Your Monday Post #126: Michelle McCool vs Melina at Night of Champions 2010 (September, 19th 2010)


Welcome All to a Sort of Late Edition of Your Monday Post, and with WWE Backlash now out of the way, its now time to focus on a PPV up and coming that more or less forces to showcase the women of the WWE, Night of Champions (now renamed Clash of Champions) where every championship is defended. Looking Back at the matches i have yet to mention on the site, one comes to mind, in the form of the riveting match between Michelle McCool and Melina, both former Divas and Women’s Champions.

Riveting being due to the fact that a stipulation thought up by WWE oddly meant that a victory for Michelle would force the unification of the Divas and Women’s Championship. At the time McCool held the Women’s Championship while Melina carried the Divas Championship, and their fellow women on the roster would be viewing at ringside as Lumberjills for the event, to witness the possible unification of the female based championships, also meaning one brand at that time would go without a title, though at the time some fans questioned the legitimacy of the Divas Championship that was introduced on Smackdown to give women on that particular brand a chance at championship glory. To the Happiness of her supporter Layla (the other half of LayCool) McCool won, unifying the Divas and Women’s Championship and becoming the first Unified Divas Champion in the history of the company. The Move also meant Layla would be the last WWE Womens Champion due to unification, as the current championship is a completely different title entirely.

– Catherine


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