TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Oncoming Hall of Famer Gets Induction and Revenge On the Big Night (September, 15th 2016)




Hello to All and welcome to my remaining report of the week, this time focusing on the Knockout-a-plenty events on this weeks TNA IMPACT, recently aired here in England. For the Knockouts, the Big Stage that is Bound for Glory will play host to a war between a particular two, but before i fully reveal all that lets see what lead to this anticipated clash…

Standing by in the ring with Allie is Knockouts Champ Maria Kanellis-Bennett. The Gold clad wife of “The Miracle” suggested in an earlier segment that due to what is expected to be a joyous title defense celebration at Bound for Glory, that tonight’s IMPACT should play host to Gail’s announced Hall of Fame induction, as Maria wishes not to overshadow her big night. The Self professed Greatest Knockouts Champion is fuming about someone elses name cropping up as of late, screeching at the fans support towards the former champion, Allie. That, and she cant help but bring up how everyone is talking about Gail Kim with her induction nearing. She views Billy and Dixie’s ideals of removing her from leadership as a way for her to return the favor, by attempting to mess up Bound for Glory, thus she is taking it upon herself to call out Gail Kim and give her her huge Hall of Fame induction right away.

In Fact, Gail upon stepping into the ring, questions Maria and makes it clear how frustrated she is at her for making her all important night come earlier. Maria reminds the veteran that she is the Knockouts Champion, something she wishes she was but presumably never will be, thus she apparently is doing her a favor by giving her an early induction so her Bound for Glory victory over the leather clad 5x Knockouts Champion doesn’t overshadow her joyous moment. Maria proclaims to have created a video package featuring highlights of Gail’s lengthy career, but this isn’t so the case as instead each moment in the vignette features Maria’s numerous beat-downs to the former title holder. In Fact Maria is laughing over the less than fifty second video package, further mocking Gail with a self made speech which simply includes Maria’s opinionated belief that she is better than the soon to be inducted. Maria lastly gestures that she has a “Great” gift for Gail and summons over Allie to hand her it, turning out to be a photo frame of Maria’s shoot with the title.

Gail shoves it back at “The Miracles” Valet who appears to be interrupted by Allie, who actually went out of her way to get an actual gift for Gail. Before running over to retrieve it, she leaves Maria fuming as she admits that she finds Gail to be the “Best Wrestler Ever” but as she finally looks to pass it over to Gail, the unwrapped present is destroyed by Maria. Gail steps in in defense of Allie, announcing that the Supposed Knockouts Champion has lost her mind, and the two get into a heated verbal war before TNA’s female chairman Dixie Carter steps out from the back to proceed with some business of her own involving Maria and Gail.

Dixie reflects on the past discussion with Maria, that Maria as Knockouts Champion presents a conflict of interest as she also has a role leading the Knockouts Division, but she wont have that role anymore unless she loses the Knockouts Title. Dixie clamors that Gail will get a deserving ceremony for the induction at TNA’s biggest event of the year, and the fans may also agree in her opinion that she deserves something a little more, another shot at the Knockouts Title. Maria reminds Dixie of the earlier stipulation where Gail suffering defeat in her earlier set up challenge meant she would never go for the title again, repeatedly claiming that Gail is a loser before being hushed by Dixie. Dixie states that Gail hadn’t technically lost as Sienna had played into Gail not even technically losing a match thus she plays out her authority role by throwing Gail into tonight’s Knockouts Gauntlet, and the winner of the match is to face Maria at Bound for Glory for the title. Gail and Maria are left in a heated stare-down as Gail leaves some lasting words, threatening to kick Maria’s ass at Bound for Glory.

Before we can jump forward to Dixie’s booked Gauntlet, the feud between the Decay and the Broken Hardys (because im just going to call them that) furthers when Decay emerge during the Hardys promo. The Decay slink into the ring upon accepting to combat in a “Great War” with the contenders at Bound for Glory, leading to Reby not only spearing Rosemary inside the ring, but leaving the heel lying via the Twist of Fate.

