WWE RAW RESULTS: Contendership Official, Partnerships (and Bodies) Broken (September, 12th 2016)




Welcome All to this weeks RAW Report (with more updates set to come) and things hit a standstill or a point of confusion midweek last week when the already announced match between the current WWE Womens Champion Charlotte and the former champion turned challenger Sasha Banks was oddly pulled from the event. However no fear as the appearance of the one and only Mick Foley shed some light on the events, as the featured women of RAW were summoned into the shows opening segment.

Appearing before the crowd, Foley wants to first take a short moment to recognize the title victory that Becky Lynch achieved this past Sunday at Backlash, before focusing on his own show. With that out of the way, he summons out Women’s Champion Charlotte, who appears alongside Dana, who, as one would know, has had tension escalating with the Champion as of late. Before Foley can even announce whats going on with Charlotte’s future as champion, the aggravated title holder takes it upon herself to force an apology out of Brooke for (apparently) being the reason she had lost to Bayley as of late, as well as reminding her how she further embarrassed herself by tapping out to the returning Sasha Banks last week. She tries to coax Brooke further into apologizing, threatening to drop her role as Mentor to Brooke and thus the protege apologizes. Again Foley’s chance to speak up on the events between the women is shut down by an appearing Sasha Banks. In Fact the “Legit Bo$$” of the WWE steps up and appears adamant that she will step up and take the title at Clash of Champions.

The Crowd further voices their pleasure at the presence of Sasha before Charlotte attempts to shut them down by reminding them who actually holds the championship, then Bayley emerges from the back with some words of her own. The Resident Hugger says she would love to see her rival turned friend and so on Sasha Banks compete for the Championship, but even though shes only just been introduced, she does have a victory over Charlotte. To the Chagrin of Banks, Bayley cant help but question whether shes the actual contender because of this. Banks interrupts Bayley, bringing up their history and how Bayley recently had her back at WWE Battleground, but when it comes to gold, she has no friends so she insists Bayley steps to the back of the line. She proclaims she has unfinished business with the Champ, which she indeed reiterates, that being that the only unfinished business she has with her previously announced contender is being able to finish off the work of further injuring her. Sasha demands a fight but Charlotte, despite having the jacket of the Boss hilariously thrown at her, maintains some calm as she reminds the aggravated competitor that she doesn’t dictate when her title will be defended, but to her dismay, Foley does.

Dana tries to back Charlotte somewhat by suggesting that Sasha and Bayley fight it out to determine who faces “The Queen”, and maybe even in a women’s best of seven series, currently ongoing with Cesaro and Sheamus. Charlotte doesn’t seem to approve of the defensiveness of her protege, and threatens to slap her if she even speaks again. While Dana glumly glances at the floor to take in her comrades threat, Foley has come to a decision as to who will challenge Charlotte at the upcoming Clash of Champions Event. This will be decided when Bayley, Sasha and Dana face each other in a Triple Threat which will create a solid contender to the title. Of course Dana’s inclusion isn’t decided until Charlotte hears that Sasha and Bayley will be competing for a contendership spot, taking her frustrations out on Dana who had initially suggested that. Dana delivers a slap to Charlotte, thus Foley throws her into the match, which just so happens to be next.

When we return, Banks, Bayley and Brooke are positioned in the ring while Charlotte, still feeling the sting of Brooke’s slap from earlier, is perched with the commentary team. Dana looks strong in the opening, managing to forearm away both Bayley and Sasha, sending Bayley to ringside before booting Sasha in the midsection. She throws Sasha backward to the mat by her hair, furthermore attempting to choke her fellow woman against the bottom turnbuckle. Following this beat-down to Sasha, Dana recognizes Bayley trying to make it back in the ring and sends her to the floor again. Sasha blocks Dana’s attempt to force her to the corner, sending her back first into it instead. Sasha gives Dana a few kicks against the same corner, proceeding to choke her with her foot against the post after. Sasha slaps Dana across the face, following with a snapmare and the first pin attempt to be executed, which Dana kicks out of at two, resulting in a near fall for Banks on Dana.

Sasha tries to go for Dana in the corner but Dana has her float to the apron. Dana kicks Sasha away and to the floor, screeching at her and taking no notice of an approaching Bayley, who tries rolling up Dana from behind. Dana kicks out of the roll up pin attempt at one. Bayley begins an assault from there as she drives the head of Dana into the earlier corner turnbuckle. Shes then sent into consecutive turnbuckles, before Dana tries to kick-start a comeback with a kick delivered suddenly to Bayley. Dana tries to take Bayley onto her shoulders but the Hugger slips free easy, then temporarily setting herself apart from Dana as she whips her back into a corner. Bayley clotheslines her against the same corner for a near fall. Bayley attempts another pin following running low clotheslines and a singular knee drop, resulting again in a near fall.

Dana has her left arm and shoulder targeted by Bayley after, but tries to make a strong comeback with forearms into the midsection followed up by an arm wringer into a hammerlock, though Dana’s counters dont last long per the arm drag from Bayley. Again Bayley works on the left arm of Dana. Bayley takes Dana to the ropes before Sasha re-emerges with a rebound, tripping Dana from ringside, then climbing into the ring to be face to face with the longtime rival. However Dana has recovered quick, attempting to lunge at both ladies, who duck the clothesline attempt by Dana, sending her back out following a double arm drag. Sasha and Bayley are left to stare-down as we go to the commercial break.

