t wait for a potential recovery, climbing to the top turnbuckle but Carmella is in hot pursuit and she cheapshots Becky along the way. Carmella returns to the ring, hitting a number of forearms to Becky, continuing this assault despite being temporarily kicked away by the Lasskicker. Carmella sends Becky from the top turnbuckle to the mat with a headscissor, and the lateral press follows, but Carmella only manages to get a near fall in this pin attempt. Carmella then ends up face to face with Nikki Bella, but both ladies are quickly ambushed by Natalya and Alexa.

Bliss forearms Nikki while Natalya chucks Carmella back to the outside floor. But Natalya isn’t wholly done with Carmella as she chooses to ram her into the outside barricade, and a double Glitz Flip (Insult to Injury) to Nikki back in the ring executed by Alexa gets WWE’s current Harley Quinn a near fall on the former Divas Champion. Alexa flips out for a little bit before knocking Natalya off the apron to return her attention to the Bella. However the timing proves costly as Alexa takes a forearm upon charging over to Nikki and to the corner, and the side kick off the second turnbuckle gets Nikki a near fall on Alexa. Nikki furthers her assault with numerous shoulder tackles before a sunset flip powerbomb allows Alexa to temporarily assume command, though she again gets a near fall. While Alexa throws a fit in the middle of the ring, she fails to see Natalya coming, until she steps on her neck to execute her basement dropkick from the front side. Natalya tries to follow this up with a pin attempt, resulting in a near fall for Nattie on Alexa.

Becky returns to the ring, clotheslining her former rival Natalya as well as Bliss. Alexa takes a dropkick from Becky, who additionally hits the running forearm to the small competitor in the corner. However, before she can do much more, Natalya returns to the fray and German Suplexes Lynch away from the corner. Naomi slinks back into the ring and sends Natalya for a whirl via a headscissor followed with a full nelson bomb and as Naomi bridges, Alexa splashes both competitors and breaks Naomi’s grip on the Queen of Harts. Naomi sends Alexa away and as she celebrates the switch in momentum, Carmella superkick’s her to the mat. Carmella showboats but as she turns, she only just sees Nikki, who drives her to the mat with a huge spear. Carmella gets back on her feet, avoiding a clothesline from Nikki and delivering a slap to her. Carmella hits the Side Russian Leg Sweep then locks the Code of Silence but to her dismay Nikki finds enough power to haul Carmella off the mat and perform an Alabama Slam Reversal. However to the dismay of the Bella, Carmella kicks out of the power move at the count of two.

Left reeling at the result, Nikki tries to pick up where she left off as she sets up Carmella on the top rope in a corner. The Two battle it out on the ropes and Natalya runs in, suplexing both off the ropes and to the mat with the infamous Tower of Doom spot. Alexa climbs back in the ring, taking advantage of all three women’s fallen state to try and pin each, to no avail as all the women kick out. Alexa, left frustrated at this, takes it out on Carmella before trying to pin her for a second time, leading to another near fall. Alexa tosses Carmella through the ropes before noticing Becky climbing back into the ring, hitting her with a knee to stall the potential comeback. However Becky tries to perform a sudden reversal as she looks for the Disarmer but Alexa refuses to be grounded to the mat. Alexa sends Becky face first into the corner turnbuckle, then going for her sunset flip powerbomb a second time, again leading to a near fall. Carmella returns to the fray and forearms the smaller one out of the ring, but finds herself meeting the floor also per Nikki Bella. Seeing the few ladies down on the floor, Nikki readies for a Suicide Dive but Carmella springs back into the ring and forearms her mid way. Carmella sends Nikki to the floor before Naomi has her join Nikki also. Naomi then crashes onto the competitors all on the outside as she flies off the top rope to perform a diving crossbody.