Now that is out of the way, we finally get the Knockouts Gauntlet. The First entrants are Jade and Allie, though Maria re-emerges on the scene very quickly to throw Allie out of the competition, claiming her apprentice is not even an in ring competitor and she has found someone better than her, summoning out the debuting Laurel Vanness, formerly known as Chelsea Green. Jade, smiling possibly because of the chants for Allie, throws off Laurel’s attempt to make her kiss her hand and takes a forearm for it. This doesn’t shake Jade however as she strikes back with a much harder chop. A Forearm and chop battle ensues, ending with Jade delivering a high kick to Laurel. Laurel tries to fend off Jade with a number of forearms, but Jade keeps hurtling the offense back. Laurel forces Jade to the mat, snapmaring her away from the ropes as the first Knockout to have entered following a ten count emerges, Sienna.

While Jade gutwrenches Laurel out of the way, she is soon pummeled by an emerging Sienna, and they soon end up matching each others forearm shots. Jade gets the upper hand with high knees, but before she can do anything else to Sienna, Laurel returns to flatten Jade with a big clothesline. To the enjoyment of Maria, Sienna and Laurel work alongside each other to hammer down on Jade, and Laurel and Sienna do their fair bit of taunting before the next ten count closes, and entering the ring as the next Gauntlet entrant is the favorite bookie to win, Gail Kim. Gail is quick to throw off her opponents, first connecting with a flying forearm to Laurel, then firing a fair few at Sienna before properly grounding her with a clothesline. Gail turns her focus back to Laurel, sending her to the mat as she hits with a neckbreaker, before a clothesline from Sienna sends her down the same way.

Gail is thrown between the turnbuckles by Sienna, who wastes little time in weakening her as she hits with a series of kicks against that corner. Sienna chokes Gail against the post, with Laurel mimicking this same move by choking out Jade against an opposite corner. Sienna tries to send Gail over the ropes but she hangs on with much might as the next Gauntlet entrant zips down to the ring, that being Jade’s old friend, Marti Belle. Marti hits the ring, scoring some quick forearms to Gail, following this with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Marti chucks Gail over the rope but not down to the floor as Jade hits a snap suplex to Laurel. Marti and Laurel then bicker over targeting Jade, while Gail seems to have escaped the ropes to have made her way to Sienna, choking her in a corner with her foot. Sienna tries to resume control then the ten count once again resumes and closes, with the next entrant being Raquel.

Raquel hits the ring, clotheslining Marti and Laurel, then sending Sienna for a spin as she connects with the tilt-a-whirl headscissor. Marti and Laurel try to derail the momentum of Raquel as they both boot her in unison, whipping her to the ropes. Raquel bounces back, dodging a double axe handle attempt and shoving Laurel toward Marti before sending her fully down with a dropkick. Raquel then has Marti join Laurel down on the mat as she hits her with a clothesline. Raquel avoids a clothesline by Sienna, but Sienna comes back with a boot to try and regain control as she may need. Laurel has gone back to targeting Jade as the ten count resumes, and once finalized, entering the ring next is the oncoming Hall of Famers on and off tag team partner, Madison Rayne. Madison fires in with a load of momentum as she clotheslines Laurel and Marti, then flooring Sienna with a running dropkick. Madison connects with swift inziguiri’s to Sienna and Laurel, then hitting Marti with some fiery chops to continue her run of momentum.

Returning from a break, Sienna’s dominance is much on show as she delivers the Silencer mid-ring to Gail Kim. Raquel quickly takes Sienna down with her own backstabber variation, spending her time taunting after and being caught in Laurel’s maneuver set up. Raquel is driven to the mat by Laurel’s neckbreaker variation, before Jade boots Laurel to send her down. Attacking Jade is her former partner Marti, sending her head first to the mat with the Pedigree. Madison then delivers Karma to Marti, making her the target of her finisher in the Voodoo Drop. Madison forearms Laurel against a corner before being sent over the ropes by the newest Knockout. A Shoulder tackle from behind the ropes leads to Laurel scoring the matches first elimination, eliminating Madison.