When we return, Dana is back in action, working over Bayley with a hold applied while something appears to have happened to have lead to Sasha being laid out at ringside. Dana takes over in a battle of forearms between her and Bayley, but as she goes for a slam, Sasha dives back in and rolls up Dana, also sending Bayley completely off Dana’s back. Sasha gets a near fall on Dana per the roll up. Sasha fires one forearm after another at Dana, as many as she can to send her to a corner, then charging to a corner, blocking Dana’s attempt to hit with her knees, pivoting her legs to another side and she even hauls Bayley against the same corner with both feet to successfully execute double knees to both, or so thought as Bayley instead rolls out, leading to Dana taking the full impact. But Dana again refuses to fall, kicking out of the next pin attempt by Sasha at two.

While Sasha is left reeling by this, it only takes a short moment for her to turn and become the target of Bayleys cross-body from the top rope, but she doesn’t get to pin Sasha as Dana breaks both of them up at the count of two. Dana then clotheslines both ladies to the mat before unleashing a load of forearms to the defenseless Sasha against the mat. She launches Sasha into the corner nearby, then proceeding to lead Bayley into another corner, where she hits her with numerous shoulder tackles. Dana teases a superplex to Bayley off the ropes but Sasha runs in to carry out her own, laying out Bayley and Dana with the Tower of Doom out of the corner. Despite the hard impact, Dana somehow manages to kick out of the huge maneuver at the count of two. Sasha manages to resume command regardless, taking the foot of Dana and delivering a high knee, right before attempting the backstabber, to no avail as Dana clenches the ropes. Dana tries to clothesline a limping Sasha but she fights back, managing to block it, and she eventually connects with the Backstabber followed into the Bank Statement. Just as we expect Dana to tap, Bayley runs in, kicking Sasha at the side of her head to break her finishing submission. Bayley tries to pin Dana after hitting Dana with her own finisher but Sasha breaks up that pin, then rolling Bayley up to pin her and retain her contendership status. Sasha wins the match.

Poor Dana is about to feel more punishment her way as she tries again to apologize for another missed victory opportunity to Charlotte. Charlotte simply silences her and tells the near teary protege to carry her bags. As she watches her walk off, she does as instructed.

And we get an extra development in the recently introduced feud between Alicia Fox and Nia Jax, as the courageous veteran challenges Jax to a singles match, and of course this challenge doesn’t go without a recap from last week. In Fact while Fox awaits the strong challenger, she just so happens to be speaking to Phillips backstage, saying she can deal with “Wackos” like Alicia, furthermore declaring that when she walks through the curtain, shes going to beat the crap out of Alicia. In Fact, she’ll do this until Fox either doesn’t get up or simply gives up. Nia then makes her way to the ring, making Alicia near fly as she pushes her to the ropes on first post ring bell contact. A Courageous Fox leaps towards her regardless, only to be driven into the turnbuckles back first. Alicia is then sent into another corner, taking a number of shoulder tackles in addition. Alicia forearms her away before heading up the turnbuckles, only to be pushed right to the floor by Nia. Nia climbs to the outside, proceeding over to Fox, who boots her. Alicia goes for a sleeper as she scrambles on the back of Nia, but is forced into the nearest ring post. Nia swings Fox with much ease into the barricade, then tossing her down to the floor. Nia brings total destruction to complete her decimation plan as she powers through a barricade mid spearing Fox. Fox collapses through the barricade and is left sprawled against the ground while Nia makes it to her feet and walks to the backstage area.

And Lastly Lana makes her return to witness a swerve return from Rusev, who proclaimed to be still on honeymoon with the wifey before proceeding to cost Reigns his Main Event match with the Universal Champion Kevin Owens, getting revenge for their supposed match at Summerslam that was rather a large brawl in Reigns favor.

(Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Mick Foley, Dana Brooke and Bayley Segment)

(Bayley vs Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks; Number One Contendership Match w/ Charlotte on Commentary)

(Dana Brooke and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

(Alicia Fox vs Nia Jax)

(Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens; Lana and Rusev Return)

(Alicia Fox on RAW Fallout)

(Sasha Banks on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Triple Threat: Considering the previous segment and the fact WWE are somehow cleverly trying to conceal the thought of Sasha vs Bayley into WrestleMania evidently, this was a pretty good booking decision, especially throwing in Dana Brooke to capitalize on her own growing animosity with the champion. While im kind of mad to note that the double pin finish is not going to be picked up on, and that Sasha won despite already being contender, im guessing WWE are trying to somehow erase the events of last week not only with Sasha’s segment, minus the Dana Brooke intervention, but with the New Day and the degrading of the Bullet Club to Comedy Characters. In no biasedness whatsoever, the consecutive near falls and Dana’s selling and own amount of showcasing made this one of her best main roster outings, allowing her to standout to a level alongside more experienced veterans like Bayley and Sasha. Now with Bayley seemingly out of the picture, unless more tweaking is done to suddenly announce a four way, what is next for her? Does she pin Dana every week to make Charlotte more frustrated at her so Dana ends up getting a hug? Or is Bayley pinning Dana a reward to her for taking that one singular pin this week? Either way Clash of Champions may have plenty eyes to capture.

Alicia/Nia: Speaking of standouts, i am massively pleased at the evolution of Nia Jax this week. Ive been waiting for a fair while (since Takeover London) for Nia to present a barricade spot and she went and did that and it looked immense and gathered crowd attention, plus trust a superior veteran in Alicia Fox to sell it hugely well. Just based on how that went down, and that there wasn’t exactly a winner, i seriously hope this feud isn’t over, as it presents Alicia more as a fighter to return and stand her ground after such a brutal pummeling, adds more layers to her own character and not to mention Alicia needs spotlight. Id be Okay with Paige resuming her history/alignment with Fox by saving her next week upon reports stating she is returning soon, but as long as it doesn’t take away Alicia’s credibility as a strong opponent to Jax.

– Catherine


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