WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Heading to Contention is Absolute Bliss (September, 13th 2016)




Greetings and Welcome to this weeks Smackdown Report, featuring all the aftermath from this past Sundays Backlash Pay Per View and in turn, a lot of battles are in fruition for the upcoming No Mercy Pay Per View. Newly Crowned Smackdown Women’s Champ Becky Lynch is on call as her fellow Six Pack Challenge competitors battle for a shot at the Irish Lasskicker’s Gold. Its Carmella vs Alexa Bliss vs Naomi vs Nikki Bella vs Natalya in a Five Way Contendership match.

Becky, holding her first gold in the WWE, emerges from the back to witness the Five Way Match. But she is firstly allowed to give her thoughts on the big win per being interviewed by Charly in the ring. Charly tells Becky she defied the odds to become Champ, asking the title holder how she feels and wondering whether that crowning moment has sunk in. Becky is about to speak on this but is overwhelmed by the fan support from the audience chanting “You Deserve It” towards her. Becky finally gets a chance to speak, proclaiming there’s no other place she would show off her newly won championship that in roaring Philadelphia. She admits that she was in for the fight of her life at Backlash against Natalya, Naomi, Carmella, Nikki and Alexa, but every-time she got beaten down, she had to drag herself back up because there was nothing she wanted more than the Smackdown Women’s Title. She Reflects on being the last one remaining in the Six Pack Challenge that hadnt initially been elimination rules, but shes clearly happy to be Smackdown Women’s Champion per her expression. She further clamors about making it to the top before urging her challengers forward, ready for her first ever title defense.

First Out is Naomi for the contendership match while Becky steps over to ringside, then the longest reigning Divas Champion in the history of the company enters second. Entering Third is the Queen of Harts and the current champs former rival Natalya, then fourth is NXT Alumni and WWE’s current resident Harley Quinn, Alexa Bliss. Last to enter is the final competitor to share the ring with Becky this Past Sunday, per shockingly eliminating Nikki Bella, the Princess of Staten Island, Carmella. With all entrants standing in the ring once Carmella’s entrance is complete, the bell rings and each competitor goes after another, Nikki after Carmella understandably, and Alexa and Natalya working together as fellow heels to batter Naomi. Carmella is quick to flee and escape the ring, away from the clutches of Nikki, but as Nikki stares her out, she doesn’t see Natalya coming and takes a kick to the midsection. Nikki is driven into a corner by Natalya, taking some knees some distance from the midsection, and Nikki is then whipped into Naomi and Alexa Bliss in an opposite corner. Natalya rolls up Nikki in the first pin attempt of the match, but its broken at a count of two by an intervening Carmella.

Scrapping between Natalya and Carmella leads to Staten Islands Princess taking a discus clothesline from the Queen of Harts, and after Carmella rolls away, Natalya switches attention back to Nikki, suplexing her against the mat then aiming a kick towards Bliss. Natalya also suplexes Bliss, then sending Naomi flat to the mat with a Michinoku Driver. However before Natalya can try to successfully pin her, Nikki breaks their pin attempt well before one. Natalya forearms Nikki in retaliation, missing a clothesline however as Nikki avoids it, then sending Natalya face first into her knee. Nikki covers, reaching a count of two before Carmella re-emerges, breaking her enemies pin. This leads to a standoff between the two but before Nikki can fully get her hands on Carmella, she bolts again from the ring. Carmella taunts on the outside, turning her back from Nikki as she does, not noticing that Nikki has headed out to ringside, flattening Carmella suddenly with a leaping clothesline off the stairs. Back in the ring, Naomi sunset flips Natalya into her own pin attempt, but Nikki is back on the rebound, quickly breaking up the athletic competitors pin attempt on the heel competitor.