Meanwhile Marti delivers a load of forearms to Jade, having her new found momentum stalled by a kick from Jade. Jade manages to slam Marti, then making a risky move in heading to the top turnbuckle, being slapped by Marti on her ascent. Marti tries to send her fully to the floor, to no avail as both feet touch the apron. However Marti’s scissor kick finishes the job and Jade is taken to the floor. Marti has eliminated Jade. While Marti shows off, Laurel suddenly sends Marti over the ropes and sends her the same way as her once Dollhouse Partner. Marti is eliminated and an angry Jade hasnt forgotten the way of elimination as they take their past rivalry to heights with a battle at ringside. Remaining is Laurel Vanness, Raquel, Gail Kim and Sienna.

Raquel applies a sleeper smartly to Sienna, clenching on her back but Sienna overturns things and sends her tumbling nastily over the top rope to the floor. Raquel is eliminated. Sienna then makes it clear she doesn’t want to work with Laurel, who Maria insists is help for their side, but while they argue, not only is Laurel left to Gail Kim, but Allie is attempting something by the ropes. Allie pulls the ropes down to help Gail toss Laurel over and in turn has her new nemesis eliminated. Remaining is Gail and Sienna, and Sienna is quick to remind all of her strength and power, flattening Gail with a sudden clothesline. Due to them being the two remaining, its now a singles contest and Sienna tries pinning Gail, getting a near fall to her dismay. While Maria and Laurel corner Allie, Sienna goes for her own variation of the buckle bomb, instead trying to aim for Gail going over the ropes, but Gail hangs on. Sienna is too busy taunting and has self belief that she had eliminated Gail, but it appears not to be the case. Sienna drags Gail to the middle of the ring to ready the AK47, but Gail counters with a sunset flip for a near fall.

As Quick as Gail makes it to her feet, Sienna sends her back down with a big boot. Sienna calls Gail back to her feet, going to the ropes to attempt the Silencer, which Gail counters in the middle of the ring into her finishing Eat Defeat move. To the Dismay of her ultimate rival Maria, Gail has pinned Sienna and is the Number One Contender to her Knockouts Title.

(Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Allie, Gail Kim and Dixie Carter Segment)

(The Decay, “Broken” Matt Hardy, “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy and Reby Hardy Segment)

(Jade vs Laurel Vanness vs Sienna vs Gail Kim vs Marti Bell vs Raquel vs Madison Rayne; Knockouts Number One Contendership Gauntlet Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Excluding Pay Per Views, this has to be one of the lengthiest outings the Knockouts have had this year, with some rather fresh surprises in the mix with the debut of Laurel Vanness (who im going to go out on a whim and say she has a rich girl/full of herself gimmick which is going to be fun to book) and Raquel getting to showcase herself as an in ring competitor further. Im already digging Laurel’s character and im already excited to see what exchanges go down between Allie and Laurel to further put over Allie as a babyface since Laurel and Maria are expected to majorly bully her over the coming weeks, but i hope it isnt to downplay the fact that Maria and Allie’s backstory means they should be feuding over the Knockouts Title. There were some questionable moments in the Gauntlet as i wasnt sure whether Raquel was officially hitting the Backstabber or another move to Sienna and Laurel’s flip cutter didnt seem to connect either unless i watch this match again. But based on the previous segment and the length of backstory, Gail was already the top candidate to win. What i want to know now is whether they are going to start showing cracks between Sienna and Maria, as they’ve already started to have beef over Laurel’s sudden association, plus it would make legitimate sense for Sienna to be mad at Maria for having her title, and not just Allie. Anyway lets see if theres any additional segments to hint this to a point in the coming weeks.

– Catherine


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