Cattie’s Catch Up: The Dollhouse vs Gail Kim and Velvet Sky; Lethal Lockdown Tag Team Match (February, 23rd 2016)


Welcome All to this weeks Cattie’s Catch Up, and though a day late, this couldn’t be more appropriate timing wise. Only Just yesterday did it come to my attention that Rebel was reportedly released from TNA (will post on this once clarified and confirmed) but brought to my attention were the amount of posts regarding a particular match that possibly overlooked her actually showcased potential, regarding her Knockouts Knockdown Match with Shelly Martinez labelled as the worst of all time…

However, what seems to not be mentioned by some viewers is Rebels best in ring outing as the constantly improving worker now on the indies stepped out from valeting her Dollhouse companions in Jade and Marti Bell, having joined them under a year ago beforehand, to compete in the first Lethal Lockdown Knockouts Tag Team Match, set up a week before by a returning Velvet Sky who was injured by the Dollhouse’s secondary leader Awesome Kong earlier in the year. Set up similarly with Gauntlet rules, the match started with rivals Gail Kim (Knockouts Champ at the time) and Jade, before progression lead to Velvet, Marti and Rebel stepping in, heightening the numbers as Madison Rayne, set to join Gail and Velvet in combat, was unexplainably injured backstage, thus forcing Gail to step up to her also nemesis at the time (and currently) Maria Kanellis-Bennett to try and get her to get her boots on and aid them against the menacing trio. Though Maria appeared to accept, she instead shut the door of the cage surrounding the ring, probably not to the surprise of Sky or Gail, and the numbers game was a top advantage in allowing the Dollhouse to pick up a needed victory.

– Catherine


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