Nikki whips Naomi into a corner, charging towards her and blocking Naomi’s attempt to send her away with her feet. However a quick kick from Naomi does some work, and Naomi clambers to the top turnbuckle before applying the headscissor to the neck of the singular Bella. Naomi is then sent off the turnbuckle and is left elevated on both of Nikki’s shoulders, soon driven to the mat backward by Nikki’s electric chair suplex. While both women are down, Alexa slips back into the ring, trying and failing to pin both Naomi and Nikki. She tries to go for Naomi again, but is brought to her feet by an intervening Natalya. Natalya hits Alexa with her knee before whipping her into the nearby corner, where she connects with one shoulder tackle before the second leads to her being caught between the turnbuckles as Alexa takes herself upward before attempting her sunset flip powerbomb, to no avail as shes kicked by a recovered Naomi. Naomi takes Alexa into the center, connecting with a full nelson bomb before both ladies take Natalya’s basement dropkick. Natalya tries covering Bliss there but gets a near fall.

Nikki climbs back in the ring, taking out Natalya with a facebuster (Bella Buster) but doesn’t get her desired three count as Natalya kicks out at two in the follow up pin attempt. While Nikki is left with some shock from this, she is sent to the mat via Naomi’s sudden rear view signature move, but it ends the same pinfall wise for Naomi as she also gets a near fall. Naomi knees Alexa in the corner before Natalya blocks her upcoming baseball slide dropkick attempt, sending her head first into the steps. Natalya taunts, not noticing Nikki running in from behind, lobbing the Queen of Harts suddenly into the barricade. Nikki leaps to the apron, connecting with a shoulder tackle in the middle of the ropes to Bliss, then driving the smaller competitor back first into the turnbuckles. More shoulder tackles follow from Nikki before she hauls Bliss to the top turnbuckle, though her attempt to weaken with a few forearms comes back to hit her as Bliss delivers her own, kicking her fully to the mat before Nikki springs back upward to delay Twisted Bliss. However as Nikki readies the finishing move, Carmella superkicks Nikki suddenly, though as she tries to pin the Bella, Alexa chucks her from the ring then pins her herself. Alexa wins the match, becoming the Number One Contender to Becky’s Women’s Championship Title.

In Addition to this, Miz and Maryse found themselves confronted by Dolph Ziggler on Day 162 of Miz’s (Never Ending) Championship World Tour, as Dolph looked to address the actions of Maryse that lead to Miz keeping the title Sunday at Backlash. As if Miz couldn’t be more furious at Ziggler slamming his wife and himself, Bryan got himself inserted into the fray, guaranteeing Dolph another shot at the championship as Maryse insinuated Dolph was vying for, additionally slamming Maryse for being the reason Miz is still champion. Miz proclaims Dolph hasn’t earned his spot as contender, additionally demanding to have his contract negotiated so Bryan’s orders can be overturned.

(The Miz, Maryse, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan Segment)

(Carmella vs Nikki Bella vs Naomi vs Natalya vs Alexa Bliss; Five Way Women’s Championship Contendership Match feat Becky Lynch)

Thoughts On This Match:
Plenty of Wild and Intriguing Spots that help define the term that Women can fight as good as the Men and it didn’t feel watered down to predictable spots, and My Gosh did the Naomi face plant on the steps spot as well as Natalya getting rammed into the barricade by Nikki sound lethal. There was nothing negative to take from this match at all and though i thought it was going to be Carmella winning the match, with Nikki being inserted eventually through some form of Authority, im mega surprised and happy to see Alexa take the win and get the championship spot she has taken so many times at NXT but not won. It may be predictable for Becky to go over Alexa at this point, but we cant count out Bliss and Becky’s number of wins over each other and that it could go either way, plus it was legitimately perfect in planning the spot of Alexa throwing Carmella off Nikki Bella because now Carmella doesn’t have way too many pins on Nikki and it doesn’t de-escalate the feud one bit, but also prove that while in her own feud, Nikki is certainly putting over others. I Cant wait to see the mic exchanges between Alexa and Becky over the next few weeks, and since Smackdown has been a breath of fresh air as of late, im hoping its not just matches every week. Regardless, looking back at that match its one of the most competitive contendership matches to date featuring the women and each should be proud of themselves for their effort.

– Catherine


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