WWE NXT RESULTS: Will Jerseys Brightening Star Be Sent Packing at the Hands of the Japanese Sensation? (September, 14th 2016)




Welcome All to this weeks NXT Report, and may i say things are about to heat up in a massively emptied NXT Women’s Division in the next few weeks. Speaking of heating things up, Liv Morgan gets her next showcase this week as she looks to prove herself as a fighter to the current NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, but as she looks to prove so, she must first work through Paul Ellerings Daughter, Rachael.

Liv enters the ring first before being followed by the entrance of Rachael Ellering, now oddly announced as Rachael Fazio, and the daughter of the Authors of Pains current manager seems to have snatched Deonna’s generic total divas entrance theme as she makes her way into the single Full Sail ring. However theme music doesn’t define an athlete and Rachael definitely packs a punch, as she tries to maintain control amid her first lock up with Liv. She shoves off Liv, charging towards her but Liv stalls by applying a front face-lock to the fellow worker. Rachael escapes a potential backslide set up but misses a clothesline to Liv, who rolls her up to get the first near fall of the match. Liv hurtles Rachael around the ring for a time before going for the follow up pin, getting a near fall for the second time.

Rachael escapes the grip of Liv per hitting some forearms, before having her hammerlock reversed by Liv into a side headlock. Liv is sent to the ropes by Rachael, but Liv flips, stunning Rachael somewhat. Liv then uses her athleticism to further anger Rachael as she avoids further offense, arm dragging Rachael right after before taking a forearm to the lower back. Rachael easily slams Liv back first into the corner post, connecting with some shoulder tackles followed with some extra blows before Liv makes it out of the corner. Liv snapmares Rachael out of the corner, starting to make her needed comeback with a dropkick to the opposition in the middle of the ring. Liv makes her way back to Rachael, hitting her with a forearm by the ropes before a whip is potentially reversed into a Samoan Drop, potentially being because Liv escapes this attempt by breaking off via hitting forearms. Liv avoids a kick and locks in a dragon sleeper, then rolling her into her new submission which soon forces Rachael to tap. Liv wins the match.

Liv picks herself back up the match and takes a mic to cut her first televised in ring promo. She makes it clear that Rachael tapped out to her, but the focus isn’t really on Rachael, but the fact that the women’s division was recently cleared up per the mass number of call ups. Liv says there’s a belief that there’s no one there to challenge for the NXT Women’s Title, but shes standing there, she wants to fight and though it may seem to many that she has a death wish, if she listened more to what people had to say, then she wouldn’t be there thus she demands to challenge Asuka.

(Liv Morgan vs Rachael Ellering/Fazio)

Thoughts On This Match:
It definitely wasn’t my favorite match of Liv’s but it helped further distinguish Liv as a character per her gutsy challenge towards Asuka right after the match. It did feel slow paced in parts but Liv hasn’t really lost any spark as she still has those athletic skills that make her an early standout in the division. I Would have loved if they had shown Asuka watching backstage as her promo was executed but im sure some interactions are due in the near future for this assumed temporary angle. If Liv is sure to lose to Asuka in a quick encounter then it can either downgrade Liv’s credibility or begin a huge underdog story from there, to come back and prove she isnt the girl who lost in “a minute” or however long their taped match lasted, after all lets all remember Daniel Bryan’s very very quick loss and how it was capitalized on to a point. In addition, i wasn’t digging the theme song selection for Rachael because though shes an indy guest for that night, entrance themes do kind of make a wrestler and Rachael just looks alone during her heel entrance screamed intimidation, so no matter how generic the alternative theme selection would have been, if it had been more suitable for her entrance i would have dug it. Also slightly disappointed in commentary undermining the match to a point this week, even if it was to put over the developments in NXTs main angle, because they’re supposed to be putting over the new breed of NXT Women as much as possible.

– Catherine


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