Naomi rolls Natalya back into the ring, but before she can do much else, Alexa follows the two in and clubs Naomi from behind. Alexa tosses Naomi to the outside then turns her attention to Natalya, attacking her against the corner turnbuckles. Natalya hauls Alexa off her feet to ready for a powerbomb, but is stalled by Naomi appearing on the turnbuckles, who hits a flip cutter to Alexa off the top rope and in turn, sending Alexa off the shoulders of Natalya. Naomi pins Alexa after the impactful move, eliminating her from the match (though initially it was meant to be the first pin-fall means that person is the victor off the match). Naomi doesn’t have long to celebrate this however as Natalya comes after her near immediately, but she is soon sent to the floor via a headscissor from Naomi on the ropes. Naomi then uses her knee to knock away a charging Nikki behind the apron, and as she springboards off the top rope, Nikki connects with a huge forearm smash. Nikki looks to pin Naomi but Natalya removes her from the pin attempt as quick as possible. Natalya applies the sharpshooter to Naomi, quickly eliminating the very athletic competitor.

Returning to the action, Carmella has sent Becky into the steel steps at ringside, climbing to the ring after and staring out Natalya. It appears Natalya and Carmella may work together to make work hard for Nikki, but Natalya turns and clotheslines Carmella suddenly. She goes after Nikki right after but meets a clothesline from the fighting Bella. The Argentine Backbreaker from Nikki does its work in eliminating Natalya, leaving the remaining three as herself, Carmella and Becky Lynch. Carmella bursts back in and drags Nikki to the mat before rolling her up, additionally grabbing the tights to get the most shocking elimination currently. Nikki has been eliminated but the fuming Bella doesn’t leave without some sort of revenge, slapping Carmella across the face before leaving. Carmella screeches at Nikki upon getting to her feet before continuously chopping away at a returning Becky. As she flips out, Becky fires back with multiple exploder suplexes and as she further fires herself up, a superkick by Carmella stalls this momentum. Carmella stalks her opposition, attempting to haul her up by her hair but Becky takes advantage of that position to lock the Disarmer. The Aggravated Princess of Staten Island soon taps and Becky wins the match, becoming not only the First Smackdown Women’s Champion but the first Irish Women’s Champion in the WWE.

An Emotional Becky sounds off on the crowning moment to Charly in the ring, thanking the fans who have been there despite her struggles, and every-time they do something to support her is what drives her, noting that its the first time she has held gold. Theres nothing more she can say other than they did it, and she thanks Charly before heading out of the ring to celebrate with her peers backstage.

In Addition, Maryse was adding more woman power to the show as she retained her previous antics from the olden days to help her husband retain his intercontinental title. The Supportive Wife of the Miz sprayed some form of perfume in the face of the challenger, Ziggler, which Miz eventually capitalized on to further his championship reign.

(Carmella vs Naomi vs Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Bella; Smackdown Women’s Championship Six Pack Challenge)

(Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz w/ Maryse; Intercontinental Championship Match)

(Becky Lynch Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
What Can I Say Other than an incredible encounter between all six women. There was so many spots i loved, whether that would be Naomi’s outside diving crossbody, Carmella’s forearm to Nikki mid suicide dive, Naomi’s top rope flip cutter to Alexa or the Corner Tower of Doom from Natalya. The Only Negatives for me were Naomi being eliminated so quickly by Natalya, the amount of times the women were thrown out of the ring and the sudden change in stipulation that went unmentioned as im sure it was mentioned sometime before that the first pin-fall would lead to a single victor, hence why i almost thought Naomi had won on first glance and you could see the crowd get up for it like it was legitimate. Theres no doubt Alexa and Naomi were the stars of the match, though you cant sit out on the talents also competing, and Carmella’s heel personality massively shined towards the end. Also i have to sound off on how proud i am to see Becky take the Gold because even if she was a top favorite to win alongside Nikki, she has appeared to be the undermined member of the Four Horsewomen and there were so many times where it was thought that she would never get gold, especially upon her heading out of RAW in the draft to a once title-less brand, meaning she’d miss out on securing the top women’s brass on RAW that she already deserved. I Do Believe eventual abdication to another competitor will lead to Becky going back heel down the line, but there’s no doubt, regardless of what people believe in regards to the various divisions being about only particular people, that Becky deserved her moment that she should have got on RAW a long time ago. Congratulations Becky!

– Catherine


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