Bayley Added to Scheduled Clash of Champions Womens Championship Match (September, 19th 2016)


As Found Out during tonight’s currently airing episode of Monday Night RAW from Memphis, the Recently Promoted former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley will be joining her once rival turned fellow Main Roster competitor Sasha Banks in this Sundays Clash of Champions Match, with both women becoming contenders to Charlotte’s Women’s Championship.

The Huggable One had been promoted to the main roster following Summerslam, quickly rising up the ranks as she was able to pin not only Dana Brooke but the Women’s Champion Charlotte, who had become a 2x Women’s Champion by defeating the former title holder Sasha Banks at Summerslam. However she was pinned not too long later by Sasha Banks during a Triple Threat Match featuring Dana Brooke, a match that cemented Sasha’s contendership status, but the double pin that emerged towards the end of the match was debated on tonight’s RAW between Dana, Charlotte and RAWs General Manager Mick Foley. Dana tried to suggest that Sasha and Bayley fight it out again to bring forth a clear winner and contender to Charlotte’s Title, but Mick instead suggested that Bayley joins Sasha in Sundays Championship Match, aggravating Charlotte who once again took out her frustration on Dana.

WWE Clash of Champions (formerly WWE Night of Champions) airs this Sunday at 1am UK Time Live on the WWE Network, featuring the Said Triple Threat as well as Kevin Owens defending the Universal Championship against Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn facing Chris Jericho.

– Catherine


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